So, You Now Want to Change Video Games, Eh? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

One of the biggest points that people make to defend Anita Sarkeesian is that she’s not trying to change the game industry.  She is just critical of it.  Turns out, that that is a lie.  How do I know this?  Well, it seems that she has blatantly come out and given game developers her list of how to make video games that fit Anita’s VERY strict standards, that no real game ever could.  We’ll get to why in a moment.  Here’s an article where Kotaku kisses her ass in every way that an ass can be kissed, and outlines her guidelines.  There are a little vague, so stick with me.  Oh boy…

Avoid the Smurfette principle, a reference to both having just one female character in an ensemble cast and the character limitations that can spring from that.

It’s funny, her examples she uses for games like this are multiplayer games.  Never single player.  Never, ever single player.  Of course not.  So, you have a bunch of characters, in a multiplayer arena where their personality is the people controlling them.  They have no personality outside of that.  Why have more of them be female?  I don’t care what the gender of a character is if I am playing multiplayer.  Male or female, I’m going to blow your head off all the same.  You know, Anita, I have a better idea – let’s have them be aliens!  No-gender aliens.  Don’t you think that’s more fair!  After all, you are not being open and accepting of non-binary people, to borrow an SJW bullshit term.  You prejudice bitch.

She called for more body diversity in female characters, lamenting the “Victoria’s Secret catalogue” physiques of so many playable women and yearning for the kind of bodies that the male characters in the upcoming Blizzard game Overwatch have.

Anita, you made a video where you judged women by their appearance and called them sex objects.  Who the fuck are you to say what is appropriate to look at for women.  Oh, by the way, I couldn’t help but notice that you are also excluding lesbian and bisexual women from the discussion.  As always.  It’s nice to know that when they aren’t your shield, the LGBT community is just a nice scapegoat for you.  You’re a real winner like that.

But seriously, let me ask you this – how many women who are overweight do you see in the world of The Last of Us?  For real, a post-apocalyptic ruin where food is incredibly scarce.  How many women do you see like that?  Having more women with different figures is fine, so long as it makes sense.  If you just shoe-horn in a fat person, and it doesn’t make sense, then that detracts from the game.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Since you know fuck-all about designing games, I’m not surprised that this slipped your mind.  I am a dude with a few more pounds than I should have, so I can call you out on this, you skinny, white, upper-middle class con artist.

She pushed for more representation of women of color in games, and more that are neither reducing such women to ethnic stereotypes nor so divorced from their cultural history that it “is eased or invisible.”

Like Marlene in The Last of Us?  She wasn’t an ethnic stereotype.  Granted, Joel kills her in cold blood later in the game, but his reasons made sense.  She would have gone after them.  Also, who on Earth are you to talk about people being “divorced from their cultural history?”  Again, white, upper-middle class con artist.  If you have a character like the black pirate in Final Fantasy XII, who isn’t in touch with any kind of African history, is that a bad thing?  But wait, it’s a fantasy world.  There is no Africa there.  So, how should he act to fit your narrative.

Other ethnicities in games are great.  There was Jacob in Mass Effect 2.  But wait, he wasn’t at all like his African roots either.  You see how this works?  Good characters from any ethnic background stand or fail in context with the world they live in.  That’s fine.  Just shoe-horning characters in to a situation and saying that it is diversity is bull if the character doesn’t fit.  As much as it was cathartic to watch her die, I actually got why Marlene was in the game.  She was a good character.  Man, The Last of Us sure is beating the hell out of your argument.  I wonder if Kotaku will address that in the next article they write where they bury their nose up your ass.

After playing what she said was an audio clip of a female League of Legends champion in combat (above) she called for less sexualized female-character voice-acting/grunting—”start with trying to make pain actually sound painful instead of orgasmic”.

This is nothing!  This is such a non-issue.  Why even bring this up?

And she rejected clothing female characters in cleavage-emphasizing armor whose “only functionality is to titillate young straight male player base.”

