Total Biscuit PWNS Johnathan McIntosh

It’s always nice to see people who are able to put pseudo-intellectual dick-mules in their place.  It really is.  For those who don’t know, among the many PC cowards who came out and condemned Charlie Hebdo for their comics that insulted Islam, among them is Johnathan McIntosh.  McIntosh is a little rich boy who has never had to work a day in his life.  His entire catalog of achievements include – being given a trust fund, a worthless education, trying to sound smart on Twitter and being the voice behind Anita Sarkeesian.  Of course, since he is a PC coward, he had to come and condemn Charlie Hebdo for the way they portrayed Muhammad.  Because, yeah, a pedophile “prophet” deserves to be respected, right?  Wait, America founded an entire religion on such a character *Mormons!*

However, it seems that there is one person who was willing to put McIntosh in his place, and he did it so very well – Total Biscuit.  A YouTube game critic, TB does good work, and has been part of GamerGate and also a voice of reason who has tried to reach out to the other side of the discussion.  However, he has also become a target of theirs in the process, with the #UnsubTB tag going around.  Naturally, will a few skillful Tweets I’d say that he put McIntosh and his ilk in their place.

Total Biscuit Beat-DownMcIntosh and those like him are propagating a worldview that I think is beyond stupid and insane.  For starters – why is it that we should respect Islam and not make fun of it?  Do you ever make sport of Christianity?  How about the Mormons?  Scientology?  Yeah, that’s a big one for people to make fun of.  Religious people do too, which always fills me with a sense of – seriously?  You make fun of this religion, but you are totally cool with your religion, that talks about a virgin birth and other stupid shit?  Why is Islam exempt from criticism?  Are you saying that the “Prophet” Muhammad didn’t marry and fuck a nine year old girl?  Are you saying that that didn’t happen?

Next, Charlie Hebdo was in the wrong?  You’re blaming them for the attack that happened.  Hm, this brings to mind some other statements in the same vein – “She shouldn’t have gone to that party.”  “She shouldn’t have dressed the way she did.”  “If she didn’t want it, why did she go to the bedroom with him?”  That’s right, you are victim-blaming, straight out of the handbook of people who say shit like that.

Finally, I’m with Total Biscuit.  I’m glad that “tu ne suis pas Charlie.”  They have convictions and the strength to stand by them, even in the face of death.  What the fuck do you have, you spineless little worm who gets by from daddy’s money?

Until next time, a quote,

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”  -Stephane Charbonnier

Peace out,



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