Demonizing Gamers in a High School Classroom? Are you Kidding Me?! #GamerGate

It’s come to this.  With all the politicization of gaming, it has finally reached a point where the insanity has gone too far and now it may never be able to come back.  I remember a time that gaming was just about gaming.  Do you?  For real, remember those good ol’ days when education was all about teaching kids what you believe they needed to know to get ahead in the world?  Does anyone?  Since ‘No Child Left Behind,’ I question if anyone remembers actually teaching kids.  It’s just so nuts!  Now, however, education has stooped to a new low.  The politicization of gaming is coming to the classroom.  And not some Women’s Studies class, where you can just assume that they teach the Anita Sarkeesian bullshit line.  No, this may just come to a high school classroom near you!  From an advocacy group that has a LOT of sway.  Let’s talk about it.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has recently put out a publication of a classroom lesson for the Common Core curriculum.  Here’s a link to the PDF, so you can see that I’m not making this shit up.  Let’s take out some choice statements to really highlight how unbelievably crooked this is.

This advanced high school lesson provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the world of video games, understand how sexism and misogyny are perpetuated in gaming and express their own thoughts about the issue.
Oh, is that so?  And what evidence are you going to present about where all this misogyny comes from?  Are you going to address the other side of this?  How about talking about the utter lack of evidence that video games cause real-world misogyny.  What are your sources in all of this, anyway?
Play this 10 minute video TEDxWomen Talk About Online Harassment & Cyber Mobs with Anita Sarkeesian, who speaks about her experiences with sexism and online harassment. Explain that Anita Sarkeesian is a media critic, blogger and author of the video blog “Feminist Frequency,” in which she examines the depiction of women in popular culture.
Well would you look at that!  It’s our favorite con artist!  I had a feeling that she would show up here.  I find it interesting that she is the primary source here, since NONE of her videos, have had any evidence of video games cause real-world violence or real-world misogyny.  You have another source that has a PEW Research Poll about online harassment, but that just ties in to my previous statement about how it’s online trolls being online trolls.  (obligatory statement that I, in no way support online trolling.  Getting real tired of having to deflect criticism of Twitter and Tumblr snowflakes, because if you don’t, they jump on you.  Fucking idiots)  So yeah, Anita has no credentials worth talking about, and not a single one of her videos has had a scrap of evidence.  That talk that you have from her is just her complaining about her getting trolled.  I swear, it’s like you people are trying to push an agenda to make people think a certain way.  How Orwellian.
Distribute a copy of the article “It’s Game Over for ‘Gamers’” to each student. Explain that Anita Sarkeesian, and other women critical of sexism in video games, has been in the news lately because she was going to give a speech at Utah State University and received threats that there
would be a shooting massacre if she came. The campus police reportedly told her they could not search people entering the talk for weapons and therefore could not guarantee her safety, so she cancelled.
Wow.  You can’t argue that this isn’t Orwellian.  A narrative is being painted, on whole cloth.  The narrative is – video games make men awful!  You want this taught in a high school classroom?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Does nobody here find this as terrifying as me that a group that advocates for education can just come in and try and subvert a balanced education by having a lesson plan that wants people to believe a certain way?  Our education is fucked up enough already!  Want to have a two-minute hate there too?  This education plan has pretty much raised Sarkeesian up to be Jesus already.  Why not have posters with her and praising words beneath?  Not to mention – you are still crafting a narrative!  The police at Utah State University released a statement that they did not take the threat seriously.  What is you people’s deal with ignoring facts?  Oh, right – they don’t support the narrative.  But hey, the truth has never been a big hindrance to anyone associated with Anita Sarkeesian, including the woman herself.
Explain to students that now that they have more information after watching the video and reading the article, they are going to get more specific about how sexism and misogyny are perpetuated in the gaming world. Also, explain that Anita Sarkeesian is one of the most well – known women who was targeted for her views about women and gaming but she is not alone.
That’s true.  She has people like Brianna Wu at her back.  A woman who exploited the death of a woman not remotely associated with anything in gaming to sell her victimhood.  Yeah, real winner there.  Or hey, there’s Zoe Quinn too.  She is STILL trying to be relevant, even though GamerGate forgot about her months ago.  Yeah, let’s talk about how she says she was run out of her house, which she talks about while being on vacation in Europe.  A vacation she talked about months beforehand.  Gee, there’s something we can mention.  There is lots to talk about!  Oh, wait, this isn’t an open and free discussion.  This is propaganda that you want taught as fact to high school students.
You know, I am getting sick and fucking tired of seeing shit like this coming up.  I really am.  The Anti-Defamation League is nothing but a two-bit advocacy group who is looking to sell propaganda.  But while I can overlook it in a college setting, I will NOT sit idly by and let this not be talked about, when the goal is to get to high school students.
Now, where does this fit in to GamerGate?  This movement has been about ethics in journalism.  How do you think sites like Gawker and Kotaku are going to talk about this?  Yeah, I thought so.
Until next time, a quote,
“What does anyone care?  After all, it’s just video games!  Nobody cares about that, right?!”  -Internet Aristocrat
Peace out,

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