Your Lack of Journalistic Integrity Amazes Us (A response to Juju Chang)

So, last night, my favorite con artist was on ABC News.  Yet-another news outlet who paints her as a precious little victim of us EVIL video game misogynists who live in basements and hate her because she’s a woman.  Because that’s not a caricature, right?  Well, if you read the article written about her (linked here) and watch the broadcast connected to it, it appears that objectivity flew right out the window.  Because that would make her cry, if anyone actually called her out on her bullshit!  And that’s I’m doing.  Except, I’m not calling Anita out on her bullshit.  I’m calling Juju Chang out on hers.  This person has ZERO journalistic integrity, and it’s time she gets her due.  Because it’s one thing to be a shitty reporter.  That’s American media in a nutshell.  It’s another thing to be a shitty reporter who is trying to paint a narrative for a con artist.  That bullshit needs to be addressed.  Let’s get down to it.

For starters, you begin the article by saying that she has to have armed guards.  Yes, because a narrative is so much better than good reporting.  I remember my journalistic education, for which I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.  In it, you begin a story with a hook.  Something that sums up the article and gets readers to want to know more.  For example –

Prominent pop culture critic outed for lying about her video game history.

Yeah, there’s a great beginning to an article.  Now that I think about it, it’s also a good headline, but I digress.  Another thing to know – it’s true!  In a video she made that the Internet was kind enough to find, the gaming community got to see her straight-up say that she didn’t play video games.  A lecture she gave in Santa Monica gave us a definitive look at how she is full of shit.  She lied.  Straight-up lied.  All her video game “cred” goes out the window when we know, for a fact, that she lied.  I guess that you, Juju, being a not-so-great journalist, should have done a little fact checking.  I mean, any good source, you gotta do your research and find out if they are a good source, right?  Did you do ANY research?  Or did you simply just listen to Anita’s sob-stories about her “death threats” and decide that the story was good enough?  I think we all know the answer.

Next, it’s nice to see that you lack the ability to do critical analysis.  After all, anyone who actually understand the gaming community could have told you that while more and more women are getting into gaming (which I think is great), the bulk of AAA, hardcore gaming audience is men.  Maybe you didn’t watch the rather lovely video that Christina Hoff Sommers did, where she debunks that little myth.  Man, so many opportunities for you to do good research.  Wasted.

I also couldn’t help but notice those links.  Like, “What It Feels Like to be a GamerGate Target.”  “Being a Woman at the Center of Gamergate” and “5 Things to Know About GamerGate.”  All of those articles link to stuff you wrote!  Oh boy!  And what do we find there?!  Why, more caricaturing of gamers as hateful misogynists.  Along with misrepresentation of the opposition.  Well that’s just swell.  And gee, it sure looks like you got yourself an ax to grind on this.  Like, maybe the people who you are giving all this positive coverage to are your friends.  Like you’re tight with them and want to make them look better.  But you wouldn’t do that, right?  I mean, that’s journalism 101!  Doing something unethical like that isn’t something that you’d do, is it?

But let’s not get into your failures as a professional. That kinda speaks for itself.  Let’s get back to the article.  It’s nice to see how you jump on the bandwagon of “video games promote violence against women!”  Jack Thompson would be proud.  What evidence does your article cite?  Grand Theft Auto V?  That’s it?  Because of a video game, where your character is a criminal who an commit crime, you are convinced the video games promote violence against women?  I’m REALLY hoping that you got good sources to back this up.  I mean, it would fall on a journalist who is reporting a story to do a little fact-checking.  Because I didn’t see a single link to a single study showing a correlation between video games and violence against women.  Although, even if you did, correlation doesn’t equal causation, but still.

Next, you make a tiny blurb about how Watch Dogs has a woman get killed to motivate the hero.  Why did you include that?  Without ANY context, it just seems like you are trying to tell a line.  Did you even go to college?  I’m starting to wonder.  Your reporting is so bad that it begs the question – where did you get your degree from?

Oh, and I just love how you try to be the “diligent reporter” who calls up Rockstar and Ubisoft to get them to comment on stuff.  Yes, because your out-of-context painting of video games as playgrounds for women-murder wouldn’t make them at all not want to talk to you.  It’s pretty clear that you are towing the line for Sarkeesian, and thankfully, these companies don’t need you.  These companies have massive marketing divisions, so they actually know their audience.  Unlike you.  It’s ironic that corporations are better at knowing an audience than a journalist like yourself.

Finally, I just love how you give this LITTLE tidbit at the end for someone who supports GamerGate to defend our position.  I noticed that you didn’t include anything about how people have uncovered that Anita is a con artist.  You didn’t point out that online death threats are a dime a dozen and everyone with any amount of name recognition gets them (but, again, I have to say that I in no way support these threats.  Because if you don’t always tell people that, then they have an in to attack you).  You don’t talk about how those death threats in NO way validate her points.  They are just a convenient way to make it so that discussion doesn’t happen anymore.  Or maybe you could have had someone like me, who would point out how many women are working for companies like Rockstar and Ubisoft.

Then you end the article on another statement from Sarkeesian about how video games are evil.  Now we get to my analysis.  Ms. Chang, you are a terrible journalist.  Your integrity is for sale to the highest feminist bidder.  You are incapable of doing basic research, because you don’t care.  Your articles are bias, and as far as I’m concerned – you’re a yellow journalist.  I’d love to hear your argument against that.  For real, gimme your best shot.  Not that you’ll ever read this.  Like all SJW-supporters, you keep to your little vacuum, so you can not hear opinions that don’t align with your way of thinking.  In closing – you are a shitty journalist, and the fact that this is the caliber of reporting that ABC says is okay is telling about them as well.

Until next time, a quote,

“That’s right, it’s a safe place where like-minded folks can hear things they already agree with from someone whose opinions they already know.”  -Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

Peace out,



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