Top 10 Scientifically-Impossible Stories in the Bible

A lot of apologists like Kent Hovind and Ken Ham have tried to make a case for what happened in the Bible being fact and not involving any magic at all.  None.  They say that what happened in there could have happened in real life, and actually did.  There was once a YouTuber called NephillumFree who used to make videos that talked about this.  Those were the days, right?  So many of the hardcore Creationist types try to argue that they don’t believe in magic.  But here’s the thing – that’s not true.  At all.  If you believe in God, then you can’t get around how almost everything he does is magic.  How do I know this?  Well, let’s look at some examples of how this is impossible, using the Bible as our reference point.

10. Samson’s Magic Hair
Book of Judges
Let’s start with a fun example.  The story of Samson is about an insane psychopath who murders the shit out of a ton of people, often in horrific ways.  He ends up with a woman named Delilah, who manages to con the truth about his unfathomable strength from him – his hair.  That’s right, it’s in his hair.  His hair is the key to his strength.  Cut it off, and he’s a complete bitch.  And that’s what his enemies do.  They then rip out his eyes and force him to be their amusement.  He begs God, who decides to break his own dumb rules about the magic power and give Samson back his strength, thereby allowing him to kill everyone there, which is estimated to be over 1,000 people.  So yeah, his hair?!  Are you kidding me?!  He had Hulk strength from his hair?  Please, show me the scientific correlation between hair length and Hulk-levels of strength.  Also, I refuse to believe that there is am an stupid enough to be fooled by his wife three times, when it was obvious that she was manipulating him.  Who can possibly be that stupid?!  So yeah, that is impossible.  His hair!

9. The 10 Plagues of Egypt
Book of Exodus
I don’t think I have to explain this one to you.  Now, some of these are able to be understood.  Like the river becoming blood could have been a blooming form of bacteria.  The locust and fly invasion could have happened in the real world.  But the falling storm of frogs from the sky?  Okay.  The falling of stones from the sky?  Straining credulity.  The real icing on the cake, however, is the story of the death of the first-born.  For real, give me a scientific explanation for this.  I mean, by the story’s admission, an angel walks through the town and does the deed.  So yeah, it’s murder.  But the thing to pay attention to is – it’s murder without a cause that doesn’t involve magic.  This one was an easy mark, we admit.

8. Talking Snake/Magic Tree with Magic Fruit
Book of Genesis
Man, this all feels so easy.  How is it that people actually buy into this like it actually happened?  For starters – snakes do not possess the self-awareness of the mental powers to speak the human language.  Not to mention that it was another magical entity that supposedly took control of it anyway, so yeah.  Then there is the magic tree with the magic fruit.  God says that it contains knowledge.  Telling that the thing that he tells his first creation to stay away from is knowledge.  Religion has always had a problem with people asking questions.  In any case, the fruit on this tree somehow has the ability to give people “knowledge.”  A very vague term, if you really think about it.  Not to mention, it will make them susceptible to death.  A concept that they know nothing about before that.  So yeah, lots of little holes in there.

7. The Virgin Birth (Story of Jesus)
Gospel of Luke and Matthew
Yeah, only two Gospels even talk about this, and both of them have contradicting stories.  But whatever.  Let’s not get bogged down.  Here’s the thing – parthenogenesis (the term for virgin birth) in humans is possible.  In theory, anyway.  However, were it to actually happen, here’s the thing – it could NOT produce male offspring.  That’s right, if we are to believe the story about Jesus’ birth, and to believe that all the things in the Bible are fact, in the real universe where magic doesn’t exist, then Jesus Christ is not a man.  He’s a woman.

6. Lot’s Wife Becoming Salt
Book of Genesis
This one is just patently absurd.  I mean, what is God, the Crimson Alchemist.  That’s the one, right?  He can turn the chemical compounds into explosives.  If memory serves, one of the compounds is salt.  He could alter the chemistry in it to make it into an explosive.  There is no possible way that a human being could instantly be turned to salt.  It’s just more magic in the Bible.

