A Call For Peace, Among Liberals

More and more, I am seeing a party that I have been a part of for my entire adult life deciding that we shouldn’t be fighting against the insanity of the right that is forcing our politicians to be right or center-right.  No, we are seeing the left in this country deciding that the people who are the real villains – the left!  Liberals vs. liberals, as Bill Maher put it rather eloquently tonight.  Over the course of the last eight or so years, I have seen the progressive-left evolve into the the liberals version of the Tea Party-right.  This is madness, to me.  Allow me to explain.

Today, there was a hubbub about a Tweet that Lionhead Studios did for National Cleavage Day.  A day meant to celebrate the female form and women embracing their sexuality.  Something that second-wave feminists would have been totally in support of.  I can’t see Joan Jett or Janis Joplin saying, “women showing off their tits?  How offensive!  Censor that, you shitlords!”  But wouldn’t you know it, Brianna Wu decided to take umbrage with it, and in one of the most shocking displays of pro-censorship behavior that I have ever seen, she demanded the Lionhead take down the Tweet and apologize for it.  Rather than stand by their artistic creativity, they decided to do just that.  They gave in to a bully who demanded that they do what she want, or else they would be labeled as misogynists.  Brianna Wu is one of the biggest misogynists I have ever seen.  She uses women as a shield and a sword.  To her, women are nothing but props.  I am daring her to come out of her echo chamber and prove me wrong.  For real, Brianna, I don’t censor comments.  Don’t send your followers after me.  I am calling YOU out!  You personally. I would debate you in a professional forum, given a chance.  Your use of women, all the while treating the sexual attractions of lesbian and bisexual women like they don’t exist is bullshit.  You and Anita Sarkeesian both.  It’s time that you two answered some legitimate criticism.  You have all the space you need to explain your position.  But this farce needs to stop.

But yeah, the progressive left is being pro-censorship, all on the basis that the people being censored offended somebody.  Do you all remember a time when the term liberal was associated with people like George Carlin?  A guy who went out of his way to offend people.  He didn’t care what you thought.  I can only imagine what he would have to say about Puritan Feminism today.  I bet he would be amused.  Carlin took little personally.  In his book “Brain Droppings,” he talked about how he didn’t care how it all turned out.  He was in this to see the slow circling of the drain in this country.  That’s what Carlin’s angle in all this was.  I can’t imagine how disappointed he would be to see PC culture and how out of control it is.  People on the left keep talking about how conservatives want to censor them and such, but you know what I haven’t seen lately – conservatives wanting to censor people!  For real, aside from the REALLY right-wing states and some insane legislation, what has the right actually done lately.  They have their crazy niche, but their niche is contained!  The sectarian conflict of the left is all over the place!

I just find it so weird that a political movement that is supposed to stand for individual freedom and the freedom of expression is being taken over by people who are not only cool with censorship, they actively support it.  They work as hard as they can to make sure that we are not only being censored, but that we censor ourselves!  Screw everything associated with that!  The day we live in a world where being liberal is on the same level as being pro-censorship, then I’m done with all of it, because it’s clear that the country has lost its fucking mind.

What’s more, why is the left so eager to fight amongst themselves?  There was a video by Jaclyn Glenn where she contrasted the pointless infighting in the atheist community –

And if you look at the infighting in the liberal community, it’s much the same.  Why do people who have so much in common look for reasons to fight one-another?  That’s madness!  Now, more than ever, we should be banding together.  Setting aside petty differences like whether or not someone uses your “preferred pronouns” (the most retarded concept of all time.  Oh yeah, I went there) and working as one voice to help move this nation forward.  We can settle our differences when we get there, right?

Not according to people like Brianna Wu!  With people like her, we have to find every little thing that offends us (the biggest of which being any women who are openly sexual.  These people are scared to death of sex, along with insanely jealous of women who are in touch with their sexuality.  The bulk of Puritan Feminism is Sex in the extreme) and censor it!  Because it could hurt a special snowflakes feelings!

I’m with Bill Maher on this – shut the fuck up!  Shut your pro-censorship fucking mouth, before you do more damage to what little credibility the progressive-left has in this country.  If you don’t like it – don’t look at it!  If you find the video game offensive – don’t play it!  Want games that are more for your tastes?  Then make them!  This is so infuriating, because all of these points seem like they would be obvious!  Ugh!  This is all so asinine!

Here’s the simple truth about people like Brianna Wu and the easily-offended crowd – they don’t really care about equality.  They care about finding things that they can be perpetually angry about, so they can be the ever-lasting victim of some vague war against them, typically perpetuated by white men.  Oh, I’m sorry – straight white men.  They are petulant children who refuse to grow up and deal with the world, so they lash out at every perceived injustice that they can conjure straight out of the ether.  I’m about to have a moment, as a bisexual white man, to tell you all something – shut the fuck up!  Shut your stupid fucking mouths!  There is no war against you!  You want to talk to me about how it’s unfair that there isn’t gay marriage in every state?  I’m with ya!  But as John Oliver said, “It’s no longer a question of whether or not gay marriage will happen in all 50 states, but rather a question of which state will have it last?”  You want to talk to me about how women in the third world have real problems imposed on them?  Oh yeah!  They could use some feminism.  Not this modern Twitter and Tumblr click-tavist kind.  No, they need feminism like the Suffragette movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

But if you want to talk about women in video games and say that that is somehow indicative of some vague patriarchy and non-existent “rape culture” that you can hold up by using things like “stare rape” or “birth rape” (I’m not even kidding you.  That last one’s a thing), then you can shut your ignorant fucking mouths and let us grow-ups deal with the real world.  Go back to your Internet space and let us try and make the world a better place.  Because the left in this country once did great things.  If we could stop fighting over trivial bullshit like a Tweet with a sexy woman featured, we might do great things again.

Until next time, a quote,

“The Reapers will destroy us all unless we stop fighting each other!”  -Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “A Call For Peace, Among Liberals

  1. I agree with parts, disagree with other parts…but then you quoted Mass Effect 3 and reeled me in.

    That said, I think the best opportunity the left has right now is to show that we can disagree with each other on some topics and not be whiny pussies about it. Think how strong liberals could be if we could passionately debate our disagreements, and at the end of the day, shake hands and grab a beer.

    • It’s funny – Brianna Wu went to have coffee with someone that her side of the fence vehemently didn’t like (because he was a GG supporter), and they threw her under the bus. I doubt that any olive branch to their side would be accepted. They’re like wolves, those ones. A real pity.

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