The UVA Story Ends Here

After extensive investigation by the police, to which an article in The New York Times stated that the girl who levied the accusation, “Jackie,” was not cooperative with the police, it has been discovered that there  is no substantial evidence that any of what she said in her Rolling Stone article happened.  After all their work, the police have found that everything that “Jackie” said was false.  While that doesn’t prove that she was not the victim of rape, it does prove that her entire story was fabricated, and now we are having to actually look with cold eyes at what happened.  I mean to lay out what this means and what should happen next.  Because what happened here is such a farce and displays so much of the bitter truths about universities and how they and society at large looks at cases like Jackie’s.

First, the girl herself, Jackie, should be taken in and charged with levying a false accusation.  I know that sounds harsh, but with all the insanity, along with this girl’s refusal to cooperate with law enforcement, she should face legal repercussions.  This girl has done so much damage to the cause of prosecuting actual rape, because now the culture is going to be even more critical.  Though maybe that’s for the best, in some ways.  After all, look at how many Puritan Feminists came out and claimed that they stand with Jackie, regardless of how there was no evidence.  It’s time that this girl discovered that your actions have consequences.  This critical nature that people are gaining may be for the best, because the last thing we need are more cases like Jackie’s.  Although, the police haven’t technically closed the case, even though there is no evidence.  And the only witness they have, Jakie, has absolutely zero credibility at this point.

Next, the reporter who wrote that article for Rolling Stone should be fired.  This should have happened ages ago.  She displayed everything wrong with modern journalism, by taking a story from a single source and not doing even the bare minimum of fact-checking.  She started a media shit-storm that she defended, even as the truth was coming to light from The Washington Post.  This person is a terrible journalist.  She should be fired and, to be honest, her career should be totally destroyed.  Her credibility has been.  What publication will hire a person who fabricates their story?

Also, Phi Kappa Psi fraternity should sue Rolling Stone for their part in all this.  It was their terrible reporting and destroyed their reputation and got them black-listed in their own university.  If they are able to bounce back from this, it will be surprising.  Now the publication that tarred and feathered them should be held to the fire and be taken for everything they are worth.

Then there are the university Star Chambers that we are seeing on colleges.  Universities are expelling and suspending students for crimes like rape and sexual harassment, without going through any due process.  With the former of these, that’s just insane.  If you believe that a crime has occurred, then you have a legal OBLIGATION to go to the police.  Young men are having their academic futures destroyed without even getting the right to defend themselves.  Already, young men who have suffered this are coming back with legal teams and universities are losing money.  As they rightly should.  When you have a system of justice that assumes guilt and doesn’t follow due process, then you have broken the law and you should be held liable.  I hope these colleges lose a ton of money.  That’s at least a small way to get some satisfaction against a system that treats men like we are the enemy.

But lastly, and most important – this should serve as a lesson to people.  We live in a society where people believe in a mythical “rape culture.”  One that I have seen absolutely zero evidence that exists.  This idea that all over our society are things that promote rape is beyond absurd.  We gamers have been the most recent target of that.  Endless reports of people being sent death and rape threats, by trolls on the Internet who are just doing it for the lulz, and because the people who report these threats are professional victims who feed them to keep the money flowing in.  The reaction to what happened at UVA highlights everything that’s wrong with modern feminism.  There was even a Tweet where someone said that “‘evidence’ is an invention of cis males.  It has no place in the real world.”  A statement so insane that destructive that it goes to show the thinking of Puritan Feminists.

They don’t care about evidence.  They don’t care about reason.  They will take things on faith and buy it without a second thought.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I ditched religion a long time ago!  This kind of neo-Victorian fear of sex by third-wave feminists is destroying all the work that the sexual liberation movement fought so hard for.  It’s so blatantly obvious that they are afraid of sex.  And when you have them being supported by the culture at large, with the police not being willing to put away a person whose accusation was now proven to have no substance of any kind in jail, what do you think is going to happen next?  Why, justice will continue to not be served!  These Social Justice Warriors don’t care about actual justice.  They don’t care about real rape victims.

I have seen some of the most insane statements from these people.  One woman claimed to need feminism because of “stare rape.”  Another woman said that “birth rape” is a real thing.  These people are basically making any form of intimacy where the man didn’t ask for permission each and every step of the way into rape.  Is that the world that you all want to live in?  Because I don’t!  Third-wave feminists are exposing just how ugly the modern views of sex are.

So yeah, the story is done, and now some justice needs to be served.  Since I know that the entire world reads what I have to say and will totally go out and do my suggestions *read sarcasm*, I look forward to what happens next.

Until next time, a quote,

Do not spread false reports. Do not help a guilty person by being a malicious witness.”  -Exodus 23:1

Peace out,



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