Lucien’s First Take: Ant-Man

There are not a lot of words that I find myself able to come up with.  When I heard about this film being made, I knew something – that I was never going to see it.  Ever.  I mean, come on!  This is not a cool hero.  He’s a guy who can change into the size of an ant.  How is that cool?  How can that possibly be cool?  I mean, yeah, he can keep his human strength as a man the size of an ant, but that isn’t very intimidating.  It sounded ridiculous when I first heard about it, and it didn’t stop sounding ridiculous.  Then the trailer came out.  Let’s have a look.

I’m…kind of at a loss for words.  I mean, what can I say?  This looks really stupid.  That’s it.  That’s all that I can think to say.  You’ve got Michael Douglas, giving what has to be the most embarrassing performance of his professional career.  You’ve got some dude who has no personality.  You’ve got a suit that looks ridiculous.  The conflict?  I didn’t see any.  Fighting was happening, but there was no rhyme or reason.  The villain?  Got me.  It was just…stuff.  Stuff was happening.  Is it interesting stuff?  Not really.  It’s just…stuff.

Marvel has done quite a thing by making a cinematic universe.  I may have problems with how many movies they are incorporating into it, but still, it is unique.  Then this crap happens.  This movie tells me that this universe is going to crash and burn long before we get to the Infinity War saga, and by the time we do, it’s going to ride on the laurels of the comic book nerds who are left, once the main audience has gone off somewhere else.

So yeah, in summary – this looks really stupid.

Initial Verdict:
3 out of 10

Peace out,



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