Seattle Says – Let’s Promote Gender Segregation, Against Boys! (A response to Expanding Your Horizons)

I cannot tell you how many times SJWs have told me that sexism against men isn’t a real thing.  It can only happen to women.  All the time, I hear about how women are just this oppressed group by this mythical “patriarchy” that, in some vague way, is keeping them down.  If you follow the theory of people like Anita Sarkeesian, it is in some subconscious, not-really there way.  Like they are using Jedi mind tricks or something.  The last refuge of people with no real argument – they do it in your head!  And we have seen that academia is more than willing to pander to these people and their flawed mentality.  Now, however, it seems that they are openly deciding to segregate the genders.  And it needs to stop.

There is a group called “Expanding Your Horizons,” which has a yearly tradition where they take middle-school girls to a university and teach them science and stuff.  According to one woman, it’s “No Boys Allowed.”  Yeah.

The stated goal of this project sounds noble, but there is a giant flaw here that I am going to somewhat relish ripping to pieces, because somebody needs to call this bullshit for what it is.  The goal is to get teen girls into math and science.  That sounds nice.  I mean, sure, it should be left to what a person wants to do.  It’s one thing to expose them to more math and science and let them have the choice.  But I’ve always had a problem with schools promoting fields of study or interest.  If you give kids the tools and then let them actually choose for themselves, you might be surprised by what they find.  Although, you may not like it.

See, this isn’t popular to say, but the fact is (according to science), men and women are different.  So are boys and girls.  We have different chemistry and different behaviors that we are naturally inclined to do.  This means that we have different interests and express them in different ways.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s biology, baby.  To try and tell people, “we need more girls doing math and science because they don’t do it enough!” seems kind of patronizing.  And that’s exactly what “Expands Your Horizons” is saying.  They want to get girls doing this more, because boys do it more.  Why can’t girls make their own decisions?

Okay, maybe I’m reading too much into this.  Fine.  I’ll give you that.  But there is a critical flaw in this whole “No Boys Allowed” day that you have with these girls on a university campus.  The flaw is – would you ever, EVER, see a program like this for boys?  For real, if they had a day called “No Girls Allowed,” would you see that going down well.  Hell no!  The SJW crowd would be all up in the university’s business.  There would be article after article about how the university is sexist and promoting misogyny.  And you know I’m right!

It’s only ever sexism when men do it.  And you know what, when the woman in charge of the program says that she doesn’t want to be exclusionary, I’m inclined to believe her.  The problem here is that there is a two-faced nature to this, and I am using this as a launching point to talk about how society is two-faced.  It’s like that bit on “The Talk,” where you have Sharon Osborne laughing about a guy getting his penis cut off and thrown into a garbage disposal.  Her and all the women in that audience were laughing away.  Could you see that happening with me?  The social outrage would hit critical mass!

We are living in a time when being called a “misogynist” is akin to being called a ‘Communist” during the Red Scare.  It’s a way for people to shut down your opinion, so they don’t have to actually talk about stuff.  This us vs. them gender mentality has got to go!  Otherwise, we’re going to see a rift start to form.  Hell, it’s already formed.  It’ll just get bigger.  A rift that the second-wave feminists worked very hard to close.  This gender in-fighting has gotten so ridiculous that we have universities that are making modern Star Chambers to dole out “justice” to accusations of rape.  Without due process.  It’s coming back to bite them, thankfully.  But we do not need this division of gender right now.  The only way that true progress will ever be made is if we stop fighting each other.

And stop trying to force science and math on girls.  Give them the tools, and then the will find what they want to pursue.  Same with boys.  Let’s just give all kids the tools they need to get ahead, and we might just be surprised by what they do.  Or maybe I’m wrong.  Who knows.

Until next time, a quote,

“You were supposed to be humanity’s sword!  Not a knife that stabbed it in the back.”  -Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,



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