Let’s Censor Art, So Nobody Gets Upset! (A response to #ChangeTheCover)

There was a recent issue of Batgirl that came out from DC Comics, which had a cover that ruffled some feathers.  In the interest of continuing to ruffle feathers, I’m going to share it with you.

Batgirl #41 CoverWow, that’s pretty stunning work.  From the look of things, this is an homage to the legendary comic “The Killing Joke,” where the Joker shot Barbara Gordon in the back and paralyzed her.  Who could take issue with this?  It is skillfully done.

In come the SJWs!  Yes, because any amount of freedom and expression is wrong, if the SJW thought police say so!  Because this cover makes Batgirl look weak!  What’s that?  You say that it shows the evil nature of the Joker, who is one of the most insane and evil comic book villains ever?  Oh, he’s a comic book villain, so we should expect him to do evil things?  Well screw all that!  This is PC America, where us moral police have to make sure that nothing you do is even remotely offensive to us!  Your effort to produce a piece of art?  Whatever, loser!  You should never make anything that challenges anybody on any level!  To do that is just wrong!

That should have pissed a lot of people off, but it didn’t.  What is the point of anything that we do if we have to censor every piece of artwork that some vocal minority of easily-butthurt buffoons doesn’t like?  Why should we even try and make anything when people will just cower and apologize for anybody getting upset?  DC caved to the SJWs demands and pulled the alternate cover.  Something that someone worked really hard on, that symbolized the nature of one of the most famous comic book villains in history, and they pulled it because of a few whiny people who can’t handle art.  They issued an apology as well, stating that they don’t want to hurt anyone’s precious little fee-wings.

DC, you are pathetic.  To think that you are so quick to abandon your artistic integrity because of these people.  What’s more, they think this is a good thing!  They think that censorship is something that we should strive for!  These people are so Orwellian that it baffles me.  I genuinely don’t know how to respond to a bunch of people who think that all artistic integrity that they don’t like should go.  What a bunch of fascist pussies!

Can you imagine what would happen if Rocksteady was so quick to abandon their integrity?  Arkham Knight would be some watered-down game that totally insults the effort that has gone in to the series thus far.

I don’t have much more to add to this, honestly.  It offends me that we have a group of people who are pro-censorship and celebrate it.  These people are just as bad as the Fundie Christians who want to censor stuff we gay people in it.  Oh yeah, I went there.  What’s more, they are reaching for every straw they can to avoid saying what they really mean – that it’s all about them not wanting to see Batgirl look even a little bit weak.  It isn’t rape happening in that cover.  Anybody who knows the story of Batgirl, (which is CANON, by the way!) knows that she gets shot in the back and it leaves her paralyzed.  The Joker does this, because it sounds like fun to him and that’s all the justification he needs.  It’s part of the official lore of the character, and if you don’t like that, tough shit!

The progressive-left has gotten so insane.  It’s the 25th anniversary of “The Killing Joke.”  This cover was made to commemorate that.  It is part of the lore of Batgirl that she takes a bullet in the spine.  This isn’t about rape or any of the SJW buzzwords that they love to play to so fucking much.  It’s about telling a story.  Yet here we have,  in the 21st century, a group of people who want art to cater to them.  They want free expression to only be as free as they deem it so.  These people, who have never had to live in the real world (outside academia and San Fransisco), think that anything that doesn’t make them happy deserves to be gotten rid of, and that if you don’t like it – you hate women.  All of these actions are done with that buzz-phrase.  “If you don’t agree with us, you hate women!  Such a canard, and DC caved to it.

Where will it end?  Where will this insanity end?!  When SJWs tried to invade gaming, we drew a line in the sand.  That’s part of the reason that they have gotten so butthurt lately, and are trying to make gamers look like scum to the rest of society.  Gamers fought back, and we won.  Now they are trying to make another segment of society cater to them, so they don’t have to use that brain-thing that they were given and actually think about something.  Because challenging beliefs is wrong!  Don’t like that?  Then you hate women!

See how juvenile and stupid it is?  SJWs – if you don’t like this comic, don’t read it!  Don’t like a video game?  Don’t play it!  Don’t like a movie?  Don’t watch it!  Don’t like that choice?  Then fuck off!

Until next time, a quote,

“Why people can’t go see this terrific movie just because it has this word in it, It just seems so, kinda childish.” -David Ansen, This Film is not Yet Rated

Peace out,



One thought on “Let’s Censor Art, So Nobody Gets Upset! (A response to #ChangeTheCover)

  1. Criticism isn’t censorship. Choosing to change something because of criticism isn’t being censored, it’s feedom of choice.
    Drama king. Whining, hysterical drama king.

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