5. Lazarus Being Raised from the Dead
Gospel of John
Now this has been a rather hot-button one among Biblical scholars.  The fact that the story is in only one of the Gospels is telling.  But yeah, Jesus is told by a woman that her husband is dead.  He hears the story and goes to the tomb.  He shouts, “Hey Lazarus, come on out!”  He comes out, his wife feints, and there was much rejoicing (Yay…).  Do I even need to explain this.  According to the story, he had been dead long enough to be decomposing.  He was starting to stink.  Yet he comes out like nothing happened.  It wasn’t like the guy was clawing at the door or something.  Jesus had the tomb opened and called in for the dude to come out.  So yeah, this makes no sense.  Unless Lazarus was a zombie, this is ridiculous.  There is no possible way that someone calling to a dead guy can wake him up.

4. The Entire Book of Revelations
Book of Revelations
There was this great quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson –

So, for example, if you knew nothing about science, and you read, say, the Bible, the Old Testament, which in Genesis, is an account of nature, that’s what that is, and I said to you, give me your description of the natural world based only on this, you would say the world was created in six days, and that stars are just little points of light much lesser than the sun. And that in fact, they can fall out of the sky, right, because that’s what happens during the Revelation.

In the Book of Revelations, the moon becomes like blood.  There is a best with ten heads and a crown on each head, that eats the baby of a woman.  There are so many points of plot that literally could not happen.  At all.  Ever.  Though do tell me how we are seeing so many signs of it because of random things.  I’m all ears.  Try and show me how it’s all just allegorical.  The last bastion of people who can’t accept that something is bullshit.

3. Creation of Man/Woman
Book of Genesis
So yeah, God decides to make some dirt together, breathe on it, and make a man.  I could end this there and that would be that.  I mean, seriously.  What else is there to say?  There is no possible way that you can shape dirt and make a man.  That is totally insane.  Next, there’s where woman came from.  In one story in Genesis, God creates them at the same time.  In another, there’s another where God tells Adam to lay down.  He then reaches inside of him, pulls out a rib and turns that into a woman.  That is not possible.

2. Noah’s Ark
Book of Genesis
There was a rather phenomenal video made by DarkMatter2525 about this.  I’ll let him explain how this is nuts.

There are two points that he didn’t bring up that I will add.  The first is that the ark that Noah used would have been destroyed.  The largest wooden ship ever created was several times smaller than Noah’s Ark, and it’s own size ended up destroying it, because it twisted in the ocean.  Next – there is no possible rain that would have filled the world with water above Mt. Everest.  Ever.  So yeah, this is insane.

And all of this culminates in the biggest thing that couldn’t scientifically exist in the Bible…

1. God
The Bible
What is the thing that connects the disparate elements of all of these impossibilities?  God.  He is the thing that makes it all possible, if you believe all that to be true.  God is the being with magical powers and the ability to do all of this.  And with so much magic that is connected to this being, then the ultimate thing in the Bible that does not exist, if only the rules of this universe exist, is God.

So, what stories do you know from the Bible that are completely impossible?  Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m not beating you over the head.  I’m not saying, ‘Learn this, or else!’  It’s an offering.  It’s like, ‘here it is, and here’s why it matters.”  -Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Moyers and Company

Peace out,



14 thoughts on “Top 10 Scientifically-Impossible Stories in the Bible

  1. For Samson’s Magic Hair, I’d argue that there’s a bit of truth to it. While I normally have medium length hair, as a gesture to support for my company’s owner who was going through Chemo, a bunch of us guys shaved our heads. Keep in mind, this was in the dead of winter, but the following day, I got dog sick and felt sapped of energy for about a week.

    Noah’s Ark is most likely a synthesis of the Black Sea Flood (a catastrophe in its own right) and the local story of some joe who lashed a few rafts together to save some livestock during a seasonal flood. Centuries of Big Fish retellings later, instead of his farm flooding, it’s the whole world, and instead of a raft to save maybe a dozen goats, it’s every animal in the world.

  2. I liked the story of Jacob and how he screwed his neighbor out of his cattle, by putting striped sticks in front of the feeding troughs , and when the animals bred, they had spotted and striped offspring.. Genesis 30:39 LOL

  3. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not going to help or assist in any argument against this blog whatsoever. I’ve seen far to many of these “debunking the Bible” type blogs in my sixteen years on earth and there are always heated arguments following them. The Atheist saying, “Wow, thank you for this awesome resource. Anyone who denies this just can’t think.” And the Christians following with comments filled with anger and spite that show a horrible reflection of our belief. The main reason I’m writing this comment is to bring some insight to the reader, so here it is.

