The Dark Room

Seconds tick by
Staring at the wall
Lost soul
Condemned mind
Doomed to wander, forever

The room
A prison
Torture every minute
Trying anything to escape

Years of wasted time
So much hatred
Dark emotions that battle incessantly
A good soul
Unable to feel good

Doesn’t remember happiness
Just wasted time
Wasted in school
Wasted in love
Wasted time living

Isn’t worth the price
The cost is too high
Too cowardly to make it stop
Can only keep going.
Trying to move forward, and failing

Stale tears for better days
Sunshine, green trees
Windy days with good companions.
Sunny days
That’s all he wants

Does it ever get better?
That isn’t rhetorical
Someone, tell us
Tell us that it’s worth it
Tell us that the pain goes away

We’d believe you
But that isn’t the world we live in
Just pain
Living isn’t worth the cost

But we’re stuck here, so fuck it

Peace out,



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