Sexism in Gaming is a Joke (Part I)

I can’t believe that this didn’t occur to me.  It had on smaller levels, but it always seemed to elude me.  Maybe I was just too busy seeing the big failures to notice the little ones.  Maybe I’m kind of dumb and didn’t see what was right in front of my dumbass face.  Maybe this was one of those things that is so obvious that it goes without saying.  I don’t know.  In any case, a spectacular two-faced problem has been made known to me, and I feel the need to talk about it now.

I did a post some time ago where I went after the people who went on about how bad Rikkucomic book covers are.  They say that they “sexualize” women and are degrading.  But then something occurred to me.  Something that I should have seen before.  It occurred to me last night, as I was watching the latest episode of The Drunken Peasants.  It’s a podcast with a guy named Ben, TJ (who is also known as The Amazing Atheist) and TJ’s brother, Scotty.  Last night was my favorite of their episodes.  They had a woman named Mercedes Carrera on.  She is a porn star.  Immediately, people think of some ditz of any of the other negative stereotypes associated with porn.  Not at all, with her.  She could hold her own in a debate with just about anyone.  She is articulate and smart as a whip.  Also, she challenged Onision to a boxing match, stating that she had actually done real boxing before.  I personally would pay money to watch her beat the shit out of that psychotic asshole.  For real, it would be great.

But yeah, I was watching with a lady-friend.  She is a lady-friend who happens to be into other ladies.  Also a gamer, which is a nice thing.  For real, her nerd levels are higher than mine, and that’s saying something.  As we were watching, my lady-friend made an astute observation –

Why the fuck do women like Sarkeesian think that only straight guys enjoy seeing hot women?  I would have sex with a ton of women in the games I play.  Well, since I’m not a top, they would be having sex with me, but you get the picture.

That’s when a wondrous piece of hypocrisy hit me about modern feminism – it’s heterosexist.  A term that I learned about from a YouTube personality called Maddox.  And he raises a good point.  Women like Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk all believe that the people who admire sexy women in video games and the like are only heterosexual white men.  Do they not understand that there are women out there who like seeing a sexy lady be sexy?  There was a lovely quip by Mercedes about their problems with Bayonetta.

She was going on about how she does all these porn poses.  I’d like to see Anita do porn poses for an hour and a half!

Fucking classic.  These people all have this strange idea that the only people in the gaming industry are men.  I’ve already talk about the #NotYourShield tag, associated with #GamerGate.  The people who are rallying against “sexism in gaming” are people who blatantly ignore that there are people who enjoy gaming that are not just straight white men.  And this idea that only straight white men can enjoy sexy women is just insulting.

But all of this is really beyond the point.  Are only straight people able to appreciate good artwork?  That’s a point that Maddox raised in his video about comic books.  I was in class with a guy, as big a flaming queen as is possible to be, who thought that Katy Perry is “SO fucking hot!”  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I can already hear the opposition –

Oh come on!  Those things are clearly made to pander to a specific audience!

Okay, that’s fine.  Here’s my rebuttal – who is that shitty “Fifty Shades of Grey” film pandering to?  For real, that is just as much pandering as hot women in video games.  Only, this is worse.  In the equally-shitty book, it’s straight-up porn.  For real, there’s no arguing against that.  It’s porn.  That is designed with a very clear intention – to wet the panties of middle-aged women who have a stale marriage that they want to believe in again.  Oh, I’m sorry, did I just stereotype based on just what I can see and not look at any other factors?  Annoying, isn’t it?

When you see women like Mercedes Carrera, independent and openly in control of her sexuality, getting attacked by the SJW crowd, then it becomes blatantly apparent that they don’t give two fucks about actual equality.  After all, if they did, then they would be right behind her.  I am right behind her, and not just because both me and the lady who watched her with me thought that she’s hot.  I’m also behind her because she is smart, strong and doesn’t take shit from anyone.  Hell, she openly challenged an immature asshole to a boxing match, and I would pay good money to watch her beat the ever-loving shit out of that man-child.

For all the claims about sexism in gaming, lesbians and bisexual women are routinely ignored.  And any women in my audience who fall in the same category as my lady-friend, or even in the category of Ms. Carrera, do let me know if you agree or disagree.

Until next time, a quote,

“So yeah, I’m a big geek, who does porn.”  -Mercedes Carrera, The Drunken Peasants Podcast

Peace out,



6 thoughts on “Sexism in Gaming is a Joke (Part I)

  1. Sexualized? Sure, as long as it it treated as a facet of their entirety I’m all for it. Some people just seem to hate seeing anything attractive physically, although I won’t pretend we don’t have a lot of female characters who are their sex appeal and that is ALL.

    • It goes both ways. Unless people want to argue that guys who are buff as fuck in their underwear are all about their personality. If one is okay, then so is the other. While I am not for fan service, I think JesuOtaku put it best – “truth is, I don’t have much of a bug in my head when it comes to fan service. I mean, have you seen some of the stuff I like?” So yeah, if that’s what people are into, good on them. Enjoy. The free market talks, after all.

      • With this particular style of fan service, presentation is key. Yeah I can get some ass shots but are you gonna focus on it for 5 seconds straight or is it a subtle peek.

      • Whatever floats your boat. As for me, I just presented a porn star in a favorable light. So you can infer how far I find acceptable.

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