You and Yours are Victim-Blaming, and Screw You (A response to Pope Jorge)

Yes, once-again, the PC left has come out in defense of terrorism.  Don’t ask me how that works.  I guess they are so desperate to appear accepting that they will even accept violent psychopaths.  Because if we don’t, then people get sad.  And in one of the most foul and disgusting pieces of victim-blaming ever, people like Glen Greenwald and the intellectually-void Johnathan McIntosh came out against Charlie Hibdo, basically saying – you had it coming.  Man, I guess they never saw those PSAs that would tell us, “it’s never the victim’s fault.”  For real, that’s basic logic.  But probably the most offensive bit of victim-blaming came from the last remaining theocrat – Pope Jorge.

He goes by Francis, but this little worm hasn’t earned the right to be called by that name.  This duplicitous piece of shit is undeserving of any respect at all.  And yet, because Catholicism is a belief system still stuck in the Dark Ages (and very much resenting that they don’t have the power that they had back then), this aging theocratic monarch has a TON of people who listen to what he says, and believe it, too.  Because that’s a totally rational way to live your life, right?  In any case, Pope Jorge had some thoughts on what happened to Charlie Hebdo, and the reactions have been…astounding.  Don’t believe me.  See for yourself.

I love that CNN has plenty of photogenic blonde hand-puppets.  It’s all the rage on Fox.  But let’s not focus on that.  We have bigger fish to fry.  Yes indeed, Pope Jorge decided to say something profoundly stupid, and now I’m going to take him to task for it.  The stupid thing of the day – free speech is limited.  The fuck?!  Um, no!  No it is not!  The freedom of speech is absolute.  Regardless of whatever stupid bullshit you believe, you have the right to say it.  That’s how this works.  Listening to Jorge tell us about how freedom of speech does not extend to attacking other people’s religion sounds very much like some Catholic butthurt.

Speaking of, did you hear the guy who commented after Jorge was finished?  Yeah, LOTS of butthurt.  I can’t imagine way.  After all, it’s not like the Catholic church is full of priests and cardinals who have diddled little children, right?  That never happened.  It’s also not like Catholicism worships an imaginary man in the sky, who has jealousy problems of other religions, gets butthurt and then genocidal, make a convoluted and retarded plan to have his son (who is also him.  What was that song, I’m My Own Grandpa…) killed for the mercy of the world.  Or hey, let’s talk about how petty your Gawd is, since he doesn’t like it if consenting adults have buttsex.  Yeah, that sounds like a belief system that deserves respect.

Which brings us to Islam.  There is no reason why Islam should be exempt from criticism.  None.  At all.  It is a religion that has 109 passages about converting or killing non-believers.  They will go on and on about their religion being one of peace, but it’s in their holy book that it’s not!  Come to think of it, the holy book of Christians condones a lot of violence too.  That’s interesting.  Hey, maybe you and the Catholics should get along!  After all, both of you believe that someone who diddled small children has a special connection to God.

It all brings me to this – the freedom of speech is absolute.  That is something I believe from the bottom of my heart.  If some racist holocaust denier wants to spew his vile bullshit, it’s his right to do so.  Just as it’s my right to call him a fucking idiot for saying that.  If someone wants to say that having sex with small children is cool, it is my freedom to come right back at him and say, “why the fuck are you out of the basement?  Back, vile creature!  Back to the pit from whence you came!”

So to Pope Jorge and to all the people who agree with him, I’m going to use my freedom of speech to say – fuck you!  Fuck your stupid bullshit religion.  Fuck your phony-bologna Gawd.  Fuck your smug attitude.  Fuck your PC pandering so you don’t hurt some precious little snowflake’s feelings.  Fuck all that!  You people are part of the problem.  Because once you start saying that this group of people or that group deserves special consideration and how nobody should hurt their feelings, where does it end?  History has been made by the hurting of feelings!  The greatest changes have come from people who made other people mad.  Martin Luther and nailing the 95 Theses to the church was one of the catalysts of the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther King insulting the bigoted parts of America helped get his cause off the ground.  Mohandas Ghandi leading his march to the sea angered the British.  Hurt feelings have changed more history than any other.

And it makes sense that people like Johnathan McIntosh are against free speech.  After all, he is part of a very new religion – Puritan Feminism.  Just like all religions, anyone who questions it is quickly denounced and made example of.  I suddenly get why they are quick to defend Islam.  But here’s the truth – questioning and mocking religion is one of the best things that can be done.  Because while there are the butthurt losers who will scream and shout and kill people for their faith, there might just be some people who look at that and go – why are they making fun of my religion?  And then they might look into what these people are saying.  Then they might learn something.  Once they do that, then they might start to doubt in its validity.  Then that person can spread that to others, and change can happen.

So fuck PC pussies, and fuck Pope Jorge too.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t kill him!  If you kill him, he won’t learn nothin’!”  -The Riddler, Batman Forever

Peace out,


9 thoughts on “You and Yours are Victim-Blaming, and Screw You (A response to Pope Jorge)

  1. Freedom of expression is incontestable. It needs no defense or explanation & those who would obstruct the freedom may be called any number of names, none of which improves on the fact that self-expression is a sacred right. But this sacred right is also nuanced. It is a right to be exercised with conscience. For every expression, there is an impression. In the case of Charlie Hebdo, I get the impression of an organization that is intolerant, crude, hateful: as backward as the backwardness it attempts to mock.

  2. Yes, I agree. In the case of Charlie Hebdo, I get the impression of an organization that is intolerant, crude, hateful: as backward as the backwardness it attempts to mock.

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