God does this upset me!  For real, I’m so pissed about this right now.  How does nobody call your bigotry out, Anita?!  You really must view yourself as the arbitor of women, and all women get in line with your thinking.  Because I guess you don’t believe that a single lesbian or bisexual woman could EVER find the women in games attractive, right?  Given the reaction of pieces of shit like Arthur Chu to what Mercedes Carrera was trying to do for her friend, I guess I know where you sit.

Anita, and all the people at Kotaku and all the white knights who support her – you people are scum!  It’s fine to use lesbian and bisexual women as a shield, but when it comes to just ignoring their sexuality in a conversation, that’s just kudos with you!  How can you be this heterophobic?!  This bothers me so much, because you are blatantly ignoring the sexual agency of women in the LGBT community.  And the fact that NO ONE seems to want to call you out for this is just so upsetting.  I have a lesbian friend who loves games with hot women.  But here we have Anita Sarkeesian, saint of the SJW community, who is basically saying – fuck what you find attractive.  For all your schtick about being more inclusive to women, there sure is a demographic that you are fine with ignoring.  Fuck you people!  You’re all a bunch of hypocrites!

Going through her list, she called for game developers of third-person games to “de-emphasize the rear end of female characters,”

Hey ladies who are sexually attracted to women – liking butts is wrong!  Anita says so!

And I’m done with this.  This is so repugnant.  It pisses me off that people like me, who believe in REAL equality between the genders, are getting to dictate what the sexual attractions of people should be.  That’s beyond insulting.  These Sex – feminists, who are clearly terrified of sex, are selling a worldview that excludes other women.  Will no one call out how sexist that is?!  Anita, by your own standards, you are a misogynist!

This is a worldview that people fall in line with.  Angry Joe defended it.  Am I, a bisexual man who is not ashamed of his masculinity, the only person who is going to stand up for women?!  Am I alone on this?!  I really need to know, because this viewpoint not only excludes a group of people from the conversation about themselves, but it enables people who want to strip away the sexual liberation movement that so many women fought so hard for.  You belittle lesbians and women who are in the sex industry, because they don’t fit into your little narrative.  Fuck this horseshit!

Until next time, a quote,

“What really fucking bothers me is that for the last two months, I have sat by in GamerGate and I have watched false, faux-victims utilize the world for their own personal and profit aims, claiming victimhood over emails and over comments on Twitter.  And here you have a woman who’s a real victim of a real rape and a real assault, and those same women who claim they care about women’s rights have done nothing!  They’ve done jack-fucking-shit!”  -Mercedes Carrera

Peace out,



8 thoughts on “So, You Now Want to Change Video Games, Eh? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

  1. If she wants more body diversity in video games, how about starting with soap operas? Anyone ever watch those? Everyone is all model thin, men and women and they’ve been around long before video games 🙂 Not to mention every other TV show if not movie. It seems like there can only be one famous fatty at a time. Kevin James was famous, now its Melissa McCarthy after Rebel Wilson’s brief run. Not just that but genetically bald actors. Kevin Spacey can’t be the only one, but he’s the only one that comes to mind.

    Its just the norm if not what people want to see.

    • She wants to change a mimic, games simply took from what existed and still does in other mediums to start with and runs with it. The norm as you said is that people often just want to see pretty, attractive people, as they have always wanted to. Only with concerns about how normal people are trying to measure up to impossible standards has this ever become an issue.

      • The thing is – it’s all wish fulfillment. For real, who goes to the movies to see some overweight married couple fight about their problems? People go to see amazing people do amazing things. Or maybe more down-to-earth people in some movies, but still. In video games, we want to play as amazing people or creatures or what-have-you doing amazing things. Sure, some more body types is fine, so long as it makes sense within the world’s universe. But insisting on it is just silly. It’s just one more sign that Sarkeesian doesn’t know the first thing about playing video games. Because she’s not a gamer.

      • Not even a gamer thing, she lacks basic understandings of the psychology behind what we choose to indulge in, something a idiot could pick up on.

      • Clipping issues, functionality for hitboxes, lots of things from a design perspective make certain shapes easier for programmers and gamers.

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