You Are Really Racist (A response to PBS Game Show)

I can’t believe that PBS funds this garbage.  I really can’t.  It boggles the mind.  This show has been on my list of intellectually-bankrupt pieces of social justice bandwagon-mates for some time, but now it has officially shot itself in the foot, and I feel the need to take them to task for it, because if I don’t, who will?  See, in their most recent video, which I will have below, they decided to talk about how NPC characters are racist.  It’s funny, it’s stupid, and the video is actually really racist.  And I’m going to explain why.  First, however, watch their video, if you have the stomach for extreme stupidity.  Then take a look at me destroying them.

So, let me start off by saying that it’s interesting that one of the pictures you have of white protagonists is one of the main characters from Grand Theft Auto IV, who was an immigrant.  That’s funny.

Next, why is Sgt. Johnson in this video about NPC characters being racist?  For real, I genuinely want to know.  Because when you actually look at the character, you can’t make any argument for him being racist.  For starters, let’s not get into how he is almost-directly modeled after Sgt. Apone in Aliens, because I know that context is icky to you people.  But Sgt. Johnson is an awesome character.  He survives Reach.  He survives the events of the first Halo.  He survives the events of the second Halo.  He goes hand-to-hand with an Elite, by himself!  Even when it is clear that he is probably going to die, he just gives the Arbitor shit.  In the third game, he even dies trying to help the Master Chief stop 343 Guilty Spark from preventing the use of the Halo ring to destroy the remaining Flood.  Please, educate ol’ Lucien on the racism with that character.  He’s a strong character, with an awesome voice-over and a noble sacrifice that enables the Chief to succeed.  I’m just DYING to hear how that’s racist.

Then there’s the argument about Resident Evil 5 being racist.  Yeah, we’re doing this again.  Why is it racist?  Well, because it has African zombies, of course!  Even though the game takes place in, you know, AFRICA!  I guess we should have had Irish zombies instead.  I am so sick of this argument!  The narrator of the video, who I call Hipster McGee, brought up how there were zombies that threw spears.  Yes, because there are no tribal societies that still exist in Africa and could be affected by the Las Plagas outbreak, right?  No, that’s just crazy!  Because then it would be like art imitates life or something!  And that would be just awful!  Oh, and let’s just forget how there is a scene where an African detachment of the BSAA comes in to save Chris and Sheva from certain death in one scene.  I’m surprised you didn’t bring that up.  It’s almost like you never played the game or something!  Or you have an axe to grind and deliberately forgot to talk about that.  Whichever works.

Finally, there is the piece de resistance!  The moment where the racism of that video really starts to shine.  In a segment where they are vaguely talking about how black NPCs don’t have their black heritage play enough of a part in their characters, they show Admiral Anderson, from Mass Effect 3.  Are you kidding me?!  No joke, I want to know.  Is this a joke?  He is a black man, voiced by Keith David, and if you look at what you are saying in that segment of the video where he is shown, it sounds like you are arguing that he’s not black enough.  That’s racist by your own standards!  A black man isn’t black enough.  That’s like if someone says, “Obama doesn’t sound black.”  You see how that works?  Amazing.  Simply amazing.

You even go so far as to call Sgt. Johnson a token.  A token?!  Are you kidding me?!  He’s a central character, you racist troglodyte!  So is Admiral Anderson!  Let me guess, Jacob in Mass Effect 2 is a token too because he isn’t enough of a black person for you.  How about Marlene in The Last of Us.  Hell, Joel kills her in cold blood, shooting her in the belly and then in the head.  That’s promoting violence against black people!  Oh, wait, what’s that?  He killed her because he knew that she would come after him and Ellie when she recovered, and killing her guaranteed their safety?  Oh.  Well, shit.

From what I’m seeing here, it’s almost like it’s not enough for a character in a video game to be a good character.  They can’t just be a likeable and fun character to be in a game.  They have to be glorified.  We can’t just have a black guy in our game.  They have to be put on a pedestal!  They have to be raised up!  They aren’t black enough for us!  You racist pricks.  The whole lot of you and your SJW-pandering crap on your show.

These people can’t handle well-written characters.  That’s not enough.  In another video, they talked about how Cortana was a sex object.  I never viewed her as that.  Why?  Because she was a well-written character who happened to be sexy!  I never viewed Sgt. Johnson as some token black guy.  Why?  Because he was a well-written character!  What will it take for you social justice wankers to finally realize that you don’t have to constantly praise aspects of a character like their race for them to be good characters.  It is possible for other things to factor in too.  This can be done.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

And saying that a good character who is written well, acted well, and plays a good role in the game isn’t ethnic enough for you is so utterly racist.  Why am I the only one who can see this?

Until next time, a quote,

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Peace out,



5 thoughts on “You Are Really Racist (A response to PBS Game Show)

  1. Funny, I always felt that Ganon and his people were thiefs BECAUSE they live in a desert, dark skinned BECAUSE they live in a desert and of course attracted to large magical triangles for power as they haven’t ever felt much power themselves.

    • You know what’s also funny about that – it’s a fantasy world! How does Hipster McGee know why those people are the way they are? Has he done extensive research into Gerudo culture and their history? If not, then who is he to say that the portrayal of a fictional people in a fictional fantasy world is racist or not? This guy is a hack.

      • If Ganon had been white and been a desert dweller it would have been weird as all fuck is all I can really say outright.

  2. Man, you know which NPCs ARE racist? Freaking everybody in Daggerfall.

    “Hey, I heard it only takes one drink to get a High Elf drunk. I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth, though.”

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