Helping a Rape Victim Goes Awry (A response to Arthur Chu)

I’ve written a few times about instances when charity work has gone awry, due to ideological bullshit that had no place in the discussion.  Back when I made videos on my YouTube channel, I made two videos about a disgusting organization called Komen for the Cure, who denied money from PornHub, who was doing a charity to raise money for breast cancer research.  I did a post about a porn charity run by a new acquaintance of mine – Mercedes Carrera (and by acquaintance, I mean someone who now follows me on Twitter.  Yeah, I’m not vain enough to consider myself a chum.  But still, a porn star is following me!  Hell yeah!  My vanity!), and how her money got turned down by an organization that supposedly helped disabled gamers.  What should have been just a good cause got wrapped up in ideological bullshit, and it got so tangled.

Now, Mercedes is doing another charity.  This time, it is to help a woman who has been the victim of a violent sexual assault during a home invasion.  Mercedes has been wanting to help a chum of hers, who has been unable to work since.  Here is a link to her charity (to which I mean to donate tonight.  Not much, because I’m poor, but every dollar helps, right?), in case you wanted to help.  And thus far, she has raised a fair chunk of change, and hopefully hits her goal.

When you look at this, and you see the reasons why Mercedes is doing this, it compels you to wonder – who would oppose this?  Who would make this a big issue?  What spineless, worthless human being would decide to make this a pissing contest?  Allow me to introduce you to Arthur Chu.

Arthur Chu is a young man of Asian origin.  He is a big fan of the SJW crowd.  He has been very vocal in his opposition about GamerGate, but let’s not go there.  Staying on point is always hard for me, so we’re working on that.  Tonight, Arthur Chu had some very choice words for what Mercedes has been trying to do.  Let’s see them.

Ethics means asking for money for her charity specifically to spite Brianna and Anita

Um, no, you fucking asshole!  It means asking for money to help her friend!  God, what the fuck is wrong with you?!  And anyone who can defend something so terrible, how do you live with yourself?  This is the kind of sentiment that you are in favor of?  Equating someone doing something nice with – it’s just to spite other people!  What an amoral monster.  That’s what you are, Chu.  You have no empathy.  You have no ability to feel compassion.  How do I know?  Well, let’s look at a follow-up statement.

FYI GamerGate there’s plenty of sex workers on Twitter who don’t pander to shitty hate mobs as a business model

I hate you so much.  You are the epitome of feeling-less and lacking in compassion.  You know why?  Because we aren’t some hate mob.  In fact, when word got out about you and your little friends attacking Mercedes for doing something for ALL the right reasons, we came together in support!  We’re donating money to the cause, so we can help her.  Not to spite you, though we have to admit that that feels good.  It’s to do the right thing.

This makes me so fucking angry.  If there is ever a time when we need to put our ideological bullshit aside and do something for the greater good, it’s at times like this.  This is a charity to help the victim of sexual assault.  How is that a GamerGate thing?!  It’s not!  I’m not about to claim it is.  This is about helping one person.  It’s YOU, Arthur, who made it about that.  It’s you and all your little SJW fucktards who decided to make this into some ideological battle, you fucking animal!  This just pisses me off so much.  Why is it that good deeds have to be part of some belief structure?  It’s people like you who are making the world a worse place.  You could have stood with us!  There could have been an olive branch and maybe we set aside our bullshit for just one moment, to do the right thing for an innocent victim.  A victim who is also not associated with GamerGate.  That’s what could have happened.  But no!  You had to turn it into a pissing contest!

And to Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian or anyone who stands with this guy (if either of those women condemn that little prick, I’ll give credit where credit is due) – this is the atmosphere that you support.  By standing with people like this, you are embracing their message.  That message being – fuck helping a sexual assault victim.  Fuck not making a charity event about our disagreement.  We’re going to whitewash this whole thing, so we can give your side the finger!  And hey, it might end up in the victim losing money, but hey, she shouldn’t have been friends with a GamerGate supporter!

Arthur Chu, I hope that you end up in a boxing match with Mercedes Carrera, so I can watch her beat the shit out of you.  It is less than you deserve, but it would be a damn good start.  Now I’m going to stop this here, because my rage levels are at maximum tolerance.  What is WRONG with people?!

Until next time, a quote,

“Because if there is ever a time when everyone should put their bullshit aside and band together for the greater good, it’s when there’s an issue like this on the fucking table.  In the name of charity, we should put our differences aside and do the right thing.  We can save our arguing and our petty bullshit for later.”  -TJ Kirk, SAVE THE BOOBS (From the Boobs)

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “Helping a Rape Victim Goes Awry (A response to Arthur Chu)

  1. Mercedes used rape victims to get back at her critics. You can try to ignore that all you want. She stopped to the cowardly “how dare anyone talk about any other issues in the world besides the one I’m talking about”. That is the gripe Chu had, it’s a valid one, and trying to spin this into “OMG HE HATES RAPE VICTIMS” is pathetic and cowardly.

    • His words are out there for anyone to read. And if you had watched her video, you troglodyte, then you would see that she started that charity to help her friend Cytherea. And by the way, the “issues” that people like Sarkeesian talk about are women in video games. Can you say First World Problems? See, being informed can go a long way.

      • I watched it. And I see just how worthless a dialogue with you is.way to get people to listen to you, you’ve got one more person ignoring you now.

      • Oh, are you breaking up with me?! And we only just met. I’m gonna go all Taylor Swift and write a song now. Because I am totally going to miss some random person who I never met until the other day.

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