You Are Getting On The Caricature Bandwagon Too?! (A response to ‘Law and Order: SVU’)

Unreal.  Un-fucking real.  You know, just when all of this was starting to die down, and I was actually planning on going to the sidelines of GamerGate, NBC had to throw in their hat again, and has decided to caricature gamers.  Again!  I don’t suppose I have to remind you about MSNBC’s caricature of GamerGate as nothing but misogyny and hate, making sure that people know that gamers are nothing but a bunch of boys in basements.  Indeed, that caricature is back, and every single left-leaning news outlet is making sure that people see video games that way.  Hell, the ADL is looking to have high school students be taught about how bad it is.  Ain’t that something?!  Where does this end?!  For real, where?!

I suppose you need some context.  Remember that depressing-ass show that used to be big on NBC – Law and Order: Special Victims Unit?  That depressing show that has basically be all about rape and how rape is everywhere and rape is the worst thing ever and any man can be an evil rapist pig?  Yeah, that series got old hat pretty quick.  I mean, it is the same plot over and over and over again, for years.  Sometimes there were episodes that broke the mold.  You even had some that criticized the vigilante attitude that their show was supporting.  Irony!

Now, the series is throwing themselves in on social commentary.  And just like MSNBC, they couldn’t wait to caricature.  Who?  Why, who else – gamers!  Yes indeed, gamers are certainly an easy mark these days, aren’t they?  I’m sure that this episode is going to take every chance to drag the gamer identity through the mud.  I suppose you still need more information.

Here is a link to what I’m talking about, so you can read more.  This is amazing.  The episode has a character who is modeled off Anita Sarkeesian.  I am not going to go into how this is very ironic.  After all, Total Biscuit said to avoid the e-celeb bullshit associated with GamerGate.  I will say that it is ironic that Sarkeesian’s viewpoint is being immortalized in fiction, when she is a con artist.  It’s almost like a Freudian Slip.  Like they admitted that her perspective is bullshit.  Although, to be fair, they also took a lot of cues from Crypt Keeper Wu, since the main character is a game developer.  What’s that?  I’m being too harsh?  Well, let’s take a look at the plot of this episode of SVU and see if I ‘m on point.

So, we start out with this game developer, who is all about the SJW lines about more women in video games.  Okay.  Much like Wu and Sarkeesian, she gets all kinds of death threats, from EVIL gamer trolls!  Who I’m sure that the cast will be sure to make loads of fun of.  Because us gamers are just such losers, right?  So, this developer is about to have some game launch for her newest thing.  There are threats against her, but she, the stalwart hero, stands tall and tells the police that she is going anyway.  Not going to give in to these terrorists!  Ironic, considering that one of their inspirations (Sarkeesian) ran, the last time she got an even threatened (which the police stated was not a credible threat, but whatever.  The truth just gets in the way of the narrative).

She goes, attends the event, and what happens – she’s kidnapped!  Oh no!  Then the race is on to find her, because the Internet trolls took her!  Yes, because that happens ALL the time in real life, right?  For real, give me an instance, a single instance, of an Internet troll actually making good on their threats?  Again, let’s not let the truth get in the way of a narrative.  Naturally, in clips that are in the link I posted, they talk about how trolling isn’t covered by free speech, hinting that we need to censor the Internet.  Do I smell a group that is arguing against net neutrality?  Not surprising, considering that NBC is REALLY tight with Comcast.

Here’s why this pisses me off.  I’ve always kind of hated SVU taking on social commentary.  Why?  Because of how terribly they simplify everything.  This isn’t the first time.  There was this episode of Lewis Black where they have him as a shock jockey who gets shot.  I genuinely hated that episode.  Well, aside from the hot blonde who was CLEARLY over the age of 20, yet playing a character who is supposed to be 16 (why do all movies and TV shows do that?  Are there just no teenage actors out there?).  And, once-again, they are simplifying gaming culture and the GamerGate (not by name, but a drunk rhino couldn’t miss how obvious the symbolism is) to make a caricature.  Not to mention pander Comcast’s line.  It’s annoying.  It’s bullshit.  It pisses me the fuck off, and can we PLEASE stop making TV shows and movies battlegrounds for social movements?  Or, if we are going to have TV shows, can it be something insightful?  Like a news outlet that actually fact-checks?  Instead of the usual fan-fare that Sarkeesian and Crypt Keeper Wu have gotten?

Given that NBC is a left-leaning network, I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything less.  After all, this has been their way of doing things for years.  But it just pisses me off to no end that we are going to have more uninformed dumb-fucks in the general public who are going to get on the bandwagon of how awful gamers are.  With all the progress that gaming has made in the last decade or so to gain mainstream acceptance, now we are back to this.  Back to being boys in basements.

Fuck you, NBC.  And fuck Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.  You are helping to keep our species dumber.  Nice work.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the best we can do, folks!  Garbage in, garbage out!”  -George Carlin

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “You Are Getting On The Caricature Bandwagon Too?! (A response to ‘Law and Order: SVU’)

  1. Dick Wolf is a huge progressive leftist and his Law & Order series have ALWAYS been about chasing strawmen, which is one of the major reasons why Michael Moriarty left the original series: he was tired of hearing his character spew propaganda.

    • I never liked the series. It was always preachy. Not to mention that most episodes went out of their way to make men look like pigs. So yeah, I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, that they are getting on the hate-gamers bandwagon. Still, they suck.

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