Modern Feminism is a Joke: Part VI

I haven’t done one of theses posts in years.  No joke!  But recent events have compelled me to get the word out and actually talk about something, because I want to show how Anita Sarkeesian is full of shit, and how feminists don’t really care about video games.  What’s that?  I’m wrong.  They do care?  Well, I mean to show you that you’re wrong.

There is a basic tenant of business – supply and demand.  When there is a demand, there is a supply.  Video game companies know this, very well.  Granted, AAA companies have a different problem – an unsustainable economic model.  It’s the reason why a new Call of Duty is made every year.  Same with a new Assassin’s Creed.  The reason is because the companies who make those games have become so big that they have to funnel endless amounts of capital to feed the gaping maw that is their business.  They’ve gotten too big for their britches, as the saying goes.  Still, they are very aware of supply and demand.

One of the biggest things in gaming is how people are wanting new things.  One of the reasons that games like The Last of Us was so lauded was because it was something new.  It was unique.  But all this is beside the point.

There is another concept in business – the free market.  Conservative Americans get absolutely nuts about it.  To the point of retardation.  In the free market, a product that is wanted does well, while products that aren’t, don’t.  It’s been shown that this is the case.  So when I hear Puritan Feminists complaining about video games, there comes a simple issue – do you people have no comprehension about the free market?

Let’s not even talk about how Anita Sarkeesian has never, EVER given any substantial evidence for her positions.  Ever.  It’s the reason why she will never answer any of the cogent questions given by her critics.  It’s the reason that she only talks about rape and death threats.  Also, it’s why she never got anywhere but the mainstream media.  Outside of that, they might ask questions like – what proof do you have that video games cause misogyny?  Watch the latest piece of Anita-victim-propaganda by the sad excuse for a reporter, Juju Chang.  That report was so biased that you’d swear Juju and Anita are tight.  I wonder, if I did some digging, what would I find?  Questions for the ages.  Still, it all devolves into, “I get threats!” (obligatory statement about how I in no way condone the threatening of the con artist Anita Sarkeesian, or anyone else, for that matter)  It shuts down all conversation, which is what Anita wants.  Like any religion Puritan Feminism doesn’t like people asking questions.

Rather than talk about how Anita has no credibility as a gamer (watch her Santa Monica lecture.  It’s all right there), or how she has zero evidence for her positions, or how not one reporter she has talked to has asked her an uncomfortable question (watch the coverage of Pope Jorge’s statements about Charlie Hebdo.  They argue that questioning hurts people’s feelings.  Boo-hoo), we are instead going to look at something else – the free market.

The free market is the ultimate deciding place for products.  If people like it, it grows.  If people don’t, it fails.  With that in mind, here is a question that I put to Anita and all those like her – why do you want other people to do what you want, when the tools to do it yourself are within reach?  That’s not rhetorical.  I really want an answer.  Making games has never been simpler.  AAA titles, not so much.  But Indie markets are exploding.  With that being the case, don’t you think it’s a touch hypocritical that you want other publishers to make the kinds of games that you want?

Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be able to make games.  Bioware was started by three doctors and $100,000.  With all the money that the con artist Anita is making, why on Earth is she unable to pony up some cash?  There are a TON of people who know how to make games looking for work.  If you started up your own studio and gave some of these people work, then just think about what you could do!  Then, you could enter the products you want to see into the free market and let it decide whether or not people want what you have to sell.  I want one argument that holds for why that is unreasonable.  All you need is money, office space and to hire some programmers.  If these people can’t make games themselves, or have to cozy up to the people at Indie gaming events (right Brianna?), then there are options.  There’s a glut in the market.  Take advantage.

Or are you incapable of making a game at even the most basic level?  After all, it isn’t just about making women who are super-strong and have no flaws and need no man and do no wrong.  You also need a plot, setting, game engine, dynamics of play.  There are a ton of things that go into a game.  Look at that boring-ass game that Sarkeesian pitched in one video.  How she got Jennifer Hale to narrate that is beyond me.  Although, $160,000 goes a long way.  Look at the “research” she did for her videos, and you see where the money went.

Maybe it’s not that.  Maybe you just don’t want to do the work.  After all, doing that would be, like, a real job.  That would require you getting up and going to work.  That would require you not being on Twitter and Tumblr all day.  That would limit your ability to go to feminist conferences where you can hear from other feminists tell you how oppressed you are.  The meetings of the Church of Puritan Feminism.  Yeah, I can see why having a 9 to 5 making games would be much harder.

In closing – Anita Sarkeesian and all those like her are hypocrites.  They whine and complain and bitch and moan about video games, while there is NO excuse why they couldn’t make their own.  For real, none.  I’m open to arguments.  Gimme your best shot.  Why on Earth couldn’t they either make their own games or start a studio and have people they would hire do it?  The Church of Puritan Feminism wants the world to change, while doing as little work as possible.  In other words – they aren’t worth listening to, because they are completely full of shit.

Aching for someone to prove me wrong, without mentioning death or rape threats (obligatory repeat of condemnation of threats, for the snowflakes who get butthurt).

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.  Those who can’t teach, teach gym.”  – Dewey Finn, School of Rock

Peace out,



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