RAB: Was it Murder…?!

I haven’t done a post like this in a long time.  I’m having a bad day, and I really felt like getting some random bullshit out into the world, to maybe get you, my audience, thinking about stuff.  I know, thinking is not the cool thing to do in modern America.  Humor me, will you?  Because there is some stuff that I’ve been thinking about that really got me all weirded out.  Like, what could be happening?  Oh yeah, some of this stuff is pretty nuts.  That and some good things are happening lately that I think is worth talking about.  So, without further adudes, let’s get down to it.

Internet Aristocrat is back!

I know, right?!  That made me happy too.  Call me a total fangirl (my inner woman comes out when I see his videos), but this made me so happy.  This guy needed to be here for a while.  Of course, the moment that he returns, my corner of the Internet lit up, with everyone being totally stoked.  And, in keeping with him being awesome, he put out another Tumblrisms video.  Here, see it for yourself.  It’s kind of nuts.

Yes indeed, Otherkin.  Another group of people who are totally effing with things.  I remember his video on Headmates, and that stuff was crazy enough.  But Headmates was worse, because it was so clear that those people were just making it up.  They said that they have headmates and are part of a “multiple system.”  But it’s all just them making it up.  Otherkins are a whole other kind of crazy.  These people are fucking nuts!  It’s not even funny how crazy they are.  And the worst part is – their delusions are being fed.  People actually feed this insanity.  Like that woman in the end of IA’s video.  She was feeding a woman who was either totally insane or pretending to be a cat, all to placate her.  That is insanity!  And I can go further.

Tumblr Otherkin get butthurt

I found out recently that Tumblr otherkin are a very easily butthurt bunch.  I decided to make fun of the concept with this little quip –

I identify myself as a pumpkin.  Triggers being – Jack-O-Lanterns, Thanksgiving and carving knives.

And I thought that I had just made a pretty good joke.  Indeed, someone hit the “Like” button, so that pleased somebody.  But the Otherkin crowd decided that they were very displeased with what I had to say.

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that otherkin/therianthropy is the belief that mentally/spiritually you are not human. For some it has to do with past-lives, for some it’s a strong spiritual connection. We know we are physically 100% human! It also has nothing to do with gender/pronouns- anyone who says it does is a troll or very misinformed! Please try not to post that kind of stuff in the tag, okay? We’re just trying to have a nice night, and that really brings us down.

This ties in to something that IA also said, about the beginning of SJWs.  They came from a culture that tells everyone that they’re special.  Remember what I said about the woman treating a woman who clearly as mental problems like her problems aren’t bad at all?  I thought about doing a whole post on this, but I didn’t have enough to work with.  But now I do.  Otherkin are crazy.  These people are totally delusional.  I can look down on the Tumblrites who make up the Headmates bullshit as bad people, but these people are now laughing matter.  And this person wants me to check my behavior because it hurts his wittle feewings.  Well, sorry buddy, but I am going to make fun of this madness, and I do hope that the people like that woman who was licking her hands get help.  They so obviously need it.

Jurassic World is going to suck

They released a clip from the movie today.  And guess what it has – a bland, undeveloped romance between two characters.  Because that isn’t at ALL an overused plot device in monster movies, right?!  Seriously, watch that clip (linked here) and tell me if that looks like a good movie to you.

What if stupidity was murder?!

I’ve been playing Hitman: Absolution lately.  Fun game, with a story that is so awful.  For real, the level of dislikability of every character in that game that isn’t Agent 47 is a little jarring.  Even the Agency villain is a totally deranged, slovenly misogynist.  No joke, every woman in that game is treated like a toy by the villains.  I’m not having an SJW moment.  It’s a little annoying, to say the least.  Anyway, I was at a mission where you had to kill Lenny’s gang.  I was killing them inside Lenny’s house.  I got the last guy by dropping a chandelier on him.  That was pretty cool.  But it got me to thinking.

How many times do we read stories about some idiot who does something totally dumb and gets himself killed for it?  We all laugh and think to ourselves – what a dumbass!  For real, how can someone be that stupid?!  You see all these Darwin Awards, and it looks like stuff so stupid that it would have to be an accident, right?  Maybe not.  What if those events weren’t all accidents.  What if you had someone who framed the perfect murder by making it look like the person being killed is a total buffoon?  That makes it almost worse, because then we insult the memory of that person by laughing at them.  A pretty sobering thought, if you ask me.  Although, if you are looking to be a murderer, that could possibly be the greatest trick of all – exploiting how apathetic culture is and framing murder as stupidity.  I think that’s right brilliant.  Indeed, if, in real life, I had been able to kill someone by making it look like their dog had brought back their stick of dynamite that they had throw out to go ice-fishing, how many people would question that?  Or, if I stuck a hose up someone’s ass and gave them a booze enema until they died (I’m not even kidding, that’s one of the Darwin Awards deaths), how many of you would think that it was murder?  You’d laugh and think to yourselves – dumbass.  Then go about your day.

And if one was good enough at it, they could potentially keep that going, forever…

Until next time, a quote,

“One must ask how many poisonings throughout history have gone unnoticed, with the truth being known but only to the dead.”  -The Count, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “RAB: Was it Murder…?!

  1. On stupidity and murder: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    The level and abundance of stupid in the world is rivalled only by the biomass of insects. When this planet ceases to support life and the traces of life leave it, stupid will be the last thing to go. Darwin award winners will have long since been gone but the runner’s up will still be around – too stupid to die out with grace. The last thing this planet will run out of is stupid. If it was worth something we’d all be rich, even the day traders.

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