Lucien’s First Take: Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer

In the world of gaming, you almost never meet a casual fan of the ‘Persona’ franchise.  You are either completely in love with it, or you totally don’t care/know about it.  There isn’t a lot of middle-space in that.  I am a fan of JRPGs, and have been hearing about this game for a while.  What I have seen has intrigued me a little, but it never really got me that attached.  Then I saw this trailer.  This awesome trailer that had so little, but said so much.  It’s telling how good a trailer is when you can get someone who is on the fence to be ready to throw money at a game.  Now I just need a release date and we’re set.  Oh, you all should see the trailer too, long as we’re here.

The first thing about this trailer is that this game OOZES with style.  The vibrant music, the color scheme, the neon lights.  Style is something that nobody can deny that this trailer has, in droves.  Enter a masked, enigmatic protagonist and you’ve got yourself a damn good hook!

Who is this masked man?  What is he fighting against?  They show a man who I assume is a villain character.  He’s not the most imaginative.  He looks about as cartoon-y as a villain can get, and he is chewing on his finger, which I can only assume is a substitute for chewing the scenery.

As for the style, the art style of the world appears to be street art.  From the colors to the font to just the way that images are shown.  It’s made to look like a mix of anime and graffiti.  Not gonna lie, that’s pretty freakin’ cool.  In fact, this actually makes me think of a punk style comic book.  Yeah, there’s a motif!  This game looks and feels like a comic book.  From the menus, which mix both the graffiti and comic book aesthetic almost-perfectly, to the battle system, which only needs the cliche sound-effect markers in each attack to make the look complete.

This looks really cool, and it has got my attention.  I don’t get hyped for a game much, but this one has my attention.  We’ll see whether or not it can deliver, assuming that a release date is ever given to us in the near future.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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