Bad PR 102 (A response to Calgary Expo)

There’s an old rule that I think is important, for anyone who wants to do work in public relations.  It’s simple – when you have a problem, deal with it and let it be done.  For real, don’t keep rehashing it.  Don’t rip open old wounds.  You take or deal out your licks, then you let it go.  The only way to move forward.  Besides, in PR, you want your problems to go away, fast.  The longer a problem sticks around, the worse it makes your company look.  In the age of social media, making a problem disappear is infinitely easier than it used to be.  The Internet typically can’t keep its mind on anything for more than five minutes.  To quote Cracked, things got cranked up to “fuck you DSL speeds.”

You know what you don’t want to do – make the problem worse.  The last thing you want to do is to deliberately make a problem worse by provoking or throwing fuel on a fire.  Or by making a complete ass out of yourself and being totally immature.  That is the last thing that you do.  It’s just not smart.  Which brings me to Calgary Expo, and their continuing mission to be pro-censorship, Neo-McCarthy idiots.  I think I’ll let Mundane Matt give you the basics of the story, again.

You have to stand in awe, don’t you?  In absolute awe.  I mean, come on, Calgary Expo!  What idiot do you have running things there?!  Oh, right, I know – an SJW.  Because only an SJW would be this asinine and ridiculous.  As Mundane Matt said, the Honey Badger Brigade was having a picnic away from your Expo.  They were kicked out already.  You already made that huge pro-censorship mistake.  But in addition to being away from the Expo, you had to go and call the cops on them having a picnic in the park?!  What is wrong with you people?!

I already voiced my extreme disdain for what you did to Allison Tieman, which was completely and utterly uncalled for.  You all can settle up with that however you like.  But this was just overkill.  I like Mundane Matt’s analogy.  You tried to kill a bug with a bomb.  How did you possibly think that this was a good idea?  They weren’t on the premises.  They were in a public park, eating lunch and having a good time.  But you had to get your balls in a twist and make get the police to accost them for being in that park.  Thankfully, the police were Canadian police.  So they were cool.  That’s a perk.  I’m glad that someone was able to see that you and yours are full of shit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, whatever idiot you have running your Twitter had to make a big joke out of what you did yesterday.  Do you have ANYONE associated with your organization who knows how public relations works?  You would have been better served just letting this whole mess slide.  Just keeping your mouths shut and not talking about it.  Some people don’t know, but in a crisis situation, that is an option.  Not talking is a totally valid option, depending on the situation.  But you couldn’t do that, could you?  No, you had to go and run your mouths like a bunch of assholes.  Is Tim Schafer listening?  Maybe he can take notes.  Oh, right, he’s no better than you.

You are going to hurt for this, Calgary Expo.  Make no mistake, this is not going to look good, down the road.  You know why?  Because you chose to go after people who were having a picnic in the park, because you don’t like them.  That is the most juvenile thing I have ever heard!  What mature adult does that?!  A mature adult doesn’t.  This is something that a child who is stamping their feet and crying in a grocery store does.  That’s right, you all are on the same level as children who stamp their feet and pout.  Aren’t you proud?  Aren’t you proud of what you’ve allowed yourself to become?

How are feminists not ashamed?  For real, how?  Your movement looks like the most butthurt people who have ever been.  Someone has a civil disagreement with you?  Expel them from this event!  People you don’t agree with are meeting and greeting at a bar?  We have to email them and stop it!  You people are the new thought police.  That’s what these people are.  It’s Orwellian.  It’s immature.  It needs to stop.

Because I am ashamed of feminism, as it’s become.  More and more people find it shameful or a joke.  How far do you want this line of thought to go?  I hope that you want it to end soon.  Because it’s one thing when you can just get your danger up and get angry online.  It’s something quite different when you attack and hurt a woman’s career.  That’s when you cross a line.  Your movement isn’t being taken seriously anymore!  You have a woman getting butthurt about there not being enough graffiti of vaginas, for fuck’s sake! (linked here).  Don’t take my word for it.  Look for yourself, and see how insane this is.  It’s all a joke.

Modern feminism – a childish, immature, easily-butthurt joke.  As for you, Calgary Expo, by allying yourself with these people, you are part of the joke.  What you have done here will hurt you, in the future.  Because the SJW crowd isn’t really your crowd.  You know who is?  The people associated with GamerGate, who stand by the Honey Badger Brigade.  Another rule of PR –

Choose your allies and your enemies carefully.  You never know who will be there when the chips are down.

Until next time, a quote,

“Good idea – feeding stray kittens in the park.  Bad idea – feeding kittens in the park, to a bear.”  -Good Idea, Bad Idea, Animaniacs

Peace out,



5 thoughts on “Bad PR 102 (A response to Calgary Expo)

  1. Also take a look at the tweet in witch the expo recommends to Close your eyes so that the angels wouldn’t get you
    and the HBB were the ones that were Fake?

  2. What morons. I am genuinely shocked at the level of BS at work here & how easily others repeat falsehoods without second thought, no research, nothing, all over social media.

  3. I genuinely think that the modern progressive strategy is to troll sane people until they snap and pull out baseball bats and cans of gasoline just so they can point and say “See, we told you so!”

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