    1. The Christian belief (no matter what any christian tells you) is that there is a God who made everything and loves you so much that he gave his Son to DIE and RESURRECT for you and me.
    2. The Atheists is motivated by the fear of death. Does this sound correct to you?
    3. The Christian is motivated by hope, love, and eternal life. Does this sound correct to you?
    4. If the Christian is wrong at the end of it all, then neither the atheist nor the christian come out a winner.
    5. Christians don’t fully understand everything they believe. The Bible makes this clear.
    6. “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Albert Einstein
    7. “I assert than nothing ever comes to pass without a cause.” Johnathan Edwards
    8. Why would we be alive if we could only live to die?
    9. God is infinite. That never sits easy with anyone. That thought bothers EVERYONE who dares to even think on it. But then again, it’s our ultimate comfort.
    10. You don’t need to do anything more than believe on Christ to be saved.
    11. God never says “Do you have enough?” He instead exclaims, “Here, take it. I’m buying.”
    12. Christians usually don’t accurately reflect Christianity.

    • If i read this right and ur just 16 then well said im neither an aethist nor a religious person im more agnostic then amything but you seem to be on a decent path

      • If your God exists he’s a butchering killing torturing idiot..billion times worse than Hitler

      • Because our GOD is the great I Am and with him ALL things are possible. If you ever feel his spirit you would not be able to have the doubt that fills you. How glorious he is🙏🙏🙏

  4. While i understand and mostly agree with your arguments as to why many of these and other stories in the bible are impossible or highly improbable, your manner of arguments and imature reactions to them make you sound just as rediculus as alot of the people your trying to mock. Just because the bible isnt 100% fact and in fact is based on other earlier religions and stories doesnt mean there is no “magic” or god or (gods for that matter,)in the universe i know for a fact that you have a astral body that can seperate from your physical body and in that realm which is just as real as this one you can do things that are impossible in this one. That would lead me to believe there is in fact life after death which means we have souls or spirits now wheather they go to a “heaven” or are just recycled back to this place (reincarnation) i do not know. But for you to pretend to be so much smarter then a christian and to presume you know anymore about the real nature of reality than they do is presumptious and egotistical. I have learned a little about alot in this world and one thing i know is i dont know everything nor does anyone else, no preacher or pastor knows anymore about what really happens after death then anyone else. So while your hear do good by others if christians are wrong its no big deal but if you walk around denying god and he or she just happens to be real then you look like the asshole not them

    • Well look-y here – another person making Pascal’s Wager. Can I prove that a deist god with properties unknown doesn’t exist? Nope. Can I prove that the God of the Bible, who is hateful, vengeful and has all the bad qualities of humans and none of these great celestial wisdom that people bestow on him doesn’t exist? Easy. The Christian God is a creation of primitive people to try and make sense of how the world is. Just like how the caveman sees the volcano as a God because he doesn’t understand it. By the way, there is no magic. I know we all want to believe that we are going to Hogwarts eventually, but it’s not happening.

  5. if you are going to write a blog about something make sure you are least get the name right. it is the book of Revelation. there is no s on the end of it. 🙂

  6. 1. Jesus loves you, and wants you back.
    2. The reason you can’t reconcile any of this scientifically is because God’s model for this dimension is what drives your scientific model and that is a small sliver of God.
    3. More than one dimension exists: there is a physical hell and physical heaven. Things happen in those other dimensions (like the angel of death that passed over in exodus and killed the firstborn), that was initiated in the second heaven.
    4. You are at a disadvantage because you adhere to the covenants of Lucifer’s deception, and have convinced yourself that “science is all that is” and the bible is not of divine origin. I know factually that a hierarchy exists Above Lucifer, and through this abstraction greater wisdom exists across the multiple dimensions, making you wrong about everything in your blog. (You only are right about the accidents left over).
    5. I am not here to spread hate, I am here to alert you that 2019 is a time of repentance. You are a mocker and a scoffer against God, and in order to be forgiven you must repent to Jesus.

    Ask him if he is real in your prayer closet; and seek him with all your heart – then he will reveal himself to you. I ask God to send you an anointing of understanding – into your heart Now in Jesus Name.

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