Your View of Disney is Flawed (A response to Laci Green)

I’ve avoided making responses to Laci for some time, even when I have had issues with some of the things that she has said and done.  Why?  Because there was a time, quite some years ago now, that I enjoyed her content very much.  Her atheist channel was fun to watch and she made good points.  Then, somewhere along the way, she became one of the Twitter and Tumblr feminists.  Thankfully, she has avoided the Puritan Feminist mentality, but only a little.  I have found out that she hosts a program on MTV.  I see that Laci has gone up in the world.  Good on her.  Expecting me to lament?  As I said, there was a time when I enjoyed her content.  It’s a pity that she has fallen in with the more detrimental aspects of First World society, but what can ya do?

In any case, there was a recent appearance of Laci on MSNBC (linked here) that I wanted to address, where she talks about how Disney needs to change their representation of gender, and I think that it’s worth responding to, because it has some flaws.

In a peek of a video that they show, Laci talks about how classic Disney movies tend to have a climax in a fight between two guys, often with women as the trophy.  This strikes me as interesting, because…there aren’t that many films where that happens.  In Sleeping Beauty, the climax is the battle between the Prince and Maleficent.  In Snow White, the climax battle is between the seven dwarves and the evil queen.  In Bambi, there is a fight between two bucks for a doe, but that happens in nature.  It’s almost like that film mimics life, or something.  Aside from Beauty and the Beast and a few others, I can’t really think of a lot of Disney movies that have a battle between two men for a woman.  Granted, there are a lot of stories where the woman is the thing to be fought for, but here’s the thing about that – the stories she is criticizing are based on very old fairytales.  Why take Disney to task and not the source material?  That seems exploitative, to be honest.

Next, she brings up how women are treated in Disney films like someone to help keep the dunce-headed males taken care of when it comes to stuff around the house.  Again, where is this?  Okay, Snow White did end up taking care of the seven dwarves, but it was implied that they were getting along just fine.  They weren’t clean, but they were alright.  Gepetto didn’t need a woman to keep his house in order.  This is the second time that you make an assertion without citations to back it up.  You have a video that sounds smart, but without any specific examples, I can pick this apart without any difficulty.  I have to ask, Laci – did you watch any of these Disney films that you cavalierly criticize?

Then we get into the usual SJW buzzwords.  She makes sport of how all the guys and gals are straight, physically attractive, made to appeal to heterosexual…wait, what?  Um, Laci – they’re for kids!  These movies are for children!  Do you think that little kids care about whether or not someone is gay or not in a movie?  I grew up watching Disney films, and it didn’t affect my bisexuality in any way.  What are you going on about?  It really just bugs me that you make so many assertions about how Disney films without any specific examples.  If this was a high school paper, it would get a C-!  But then she has to give them a pat on the back, for changing in some vague way, to which she makes a Fantasia reference to how they are forming culture.  Laci, you don’t have the right to raise up that film, when you have so clearly put down all the Disney stuff that you critique.  Or you can, but I am going to call you out on it.

Then you have the MSNBC host sucking Laci’s dick (metaphorically speaking) and going on about how great it she is.  It’s more of the same.  The truth is, I wanted to talk about this because of how her video exemplifies the problem of SJW feminism and how it argues.  Laci made ZERO citations for her points.  She just made them and acts like we are supposed to take that as gospel.  Well, sorry, Laci, but that’s not how I role. If you want to argue that older Disney is uber-sexist, then you need to give me specific examples.  Then we can actually talk about this.  Instead, in a super-fast, quirky/snarky way, you attack Disney.  And given how your points don’t have specific examples, it’s almost like you haven’t watched these movies that you attack.  You just see something you can make fun of and you attack.

Where was the battle for a woman in The Fox and the Hound?  That was a battle between two former friend, where one is fighting for survival, and the other is trying to get revenge for his mentor being struck down by his oldest friend.  Where was the gender stereotyping in Alice in Wonderland? The animated one, not that shitty Tim Burton movie.  Where were girls told to be passive in Dumbo?  Or how about Ichabod and Mr. Toad?  When you actually know your source material the way I do, it drives me so nuts to see someone who I used to respect taking pot-shots at it and treating it as fact.  No!  Wrong, Laci!  And this is your in to getting on to MSNBC and talking to a national audience!  Your shitty argument gets you national attention!  I’ve already railed about how pathetically biased MSNBC is based on their coverage of Anita Sarkeesian.  Now I have another thing to write them off as a shitty news outlet.

As for you, Laci, this was just annoying.  You take a dump on a company that I once had so much love and admiration for, back in the days before they became a corporate whore who only cares about making money and ruins whatever doesn’t make them the big bucks.  May their 2D animation studio rest in piece.  It’s a lost art in this country.  Still, if you are going to criticize old Disney, try bringing some evidence to the table, eh?  Otherwise you look like one of these dogmatic feminists who takes things on, what’s the word?  Oh, right – faith.  I thought you left that mentality behind?

Until next time, a quote,

“See, that’s the thing – if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong.”  -Nick Nailor, Thank You For Smoking

Peace out,



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