Dumb Creationist Says Fossils and Dinosaurs are a Hoax

Creationists are dumb.  Without exception, every single person who believes that this world is only a few thousand years old is an idiot.  Oh, I’m sorry, those are “young-Earth creationists.”  People like Ken Ham-For-Brains and Ray Cumfart.  Then there are the people who are “old-Earth creationists.”  These are the people who REALLY want to believe in God, but have a hard time getting past the really sticky parts, like how there is NO scientific evidence of his existence.

How can you look at a thunderstorm and say that there is no Gawd!

Say that I’m strawmanning, if you must.  But the fact is that both Ken Ham and Ray Comfort buy into this.  And all that science that disagrees with them?  Well, it’s just a lie.  Today, I was introduced to someone who believes much the same.  And I’m going to put her bullshit in its place too.  I’ll have the video below, and we’ll talk about it after you watch it.  I warn you, your IQ will suffer as a result of this.  Man, I’ve watched the Creationist Audits the Museum video, and now I’ve watched this.  My brain must be Swiss cheese by now!

First off, you dumb bimbo, let’s educated your dumb ass about what a fossil is.  Here is Wikipedia, which has a definition that is on par with any encyclopedia that you can find –

Fossils (from Classical Latinfossilis; literally, “obtained by digging”)[1] are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past.

So your statement that they are “just rocks” is stupid!  Really, really stupid.  There are many different kinds of fossils and fossilization methods, but these are preserved remains of things that came before.  That’s a fact.

Those are lies, based on people who have their jobs on the line!

Look here, honey, people who work in a museum aren’t drowning in riches.  For real, that’s not how this is.  The people out in the field, digging up dinosaur bones, are not drowning in money.  They had to get a TON of education, most likely have a ton of debts from college, and they do that work because it is a passion for them.  It’s something they love.  This belief that all the people in science, who have had to go through rigorous peer review before getting their findings published, is all for the money, is as stupid as it is untrue.  These people love what they do.  Them and their work getting disrespected by a creationist fucktard like you is beyond insulting.

Next, do you think that your crushed drywall (yes, I am pretty sure that that is what that was) and Spackle can just be put together to make a dinosaur’s skull?  Because, because we just broke up rocks and made them into perfect bone shapes!  That’ll show those dumb people out there!  After all, we clearly worship Satan, and our Lord and Master wants you all to believe that dinosaurs were real.  So much so that we go through all this effort to make a ton of different species of fossils.  Just so that we can make you all believe that there is no God.  That sure is convenient, isn’t it?  It’s almost like that’s bullshit.  And I thought that 9/11 Truthers were bad.  People like you, lady, are just the worst.  Although, I gotta give you credit.  It sure does speak to how dedicated you are that you are able to just assume that we could make all the complex structures by messing with rock.  If only there were places where people could actually see dinosaur bones being dug up, that sure would be awkward, wouldn’t it?  Or museums where you could watch the process of refining them into the skeletons that we see.  Another thing that sure would be awkward.

Now, it has been pointed out that this person is likely a troll.  But you know what – there are people who actually buy this shit!  Despite the overwhelming number of dislikes on her video, some people still liked it.  Some people still buy into this Young Earth bullshit that people like Ken Ham-For-Brains puts out.  Just look at the people who made signs after his debate with Bill Nye.  It was just pathetic.

People who believe this way are fucking stupid, and I feel no shame in ripping their bullshit to pieces.

Until next time, a quote,

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”  -Albert Einstein

Peace out,



One thought on “Dumb Creationist Says Fossils and Dinosaurs are a Hoax

  1. Nice post. I especially liked the Einstein quote. The thing is that creationists are a byproduct of social indoctrination – have you ever seen a madrasa? If you like puzzles, riddle me this. Who was the god of the Bible?

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