Modern Feminism isn’t Just Against Men, But Women Too (A response to Emma Watson)

I am going to talk to you directly, Emma.  I’m aware that you will never read this article.  I am aware that you will never read any dissenting opinions from your own.  Like most modern feminists, you will crawl into your little echo chamber and that’s it.  That’s the kind of person that you’ve become.  You are an academic feminist.  You are ignorant of the real world, where real people suffer real consequences from following ideologies like the one you espouse.  That’s who you are.  But I am still going to talk as if you do read opinions that are not your own.  Because, honestly, you need to get some education.  For an Ivy League woman, you certainly seem ignorant of the real world.  And it’s time you shed that naivety.  Because the truth is, your cause is vile, whether your can see that or not.

You stated, in your address to the UN, that you did not get why feminism is now associated with man hate.  You are so unable to grasp why people would have that association with modern feminism.  Well, I’ll let you know – I don’t associate modern feminism with man-hate.  I associate it with woman-hate too.

Just yesterday, the news broke on a story about a comic book creator and her group being ejected from a comic book expo, that she had a right to be at because she paid the fee and filled out all the right paperwork.  Her and her group were ejected because of the fact that they had a civil discourse with a panelist the day before.  Listen to the audio, it was civil as can be.  Calgary Expo kicked them out, because the easily-offended, ultra-angry Authoritarian Left crowd decided to get their dander up and label Honey Badger Brigade as a hate group.  A hate group who was willing to answer questions and asked very civil ones.  They are a hate group.  That sure is what Kotaku decided to paint them as, in one of the most offensive hit-piece articles I’ve ever seen. (linked here)

What’s more, they told the head of the group, Allison Tiemon, that she was blacklisted from attending further expos in the future.  Effectively ending her ability to promote her work at a place where she can meet with her audience directly!  This is effectively ending her livelihood, and your crowd of people is the ones who did this!  This was because of feminists!  Modern McCarthy-esque feminist ideology got Tiemon ejected from this event, and now has destroyed her livelihood, all because she didn’t tow the line.  Tiemon made a response, which I shall have below.  I want you to watch this, Emma!  I want you to watch that entire video and tell me how you can sit there and get why people don’t have a problem with modern feminism.  Sit your cute little ass down, watch this video, and tell me again why I should be a #HeForShe!

It’s amazing how much third-wave feminists have become a mob.  They’ve become a syndicate.  A syndicate where anyone who dissents gets attacked, without mercy.  See some of the hate that people like Vivian James and Mercedes Carrera have gotten from feminists.  See how much bitterness Karan Strohm and those like her get because they don’t tow the line.  This is your crowd, Emma!  This is your people!  Your people doxx, harass and label women who disagree with them as sock-puppets or girls just trying to get boys to like them, all because the choose to not tow the line.

I think back to that conference in Sydney, where Anita Sarkeesian and talked about how women choosing for themselves is wrong, because it doesn’t help their side of the fence out.  That left me in awe.  In absolute awe.  Women choosing to do what they want is wrong?!  That’s a feminist idea now?  That’s something that the rest of the women on that stage didn’t virulently disagree with?!  You are defending this, Emma?!  Really?!

Story after story after story of people like Chanti Binx and her little harpy brigade stopping an MRA lecture at the University of Toronto, and then Binx laughing maniacally when they talk about a man committing suicide.  So many instances like the ones that helped kick-start GamerGate, where the media and their collusion with women like Sarkeesian, Wu (the woman who exploited a dead woman to sell her victimhood), and how they can get the ENTIRE left-leaning media to suck their dick so much.  Figuratively speaking.  Hell, you have Colbert ask Sarkeesian the most softball of softball questions and it’s almost comical how she is stumbling over herself.  And Colbert has to cover for her, because Comedy Central doesn’t want to be called “misogynists.”

But what happened with Allison Tiemon is offensive.  It really is.  She isn’t the first woman to be the victim of your compatriots, Emma.  She won’t be the last.  I do not, and will not, respect the He For She movement.  I do not, and will not, consider myself a feminist.  I am a gender egalitarian.  That is who I am.  But being a feminist is unpalatable, in the modern age.  Because, unless you are like Christina Hoff Sommers or Liana Kerzner, and make a point to separate yourself from your ilk, this is the crowd you pal around with.

Do with that knowledge however you will.  As for me, if you can see Tiemon’s video and not feel just a little bit of shame for what your side has become, and what it is doing and you are condoning, then I am with Mykeru on this one.

Until next time, a quote,

“When you were alone, with your own thoughts, do you ever let your very own little voice of humanity and decency creep in?  Probably not.  Which is, to me, a measure of just how far-gone you are.  And also – how little respect you are due.”  -Mykeru, Calgary Comic Expo: At Long Last, No Sense of Decency

Peace out,



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