Why I Am NOT A Progressive Anymore

First things first – I still consider myself a liberal.  I may be socially libertarian, but I am liberal on most other things.  However, I no longer consider myself progressive.  I used to.  Time was, back in my early days of college, before I had my eyes opened to how bad this movement had got, I was very vehement about being a progressive.  It was very important, to me.  However, I was born with a critical nature.  It’s the reason why I never bought into religious as a kid.  I question what I am told.  So, when a new dogma started to take over the progressive-left, I started to question it.  After all, I left one religion.  Why would I go to another?  What religion is taking over the progressive-left – Puritan Feminism.  It is the reason I am not among their numbers anymore.

You know what the worst thing about what has happened to the progressive-left is?  It takes all the issues where we could make headway and just effs them up.  Look at what happened to Occupy Wall Street.  There was a movement that had everything going for it.  It stood against financial and corporate corruption that has been inexcusably shown to be taking over this country.  Hell, it already has.  But what happened?  Well, the Social Justice crowd decided to come in.  Then, what could have been a movement for change turned into a movement for everything under the sun.  They were even talking about Native American rain-dance rights.  Are you kidding me?

Then, the death-knell came.  It was on The Colbert Report.  Occupy could have sent anyone to talk to Colbert.  Who did they send?  Some person who wanted to be called Ketchup, and called themselves “a female-bodied person.”  That was when Occupy died.  Right then, it was over.  I had been in support of that movement.  Even did a post where I told people that it wasn’t a joke.  I felt so utterly humiliated and disillusioned after that.  It was all such a joke.  But that wasn’t the only sign I got.

Truth is, my disillusionment went back further.  It went back to a video that The Amazing Atheist did about a woman named Rebecca Watson.  She made this video where she decided to lambast a guy who asked her for “coffee” in an elevator.  For real, it was some dude who used the culturally-appropriate euphemism for sex.  Asked her politely, and when she said no, he let it go.  This guy did everything right, but Watson took an issue with it.  Thus, battle lines got drawn.  Richard Dawkins commented on it!  Thankfully, his commentary was insightful, talking about how stupid this was.  Thus began the affair with Atheism +.

Puritan Feminism continued to worm its way into more and more aspects of things I liked, and each time, they destroyed it.  For real, they fucking destroyed it.  They have irreparably damaged the atheist community.  It became so fractured and divided that now it does nothing meaningful anymore.  Though there is an argument to be made that the community has no unity, outside of a lack of belief in God.  Still, it all became fractured.  The lines that got drawn remained and everyone on each side of the line hates the people on the other.

That isn’t the only place the the religion of Puritan Feminism (and it is a religion, make no mistake.  There is a creed – straight white men are everything wrong with the world – a set of values – shit like preferred pronouns and nonsense like that – and leaders who are clearly making a TON of money off of their devout and unquestioning followers.  It is interesting that most the followers of Puritan Feminism are non-religious.  They traded one faith for another.  And it has done damage to every single community it has touched.  First it was atheism, then it was Occupy, now it has attached itself to video games.

However, when the church of Puritan Feminism went after video games, something happened.  Something that hadn’t really happened before – the gamers fought back!  They weren’t going to let people with an agenda co-opt their hobby, and so we rose up and stood tall against them.  Thus has begun one of the most pervasive culture wars of the last decade.

The thing about it all is – it has taken a movement in politics that could have done something – progressives.  It took this movement and tore it to pieces.  With the same level of dogma as the Tea Party-right, they came in and have gone after everything they could.  They have been engaged in a vicious culture war with gamers, but there are signs that they are losing ground.  For each report on MSNBC, Nightline or Al Jazeera that we see, there is another article about publications that support them laying off people and losing money.  Who knew that biased journalism among people who actually care about honest reporting doesn’t go over well?

I am in favor of equality, sure.  But Puritan Feminism hasn’t even been about that.  You know how I know?  Simple – look at the difference between when Ellen DeGeneres came out as gay, versus Ellen Page.  When DeGeneres did it, it was scandalous!  Back in the 90’s, that was a huge thing.  Then Ellen Page does it.  Roughly 80% of people’s reaction is, “eh.  Good for her, I guess.  Whatever.  Clicking on next thing.”  That’s equality.  Equality is when people don’t give a shit about your life, because you’re just another person that they don’t know.  Just like I don’t care what some dude in Austin, Texas ate for breakfast yesterday.  If anyone reads this and is from Austin, my apologies.  I’m sure your breakfast was splendid.  For you.  I still don’t care.

Puritan Feminism doesn’t want that.  No, it isn’t enough to be equal and having nobody care.  They have to have everyone talking about their way of thinking.  They have to be special.  When I saw the reactions to Ellen Page coming out, that told me that the LGBT community doesn’t have as much battle as they think.  If the Internet doesn’t give a shit, do you think the real world does?  Sure, there are still assholes out there.  But their numbers are falling, fast.

The progressive movement in this country has become obsessed with being special, being noticed and having everyone agree with them all the time.  But that’s not how this works!  Instead of fighting to have everyone think the way you do, how’s about you be happy that people are able to think the way they want.  You all want specific things to be viewed as attractive by everyone.  You don’t want other people adopting the culture you have.  You want humanity to become homogenized and stale.  To be so scared about upsetting someone that they end up doing nothing.  That’s the world you want.  If that world comes to be, I won’t want to live anymore.

Because I value what being progressive should stand for.  I am glad that we have so many opinions out there!  I am glad that I can be friends with someone who I can argue vehemently with about the regulation of pan (smoke pan everyday!), now that it’s legal in my state, yet still watch movies and eat pizza with her.  I am glad that me and my lesbian lady-friend are able to blow shit up in Halo and shit-talk one-another.  That’s a good thing!

I can’t be a part of what we consider “progressive’ anymore.  This movement has been co-opted by people who are so delusional and so full of themselves that they can’t even see how much damage they are doing to their own gender.  They are sexist, for sure.  They believe that women have no agency in their own lives.  They believe that women are helpless and need them to tell them what’s-what (in the butt).  They are making women terrified of going to college, based on a statistic that is completely fraudulent (watch Christina Hoff Sommers’ video on rape in college.  It’s mind-boggling how inaccurate the 1 in 5 statistic is).  It is how much they are working to make women afraid of sex that I call them Puritan.  If anyone is afraid of sex, they are.

So yeah, not a progressive anymore.  Still a liberal, though.  For whatever that’s worth, these days.

Until next time, a quote,

“In fact, ‘ableism’ is the punch line to the joke – what happens when college students have too much fucking time on their hands?”  -Internet Aristocrat

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “Why I Am NOT A Progressive Anymore

  1. And so begins your long, hard road to re-assimilation into America. I’ll be happy to welcome you back to the country when you’ve purged yourself of the last of your Liberalism. Liberalism in this case being defined by me as the Leftist crap that is now called Liberal as opposed to the Liberalism that once was and is still seen on the Right – yes, even in the Tea Party which you malign so, whose only agenda is a restoration of Americans’ rightful and proper civil liberties.

  2. The thing that gets me about the comparisons I see tossed around between Gamergate and Occupy is that Gamergate is a WAAAAY more civil movement than Occupy ever was. Unlike Occupy, Gamergate hasn’t been rife with crime and sexual assaults.

    Though there may still be some fallout from it, I think Gamergate may have prevented its “Ketchup” moment by keeping KOP off Fox News. While I appreciated some of the stuff KOP was doing, between being caught just making stuff up and the inevitable “Do other Gamergaters deny the Holocaust?” question, he would not have been a good representative. But at least he didn’t rape somebody in a tent.

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