Wil Wheaton’s Wife Wastes Her Money (A response to Anne Wheaton)

I realize that I am about to accomplish nothing good here, but I am about to talk about a person who believes that they are very good, and has shown off, in an article that couldn’t have eaten her out more (the equivalent of articles that suck a guy’s dick), when the truth is that she is an awful person, married to a terrible actor.  I am talking about Anne Wheaton, the wife of Wil Wheaton, who recently decided that she was going to pathetically attempt to troll GamerGate.  And an article was written that made her look like such a hero.  It’s really, really sad.  Let’s about it!  The publication that wrote about her/ate her out was called The Mary Sue (linked here).  That should tell you what kind of publication we’re dealing with, and their level of professionalism.

Anne Wheaton, Vandal Eyes genius and wife of Wil Wheaton, did an experiment on Twitter yesterday which led harassing Gamergaters into causing donations to be made to one of the organizations they despise the most – Feminist Frequency.

I like how this author took the one-knee approach.  It puts the booty, like, right in front of the lips (Independence Day joke for the win!).  Could this opening have been more bias?  I swear to god, any myths about professional objectivity (true objectivity is impossible) just went out the fucking window.

In a post on her blog the other day, Wheaton detailed her time at Calgary Expo and included one paragraph relating to the Gamergate/Honey Badger situation we previously reported on:

Check out that article, if you want to see something so hopelessly biased.  This publication itself is just another great piece of evidence to how broken and pathetic the 5th Estate journalism is, but that’s part of a much bigger article on the pathetic state of modern journalism that I’m writing.  Still, let’s look at Anne Wheaton’s article that will show how she brilliantly pwned us GGers.  Ready, my GamerGate supporters, to feel pwned?!  Well, here it is!

As much as I enjoyed meeting and seeing all of these wonderful people, I also know there can be people out there who look for opportunities to try to be hurtful and harmful to people who just want to enjoy a convention experience. I know this happened at Calgary Expo this weekend, and the staff and local authorities handled the situation immediately. It’s an unfortunate world we live in where angry and unhappy people try to find ways to take the joy out of life for someone else, but it was obvious by the thousands of people at this convention that it wasn’t going to affect their enjoyment of the weekend.

Wow.  I don’t think that a better description of modern feminism could have been found.  Are you sure that you’re defending feminism, Anne?  Because you kind of nailed them.  They are angry and unhappy people, trying to find ways to take the joy out of life for someone else.  You look for opportunities to be hurtful and harmful to people who just want to enjoy themselves.  After all, you support what they did at Calgary.  So, you support censorship.  You’re the modern McCarthy movement.  You are the ultimate example of thought police.  You doxx.  You harass anyone who doesn’t agree with you.  Look at the shit that went down with Christina Hoff Sommers.  She has, in the most civil way possible, disagreed with your ilk’s canard about rape culture and trigger warnings and video games being sexist, and you make her out to be a pro-rape woman-hater.  Some secret misogynist.

If there is ANY group of people who are misogynists, it’s you and yours!  You and your asshole, loser husband, who should have shut the fuck up when Picard told him to.  You tell women that they are vulnerable and weak and totally in danger.  When guys like me try to tell women to learn self-defense, keep mace or a knife on their person, we are told that we’re rape-apologists.  Because we want to help women learn to protect themselves.  A societal expectation that is had of men, that you DON’T think that women should have.  I haven’t heard you all talking about how the term “gunman” should be changed to something more PC.  Your entire movement is predicated on a belief that women are weak and pathetic and shouldn’t be held accountable for ANYTHING!  But Sommers is the misogynist?!  People like me are the misogynist?!  The entirety of this Puritanical Feminism movement is the most hypocritical thing ever.

So, what does her self-righteous posturing end up with?  Where does this all go?  Well, she took to Twitter and decided to let her butthurt show.

For every angry, hateful, and/or disrespectful tweet I receive from a GamerGate person, I am donating $1 to @femfreq. I’m already up to $67.

Let me get this straight – for every person who disagrees with you, you are going to donate $1 to a complete charlatan who has shown that she will take money for a project, never finish it, never keep a SINGLE one of her Kickstarter promises, and then will ask for even more money.  That’s who you’re going to donate to.  Wow.  That’s…pathetic.

I will not engage in your comments, GamerGate people. But I will mute you and donate $1 on your behalf to @femfreq.

No wonder you’re donating to Feminist Frequency.  You don’t engage with people who disagree with you, and you stand proud in front of the fact that you just wasted your money for the sole reason of getting your butthurt out.  It makes sense that you married Wil Wheaton.  He’s a loser and you’re an idiot.  Good to know.

The attacks on me were because of @Calgaryexpo and what I wrote on my blog. With no response from me, they’re now including @wilw in this.

Well, yeah, you’re Wheaton’s wife, and I get the feeling that you’ve been trading on that for a long time.  After all, look what publication gives you press time – one that so clearly has absolutely ZERO credibility!  And there’s no evidence of Willy being brought into this.  Like all Twitter and Tumblr feminists, you talk about all these things that happen, but where are the screen caps?  Where is the evidence?  Do you know what evidence is?!

In the flood of hatred spewed my way over the past few days, I have seen the sweet and supportive tweets as well. Thank you for that. 🙂

The truth is, Anne, you trolled for reactions, and you got them.  That’s what modern feminism has become.  Well, your brand of it.  It’s people who want to feel special, feeling the need to have a victim complex.  Because if you did like a normal person, and ignored the negative things people say on the Internet, then you wouldn’t have any leg to stand on.  You, Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, all of your kind, live your lives angry at whatever random bullshit you can find.  And when that bullshit isn’t feeding your victim complex enough, you go to publications like The Mary Sue and peddle it out, so that you can get a voice who haven’t done the first tiny bit of fact-checking, because these people are nothing but a worthless rag that wants to be taken seriously.

I don’t know who I’m more annoyed at.  You, Annie, are just another one of these pathetic, whiny, entitled, upper-class feminists who clearly have never had to live in the real world.  You think that you won some victory here against GamerGate.  We don’t care.  If you want to waste your money, good!  I’m sure you’ll find this and think that I am threatening or something and donate another dollar.  So I think I’m more annoyed at this shitty publication, The Mary Sue.  One more terrible publication in 5th Estate journalism, that has no standards and has no problem sucking your ego off!  That’s what journalism has come to!  Ego-sucking.  Sucking the ego-cock of every person we talk about.  And ANY amount of criticism is treated like threats!  Find me a post where I encourage violence against anyone.  For real, go through what I’ve written, and find it.

This is me telling you and that fuck-stain of a publication that sucked your ego to fuck off.  You are a disgrace to journalism, and the fact that it’s come to this is pathetic.

Until next time, a quote,

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”  – George Bernard Shaw

Peace out,



One thought on “Wil Wheaton’s Wife Wastes Her Money (A response to Anne Wheaton)

  1. I love how she thinks that’s “showing people”. The logic here is staggering, if someone called me a dirty word I would have to realise that someone thinks of my like that but also give up some cash.
    Please tell me that when people found out about this they organised some kind of massive write in so he was out a few hundred dollars at least. I mean I’d hate for femfreq to get any more cash but this sounds like its asking for it to me.

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