A Calmer Discussion about Charity Gone Awry

So, last night I did a very rage-filled venting post about a charity that was for the victim of sexual assault, started by a woman named Mercedes Carrera.  As with her attempt to give money to Able Gamers, the Anti-GG, SJW crowd came out and decided to attack her.  Why?  Because Mercedes has been a supporter of GamerGate.  That’s it.  That’s the entire reason.  And because the person that she was trying to get money for was a porn worker like her.  We’ve seen that people like Sarkeesian, Wu, Chu and all of their ilk do not respect women like Carrera.  After all, one of their allies, Ryan Wiley, was recently quoting stating that he wouldn’t debate “some random-ass porn star.”  The sexism runs deep with that bunch.

It’s with that in mind that I have something to say to every single person in the aGGro side of the fence – you don’t actually care about women.  It’s a fact.  How do I know this?  Because if you did, then the side of the fence or the occupation of the victim of this crime wouldn’t matter!  It is a person who needs help, so you would help them (if you could).  A true supporter of women wouldn’t claim otherwise.  These people don’t care about women.  I already knew that Anita Sarkeesian doesn’t.  After all, she’s a con artist.  She doesn’t even care about the cause she is supposedly fighting for.  To her, it’s all about money and fame.  She’s been getting both, in droves.  She’s been all over TV, not once being asked anything approaching a hard question.  That might make her upset, after all.  Can’t have that.

Then there are the white knights, like Arthur Chu.  Chu is, without any form of doubt, a terrible person.  Not going to get all invective about this.  I am going to actually talk about this.  If you look at what he said, and what his responses have been since, along with previous statements, this man is a terrible human being, and I don’t get why any of his little chums want anything to do with him.  I would tell him to get lost, if he was anywhere near a cause that I associate with.  I don’t want his sexism and bigotry near me  Like, anywhere near me.  But you know, everyone associated with him is a terrible person.

Let’s look at Brianna Wu.  She used the death of Amber Lynn Schraw, a woman not remotely associated with GamerGate, to sell how in danger she was.  She lied about being run out of her home (it was shown by using the video of her interview with MSNBC that she was doing it from her office, which is in her home).  She has worked so hard to get her opposition painted as terrorists, and when NBC took it to heart in Law and Order: Stupid Voters Unit, she got annoyed.  The cognitive dissonance there is mind-boggling.  That’s your #FlipperBaby (I thank Mundane Matt for that term.  For real, let’s get this trending!), Brianna.  Although, there was one key difference, wasn’t there?  In that episode, the person was actually attacked.

So was the person that Mercedes is trying to help.  She has been the victim of real violence.  Not the imagined violence that you liked to pander to the media so hard.  After all, if you can’t have real crime happen to you, something that is easy to sell is better (obligatory statement that I, in no way, condone death threats.  How many times do I have to say this?!).  Because that could be you, Brianna!  Right?  Because that’s not a caricature that is never seen in real gamers, right?

In a recent statement, Total Biscuit said not to make this about people and to make it about ideas.  I totally agree.  I used these people as examples of a mindset.  It is a mindset that is toxic, insane, doing real harm to women, and what’s more – it is setting both gaming culture and gender relations back.  A lot.  I still believe what I said in the ranting piece.  Charity should be a place where all ideologies are set aside.  But look at what got us to that post!  Look at the mindset of the people who attacked Mercedes for what she is trying to do!  This is a belief structure that has got to go!

What’s more, the apologists for it have got to go too.  Or rather, they need to get taken to task for what they are endorsing.  There are the sad little beta-males like Ryan Wiley.  Every time I see a video he makes defending those people, I can almost hear, “notice me, senpai!  Notice me!”  Then there are the people who are either blind to evidence or simply don’t want to look.  I may have found Angry Joe’s response to GamerGate a lot more fair than most, but I still have issues with it.  He has defended the people who are spreading this insanity around.  He’s a good guy who just wants the world to get along, but he has been suckered by people who are doing real damage to this industry.  There is nothing wrong with analyzing gender in gaming, but not by these people!  Not by people who have a chip on their shoulder and an axe to grind.

I got off-topic.  The point is this – Arthur Chu and his little chums are part of the most toxic part of our culture, right now.  Because the thing about the trolls who have sent uncool stuff to Brianna Wu – nobody cares about them.  Hell, nobody even knows what their screen handles are, because none of the SJWs take screen-caps of them to show to people.  But people actually listen to women like Wu and Sarkeesian.  ‘Intimidation Game’ may be the ‘Reefer Madness’ of our generation, but people still listen to that too.  Middle-aged moms who don’t know better will just see that and judge it at face value and then will become part of the next censorship campaign.  And that’s just what Sarkeesian’s mark, Johnathan McIntosh, wants (she’s using him.  Without a doubt, he is where she is getting the fuel for her con from).  To censor things that they don’t agree with.  All in the name of caring about women and wanting to help them.

Here’s the thing – these people want to pick and choose which women deserve to be protected and get help.  They believe that some women just aren’t worthy of being helped.  In fact, they deserve to be trash-talked and ground down.  Because that’s equality, right?  Wrong!  You are either for all women, or none at all.  Arthur Chu, from what I have seen, is for none.  Because he can pick and choose which women are worthy of help.  That’s just sick.

Meanwhile, the charity that Mercedes started has earned over $9,000, which is absolutely awesome.  I donated to that.  Very little, I admit.  I’m poor.  You do what you can.  I hope they reach $10,000 by the end of the night.  What happened here shouldn’t have happened.  This should have been a moment where everyone came together for the greater good.  But it isn’t.  That isn’t what happened.  Instead, it became a yelling contest, and you know what – that actually did help.  Because we GamerGate supporters are a pretty loyal bunch.  Mobilize us and we get shit done.  I hope that the money raised helps the victim of that crime, and that she gets on her feet and kicking again in no time.

Also, I hope that Arthur Chu gets into a boxing ring with Mercedes and gets his ass knocked out.  After she’s done with Onision.

Until next time, a quote,

“What kind of hypocrite do you have to be? This is the same camp of people who think cunt is a no-no word and should never be uttered by anyone ever because oh think of the poor vaginas feelings, but here we have a charity for a victim of rape, what do they do? Attack it, duh.”  – CHIM_ERA

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “A Calmer Discussion about Charity Gone Awry

  1. Thank you for posting that & alerting me. ( previous post, haven’t read this one yet ). You must be young, by the way you get angry, but I’m glad I’ve subscribed to your posts. That is appalling what happened to that young lady. And I would not have been able to contribute without your notification. I enjoy most of your other articles. Thank you Lucien. Sincerely yours, Lisa Geelan.


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