Exploiting Murder to Demonized Atheists? You Make Me Sick (A response to New Republic)

Man, it sure is nice to see just how easy a target atheists are becoming, these days.  I cannot tell you how man religious people believe that because I am an atheist, I am just one step away from murdering a ton of people left and right.  “If you ain’t got no Gawd, then where do your morals come from?”  Gee, I don’t know – not wanting to make other people suffer.  A sense of empathy that I gained from having suffered myself.  A belief that life is short and we should make it the best that it can be for everyone.  Stuff like that.  But now, the New Republic magazine has decided to demonize atheists, because of a recent killing.  This article is repulsive, it pisses me off, here is a link.  Now let’s get talking about it.

To get some background, either today or yesterday (as of the writing of this post), three Muslims were murdered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It was a horrible crime, committed by a man named Craig Stephen Hicks.  Following the murder, Hicks turned himself in and confessed.  He is being charged with three counts of First Degree Murder.  He is likely never going to see the outside of a jail cell.  Good.  This guy is a sick piece of shit, and he deserves to be locked away for all eternity.  However, New Republic magazine decided that it wasn’t Hicks who is solely responsible for his actions.  No, it goes further than that.  See, atheism has a part to play in this.  What’s that?  You don’t believe that a publication that expects legitimate readership would say that?  Well, you have the link above, and I am going to take snippets to show some of the disgusting shit in here.  Time to tear this publication a new one.  It’s been a long time coming.

Hicks, 46, declared himself a supporter of “Atheists for Equality,” expressed his admiration for Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion and Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason, and condemned “radical” Christianity and Islam alike for their alleged ideological similarities.

Yes, I’m sure that this is going to be fair and balanced.  Let’s not talk about anything else.  Let’s just look at the guy’s Facebook page and get a picture painted for us.  What about his personal life?  He clearly isn’t mentally stable.  What history does he have of that?  Don’t get your hopes up.  That’s clearly too much actual journalism for New Republic magazine.

There is a distinction to be made between atheism in its pure sense, which describes anyone who does not believe in a god or gods, and New Atheism, the contemporary phenomenon of aggressive disbelief coupled with a persistent persecution narrative. Led by luminaries such as the late Christopher Hitchens and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, New Atheism takes as its core creed a species of Enlightenment liberalism that exalts reason and free inquiry, without bothering to define reason or to explain what is worthy of inquiry, and why. For a school of thought that presents itself as intellectually robust, it is philosophically bankrupt and evidently blind to its similarities to the religions it derides.

Okay, what the fuck are you talking about?  For real, “exalts reason and free inquiry, without bothering to define reason or to explain what is worthy of inquiry and why”?  Let me lay this out straight, you stupiditard.  Everything is open to inquiry.  The idea behind this “New Atheism” that you so broadly work to caricature is that we question everything.  We are open to learning about new things and question the perspectives people have, wanting to hear what evidence that they have for their positions.  Hence why we aren’t religious.  After all, there is NO evidence for the existence of God or gods, outside of the various texts about them.  The same evidence that Christians use to defend God could just as easily be used to defend Odin or Zeus.

Next up, do tell me how “New Atheism” has so much in common with the religion we make fun of.  When was the last time an atheist militia beheaded people?  What atheist has flown planes into buildings?  When was the Atheist Inquisition that tortured people until they confessed to being witches?  Please, let me know when this happened.  I’m all fucking ears.

Dawkins takes the obviousness of his moral frame for granted; he doesn’t feel the need to offer an earnest denouncement of these murders because he does not honestly believe any person could view them as an outgrowth of a system decent people like him are a part of.

What a really long sentence that says absolutely nothing.

But this is a persistent problem with the New Atheist movement: Because it is more critical of religion than introspective about its own moral commitments, it assumes there is broad agreement about what constitutes decency, common sense, and reason.

Well, yeah, there is.  It’s called “empathy” and “self-determination.”  I liked to called it “choice-based morality.”  So long as all parties involved in something are able to and do consent, what happens beyond that is their choice.  Anyone who would argue otherwise should be critically evaluated.  That’s the nature of skepticism.  Hell, we should critically evaluate our own position.  I came to this from critical evaluation.  That’s why I believe the way I do.  The Bible condones so much sexism, bigotry, genocide and worse.  Why would I want to follow that.  If you are going to come on and dismiss our claim to reason, common sense and decency, then please – inform little old Lucien and I about how you have it all figured out.  I’m waiting.

