Another Conservative Who Misrepresents Pot (A response to Stephen Crowder)

I haven’t responded to this guy in a LONG time.  Not since that whole big protest in Wisconsin where the teachers and firefighter unions were a bunch of thugs for demanding equal representation for their union rights.  Since Crowder is a conservative, he naturally had to go out of his way with How The World Works to vilify them.  Crowder is the same guy who also picked a fight with a union guy, then went on Fox News and tried to make it out that the guy who he pushed over was at fault when he slugged the pretentious little cock.  He disappeared after The Amazing Atheist took him to task for that.  For which Crowder hates him with a bitter passion.

However, Crowder decided to get in his two-cents with the legalization of pot too.  Naturally, we all know what his position is going to be.  After he made a very inept video, where he found one of the craziest people he could and used him as an example of the pot smokers of the world, he decided to make a continuation on his podcast.  It is that to which I am responding, because Crowder’s stupidity just leaps off the page.

This is really long, and I’m not gonna respond to every point, but you can listen to the first ten minutes of this and beat the hell out of Crowder’s arguments.

Of course, Crowder has to begin by saying that he’s libertarian and doesn’t care that if states vote to legalize.  Naturally.  But then he has to come in and talk about the “harms of marijuana.”  Like what, Stephen?  Objectively, it is safer than alcohol, cigarettes and any prescription drug.  This has been studied, to DEATH!  There is no argument that can be made for it being more dangerous than any other drug.  Your contention that that’s not the case is so ridiculous.  Then his guest takes on the Anita Sarkeesian style of arguing.  Where she says that if you look at the comments of videos, people are dumb.  Yes, because there haven’t been very educated people who have put your garbage in its place, right?  That’s never happened.

Then, they paint everyone who argues in favor of legalizing pot as a “heavy user..”  I can think of one video off the top of my head of a person who has never used pot in his life, but wants to legalize it so that we can help end the drug war (linked here).  This is such an easy way to deflect criticism without having to address the points that people make.

Crowder then decides to try and make the case that we’ve been raised to believe that pot is safer than alcohol, but it isn’t.  A fact that, by the way, is blatantly untrue.  There is no data, anywhere, that shows that pot is more dangerous than alcohol.  When’s the last time someone got pot poisoning (the equivalent of alcohol poisoning)?  You can’t get addicted to pot in the same way that you can become addicted to alcohol.  Take a look at old stoners and look at old drunks.  My granddad was an old drunk.  That dude was so on the beer that it was understood that trying to get him clean would kill him.  Find me a pot smoker so dependent on pot that that is the case.  Pot is, without question, safer than alcohol.  You then compare pot to smoking, and guess what – pot is safer than cigarettes too!  You casually just make it sound like those arguments are dumb, when the fact is that both of those arguments are so fallacious!

The guest then says that young people are smoking pot more than drinking.  So?  I don’t get that problem.  That’s a good thing!  Maybe we can have a decline in alcoholism in this country (something that is rampant) by legalizing pot.  Crowder uses some anecdote about his friends being smart, then smoking pot and becoming dumb, to support him. That’s garbage!  For real, what does that even mean?  “My friend was smart, then he smoked pot and now he’s dumb!”  Conservative stupidity 101.  Your guest says that your anecdote is totally legit, stating that there is data to support that conclusion.  And what is her citation…?  Yeah, I couldn’t find one either. She continues the thought that young people are smoking pot now and it’s the new norm.  So?  Young people drink all the fucking time too.  That’s accepted (illegal, but we all know it goes down.  We’ve been teenagers before).  So what’s the problem here?  What is this data you claim to have pointing to?  And how did you get it?  What was the method?  You’re supposed to be a person in psychology.  Give us the scoop.

Then, a bomb gets dropped – this guest is supposed to be a person who can give it to us straight about pot and how it affects regular joes, and she states that her experience with pot and how it affects people is with her patients, who have mental problems.  Then what the hell are you talking about this for?!  You don’t have any real experience with normal people!  This is so stupid!  She then makes the argument that people she knows who are users outside of her work all have subtle changes and that that is somehow indicative of some huge problem with weed.  Fallacy after fallacy, and it doesn’t stop.  Crowder’s channel is called the Tea Party News Network.  I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything better.

They keep bringing up studies.  Study this and study that.  Not a single specific citation.  None.  It’s all just speculation and “we know this random thing, but I won’t tell you from what.”  It’s garbage.

And that’s what Crowder’s argument boils down to – garbage.  He claims to not be taking a side, but that’s bullshit.  He is clearly taking a side here, and he peddles that side with a guest who couldn’t possibly be more biased.  Who seems incapable of giving specific examples.  Conservative bad science 101.  He can say that I’m one of those people who is part of his strawman pothead supporter, but in the end, if you watch The Union, a fantastic documentary about the misinformation about pot, done by actual professionals, then you will see that all of this hubbub about how bad it is is bullshit.  Nice to see that Crowder is still a pathetic little worm who can’t make a good video to save his life.  After all, the only thing you’d need to refute him is to show him how much good the legalization of pot has done for Colorado.  If my own state wasn’t being a giant dick about how they are legalizing it, it might do good here too.

Until next time, a quote,

“I could ramble for hours about how police in this country have better things to do than stop people from ingesting a plant that makes them sleepy, happy, and hungry.”  -Grappling Ignorance, Yes We Cannabis

Peace out,



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