SIONR: Final Fantasy XV Isn’t Coming Out This Year

I knew it.  I fucking knew it.  I hate being made to look like a fool!  I really do!  It grinds my gears something fierce when I am all for something and am then made to look like an idiot.  For real, it pisses me the fuck off.  What’s more, I don’t get how Square Enix can pull this kind of thing, when they know damn well that they are just setting people up to be disappointed.  See, there was a recent reveal about the demo that is coming out for Final Fantasy XV.  It is attached to the release of Final Fantasy Type-0, as Day One DLC.  Don’t plan on getting that game?  Well, tough luck, buddy!  You’re going to have to wait, until the game comes out in earnest.  When is that going to be?  Oh, you’re going to love this.

During a Q&A session with the team that is developing XV, it was revealed that roughly 60% of the game has been complete.  Are you kidding me?!  That’s it?!  You’re releasing English dub trailers, and you are barely halfway past getting the game complete?!  This is so annoying!  For real, it’s kind of infuriating how dumb this is.  The article linked above wants to get people hyped for the demo, but I wasn’t born yesterday.  I can read between the lines, and what I see here tells me that this game isn’t coming out this year.  Not a chance.  They are barely halfway done, and this game was announced nine years ago.  It’s going to be at least another year.  Maybe more.  I’m fucking done!  Square Enix is never releasing this project!

I get the feeling that I know what happened to this game.  See, Tetsuya Nomura is no longer in charge of it.  It’s some new guy.  Nomura has been relegated to working on Kingdom Hearts IIIFinal Fantasy XV was supposed to be his passion project.  It was just handed off to someone else?  I get the feeling that the studio has gotten sick and tired of waiting.  They pulled Nomura and handed the project to someone else, with an understanding – get it done.  With more and more rumors about Kingdom Hearts III being released sometime this year, and this game clearly nowhere near done, my worst fears are coming into focus – that both of these games are going to be rushed out the door.  With FFXV, it is going to be an amazing-looking half-baked game, and KHIII will be a cash-grab that features all the stuff that Disney wants to whore out, like Marvel and Star Wars.

I have waited for nine years.  Nine fucking years since the game was announced.  Now, it looks like it will all have been for nothing.  Kills me to see Square Enix go like this.  I just know that if FFXV doesn’t make bank in a big way, that’s the end of Square Enix as we know it.  Just terrible.

I want to believe, Square!  Man, just calling you that.  Makes me think of the good old days.  Back when your studio was synonymous with great games.  Hell, I even remember the Squaresoft days, when you made one of my favorite games of all time – Final Fantasy X.  What happened to that company?  Where did it all go wrong?  Did you purge all the people with talent in your company?  I really want to know what happened.  Get back to me on this, because I refuse to believe that I’m the only person who is losing faith here.  I mean, does anyone else remember the last game that was in development for ten years?  It was Duke Nukem Forever, and that game was a giant pile of shit!  That game was so bad that you could play with shit!  I don’t want this entry into a franchise that I used to love, and that I have so looked forward to, to be turned into another bad game that gets rushed to market.

Maybe I’m wrong.  I hope so.  But the people running the show are telling me that they are only 60% done with this game.  Does that say soon to you?  God-dammit…

Until next time, a quote,

“Everybody lies.”  -Dr. Gregory House, House MD

Peace out,



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