Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Much to SJWs (A response to Calgary Expo)

Some news about GamerGate.  Because I knew that you all were just foaming at the mouth for that, right?  And, as always, this news is utterly depressing.  And what’s more, it’s all a little complicated.  It all started with a comic book expo in Calgary.  A city in Can-ada.  The event organizers are doing everything they can to try and make themselves look like a free speech and equality promoting event.  But their actions speak infinitely louder than their words.  Following an incident where a group called the Honey Badger Brigade was ejected from the event and banned from attending any further expos of this kind in Canada, they clearly are about censorship and making sure that the precious wittle feewings of the special snowflakes don’t get hurt.  By totally civil discourse.  Don’t believe me?  I think I’ll let Mundane Matt explain the whole story, in two excellent videos he did on the subject.  I’ll give my thoughts after the videos are done.

Who knew that Canadians were cool with fascism?  Neato.  Let’s not beat around the bush here.  This wasn’t done for equality or because people felt unsafe or anything like that.  Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or has an agenda.  Or both.  Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Let’s put all our cards on the table – this is censorship.  What Calgary Expo has done is censor opinions that, professionally, disagreed with someone else.  Seriously, did you all listen to that audio that was taken in Mundane Matt’s video?  Did that sounds like someone being threatening and hateful?  Did that sound even remotely like a person who was waving a gun around or wanting to hurt anyone?  No, it didn’t.  It was a reasonable discourse between two people.  Yet, because they were associated with GamerGate, the Authoritarian, McCarthy wannabes in the SJW clique had to get them thrown out.  And, what’s more, banned from any future attendance of such expos.  Something that is going to hurt the career of Alison Tieman, since she now cannot promote her artwork.  She drew the comics that Honey Badger Brigade had at her booth.  It’s nice to see that Calgary Expo is also in favor of destroying women’s careers.  #EqualityExpo my ass!

I’m not surprised that the SJW crowd does shit like this.  Ever.  It never surprises me.  This sort of thing has been par for the course for those pro-censorship, reconstituted Hitler Youth.  Does that sound like hyperbole?  Well, let’s look at their actions.  Anyone remember that incident where there was a Male Rights Activist speaking event at the University of Toronto, which you could hear feminists blaring on a megaphone outside?  Because being a bunch of complete bitches, who couldn’t just choose to lodge their protest with this lecture in a normal way, like not attending.  Then, when somebody pulls the fire alarm, the bunch of cackling harpies cheers!  Don’t believe me.  See for yourself.

These people do NOT support free speech.  Not if your speech doesn’t agree with their speech.  Perhaps you need a more recent example.  That’s fair.  There is an event coming up in Washington DC (that I wish I was able to attend.  Sad-face…) where Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers are meeting with a bunch of people at a bar to talk about GamerGate and other issues.  It’s a big GamerGate hangout.  That sounds all nice and civil.  They’ve even got The Factual Feminist onboard.  You have no idea how bummed I am that I can’t meet her.  That would make me so happy.  I love her work.  There are so many things I want to discuss with her.  But the SJW censorship brigade doesn’t like this.  And, in keeping with Authoritarian Left fascism promotion, they want to shut it down!  Don’t believe me?  Look at this little tidbit.

FascismThis is what it’s come to.  These people are scum.  Anyone who stands with them are fascists.  They will get a bunch of women thrown out of a comic book expo because they had a civil disagreement with someone, and they will actively work to stop an event that is being done to bring people together who are like-minded.  Just because they don’t like the group.  That’s the kind of people who are being kowtowed too, lately.  Every major business and major organization and media outlet is clamoring to join these people.  Lest they be called “misogynist” or “anti-gay” or “Transphobic” or whatever.