Yet in doing so, New Atheism tends to simply baptize the opinions of young, educated white men as the obviously rational approach to complicated socio-political problems. Thus prejudice in its own ranks goes unnoticed.

Bull shit!  Bull-fucking-shit!  What prejudices have gone unnoticed?  Also, do you believe that it’s only white men who are atheists?  Yes, because there are NO women out there who are into atheism.  Right Jaclyn Glenn?  And there are no atheists of other ethnicities either.  Nope.  It’s just us white guys.  Us educated white guys.  For someone who talks about not noticing prejudice, you certainly do seem to have a fair amount of it.

In 2013, Pew found that American atheists are overwhelmingly young and male, with 38 percent between the ages of 18 and 29, and 67 percent male. Pew also found that atheists in America tend to be college educated at higher rates than the rest of the population, with some 43 percent of atheists holding a college degree, compared to 29 percent of the general population.

Ah, I see where you’re going with this!  Another person who is demonizing people with a higher education.  No surprise, there.  Fundies in this country have been big on being against colleges for years.  Though I’m sure your reasons for why education is wrong will just be stellar.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that the id of New Atheism tends toward ordaining modes of thought and expression that privilege educated white men.

Of course.  Sexist asshole…

For Richard Dawkins, the fact that Islam is inherently violent is as obvious as the fact that everyone should believe as much. More telling yet are his other prejudices, expressed with equal certitude and impatience: that western feminists have no legitimate problems compared to women in Muslim majority countries; that good pornography would set theocracies aright, had we the magnanimity to bestow it upon them.

Okay, first off – Richard Dawkins is AN atheist.  He isn’t all atheists.  Not all agree with him.  Hell, there is a large contingent of atheists who dislike him quite a bit.  They are part of a group called Atheism +.  They’ve disliked him ever since he weighed in on a stupiditarded incident of a woman being asked for “coffee” in an elevator.  Also, I agree that women in the western world don’t have problems anywhere near as bad as women in Muslim majority nations.  “That woman in a video game is too sexualized!  That man is sitting without his legs firmly closed together on the subway!”  Please, do tell me how that is on the same level as a girl in Pakistan who was forced to marry her rapist due to Islamic beliefs.  I’m all ears.

And perhaps this is another parallel with the religious attitudes New Atheism takes as its target: Like any number of global faiths, New Atheism presumes its framework and considers its truth-claims to be either self-evident or demonstrable by whatever means it already assumes legitimate.

Again, what the fuck are you talking about?  The only thing that “New Atheism” has in the way of framework is the statement – we don’t believe in God.  That’s it.  There are conservative atheists.  There are liberal atheists.  There are libertarian atheists.  There are people who fucking hate politics in every way atheists.  We got all kinds.  You provide ZERO evidence of your position, then expect us to just jump on the bandwagon with you and accept your premise at face value.  Well, excuse me while I use the skepticism muscles of my brain and tell you that that is fucking bullshit!  You’re straight-up lying to demonize atheists.

Perhaps this will be a moment of reflection for the New Atheist movement and its adherents. If nothing else, the takeaway should be that no form of reasoning, however obvious to a particular cohort, has a monopoly on righteousness. And no ideology, supernatural or not, has a monopoly on evil.

Man, screw this!  Nowhere in this void article did you provide a single piece of evidence to how “New Atheism” is on the same level as Fundamentalist Christianity or Fundamentalist Islam.  With all the rivers of blood that religion has spilled over the years, both Christian and Muslim, you have the balls to talk about atheism like it is just as bad.  And what is your proof?  This one crazy and horrible man who murdered three Muslims.  I think the worst thing about this is that you use the victims of this crime as a prop.  They mean nothing to you outside of being a tool that you can use to sell your point of view.  You make me sick!  You are a piece of shit who does everything you can to sound smart so that people will take you seriously!  This is intellectually-dishonest.  It’s a straight-up lie, and it pisses me the fuck off!

Fuck this intellectually vapid horseshit!

Until next time, a quote,

“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  -Abraham Lincoln

Peace out,



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