Muslims Murder 12 People in Paris, Media Stands with Islam

Part of me is just amazed.  Amazed.  Not ten minutes after a horrific crime starts to trend, but you have the mainstream media rushing to the defense of the religion that got 12 people killed.  That’s right, instead of standing in solidarity with the people who got killed and their right to make fun of a bullshit, Middle-Eastern faith that is based on a pedophile (why do so many religions have pedophilia?  That’s kinda weird.  And creepy) prophet, they decide – we’re going to stand with the crazy religion whose ideals were responsible for getting 12 people killed.  I just don’t get it.  How can we be this scared of fucking Islam?!  That’s what it is.  I’m convinced.  News outlets see stuff like this, and they decide – oh shit, better not make fun of Islam!  Cowards.  The people who were killed weren’t, but I guess standing up for something is just a little too hard for the news.  Better to be pussies who are scared of shadows.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Alright, let’s discuss.

Very recently, a story broke about an attack on the publication Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, following the publication of a number of cartoons that depict the “prophet” Muhammad in unflattering ways. (linked here) That’s right, a number of Muslims got butthurt about their “prophet” getting depicted in an unflattering way, so what is their response – we’re to murder 12 people in cold blood!  Because that is a TOTALLY rational and reasonable response, right?  That’s totally what a person who isn’t a complete monster would do, right?

Part of me isn’t surprised at some of the reactions I’ve seen.  After all, the mainstream media and even our government has been sucking Islam’s dick, so as to not make them mad, for a long time.  Remember that movie that was made a couple years back?  That horrifically-awful film that started an international crisis because it made fun of Islam?  People got killed because of it.  Hilary Clinton came out in solidarity of Muslims.  Freedom of speech?  Nah.  That’s for things that don’t make people mad.  Better to insult that than to stand up for the values that you swore to defend when you entered office.  That’s easier.

There is a history of Muslims getting butthurt and either killing or trying to kill people.  Salmon Rushdie had death threats and calls to end his life, simply for publishing a book that talked about some of the more controversial parts of the Qur’an.  A comic drew Muhammad and had to go into witness protection, because of all the threats on his life.  That’s where that whole “Draw Muhammad Day” thing came from, back when it was a thing.  I daresay, it might make a resurgence.  This isn’t ancient history.  This is something that happens all the fucking time.

I think it’s time that we gave the religion of Islam it’s due.  For all the talks about how it is a “religion of peace,” I sure do see a LOT of people getting killed in its name.  Granted, I’ve seen a lot of people killed in the name of Christianity too.  Hell, Bush II decided to start a war for Christianity.  Yeah, he’s a real trooper, that one.  It’s time that we took religion to task for the horrible thing that it either does or condones.  The fact that people seem unwilling to do this baffles me.

The fact is – Islam has some of the blame here.  Just like Christianity has some of the blame in the recent death of Leelah Alcorn.  These religions have blood on their hands.  If they don’t like that – too fucking bad!  Don’t blame me.  I didn’t kill those people.  I didn’t kill innocent people whose only crime was making fun of your pedophile prophet.  That’s not what I did.  That’s what they did.  There is a manhunt going on at the time of this post for three members of the hit squad who got away.  I hope the cops catch them and lock them in the darkest dungeon they have to rot away, alone.  For real, put the whole lot in solitary and never let them out of it.  Watch their layers of sanity peel away, bit by bit.  Listen to them go mad in that place, while feeling accomplished for what you’ve done.

I stand in solidarity with the people who are victims of a religion that is trying so hard to make the world believe that it is all about peace, when the media is so afraid of it that they will tow the line.  My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the 12 victims of this senseless act of violence, and I hope they can find some measure of peace.  Maybe they can be brought in to watch the three guys doing a happy dance, once they have lost their minds in solitary.  That seems like a nice little retribution.  I don’t believe in the death penalty, but I am not above putting the worst of people in a dungeon and leaving them there to rot.  Give these guy two meals a day and watch their minds rot away.

Anyone who believes that there imaginary sky-daddy condones this kind of behavior, they deserve nothing less.

Until next time, a quote,

“The Qur’an contains 109 verses that call Muslim to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.”  -TJ Kirk

Peace out,



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