I’m a bisexual man, so I stand proud when I say – fuck that noise!  Label me whatever you want!  My work speaks for itself.  Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, have I ever condoned violence against anyone.  Go back through my work and find me one example where I promoted violence of any kind!  I stand against censorship.  I stand against the Authoritarian Left.  I am a liberal douchebag who is SICK of my fucking party.  These people are infinitely more dangerous than the Tea Party Right.  These people want to sterilize humanity.  They use bullshit terms like “Trigger Warnings” to stop people from disagreeing.  They claim PTSD from Twitter.  As we saw with Brianna Wu, they troll themselves when they are low on patriarchy ammo!  Yeah, Brianna Wu is the saddest example of these people.  She had the spotlight for some time, and she loved it so much that now she is having to manufacture so much controversy, in order to stay relevant.  Good luck with that.

As for you, Calgary Expo, you kowtow to these people too, and you better believe that there is such a thing as bad press.  I’m going to make sure it gets out.  I’m going to make sure that people know that you are an organization that promotes censorship and has no problem ruining the careers of women.  Which is what you’ve done.  You’ve destroyed a woman’s ability to promote her artwork at comic book expos.  Honey Badger Brigade raised over $10,000 to get to your bigoted expo.  I hope you don’t give them their money back, so they can sue your asses.  You people make me sick.

Until next time, a quote,

“That’s all I have to say.”  -lyrics, Look to the Future

Peace out,



6 thoughts on “Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Much to SJWs (A response to Calgary Expo)

  1. Hi,
    I just posted a link of this article ( did it the long way – I’m a Luddite, but learning ) on tumblr & already had a nice fellow ( I mean that, I’m sure he is ) clarify it by saying they were trying to enter under false pretences. I don’t think he read your article at all & certainly not viewed the vids, but I see evidence of why you’re frustrated.
    One of the primary reasons I follow your blog is for the real gems I find & the insights,
    i.e The youcaring fund I was able to contribute to recently, the horrific verbal abuse of Mr Taylor during the Rosetta landing & a clearer insight into the current feminist movement who, quite frankly, scare the shit outv’e me. Regarding playing, I love games but am not a gamer as I’ve been a tad ‘homeless’ for so long now & thus have not had the resources.
    I read your article about tumblr users & I heartily agree, however I’m a bit like a golfer, I play the ball where it lands. And I happen to be in tumblr, luckily for the most part my naive ignorance protects me as I just don’t find most of objectionable material you do. Tho it is undoubtedly there.
    Please know there are others out there like myself who, though not as verbal as you, stand the ground & give none for the cause of practical common sense & the right to remain happily unmolested by others who would otherwise do harm.

    • Glad to know that you like what you see here. That false pretenses argument is garbage. They paid the fees and filled out all the paperwork. That’s a matter of public record, at this point. Your “nice guy” is ignorant. If he is an SJW, that makes sense. Most of them don’t take the time to learn anything outside their echo chamber.

      • What I’ve seen is quite clear cut. This lady’s career is far from over though, so I strongly disagree with that part of your article. The entire basis of comics is creativity, by definition it’s like the power of mushrooms growing under concrete, you can’t stop nature.
        I agree wholeheartedly that this revoltingly expressed form of censorship must be addressed.
        I’d like to hear views from the other artists too, so will seek that out. Thanks.

      • Her livelihood isn’t over, but it’s taken a real hit. When you draw comics, expos are great for business. Now, she isn’t going to be able to attend any Canadian expos. We’ll see if she is let in to Comic Con, which she said she was hoping to be a part of. Still, this has hurt her. And the SJWs did that without a blink. Those people are scum. Scum who want to silence any opinion, male or female, who doesn’t agree with them. Makes me sick to my stomach. These people have ignited the 21st century McCarthy witchhunts. And until we stand firmly against them, uniting as one voice to fight back, as people did against McCarthy, then they won’t stop.

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  3. As disgusting as it is that this happened, i feel like I saw this coming from a mile away. 😦

    By the way, did you hear the interview the badgers did with Wright, Torgerson & Hoyt on the Hugos? It was like a crazy harmonious convergence of rightness and good.

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