Intel, Diversity in Technology, and Anita Sarkeesian (A response to #CES2015)

One of the things that I have learned is that a lot of the best stuff that happens in life is when terrible ideas are turned into amazing ones.  Or, when people have to clean up after those who don’t study history.  And some of the worst stuff is started when people who mean well either don’t know better or are used by clever schemers who have gotten so good at what they do that they can get anyone to do what they want.  Another way to put it is like this –

Mykeru’s Second Law:
All movements – and this is especially true of social reform movements – begin in well-intentioned necessity, but end as ruthless con jobs.

I hear so many things that have so much promise, but when I look beneath the surface it becomes clear that it is all just BS and that the people who buy into it are nothing but patsies.  Sad, misguided patsies.  That is what I see now, going on at Intel.

Some of this might surprise you.  After all, Intel was one of the many advertisers that jumped ship on Gawker after one of their “journalists” decided to get stupid on Twitter and suggest bringing back bullying.  A bad move that is going to haunt his entire career.  Best of luck there.  To see that they are deciding to throw in with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian is a bit odd.  But then, when you have a group of people whose sole job has been to paint gamer as horrid misogynists, I guess Intel decided to go where the outspoken wind blows.  I suppose you’d like some context.

Today, at CES, the Intel CEO outlined something that they are pushing forward with for the future of their company. (linked here) One of the thing that he brings up is “Diversity in Technology.”  According to their press release, it is a plan to get female and minority peoples in their company.  On the surface, that sounds great!  For real, I am all for equality.  Well-intentioned necessity.  They also plan to partner with several other groups in order to move the initiative along.  I’ll give you one guess who one of their partner organizations is.  That’s right, Feminist Frequency.  Sarkeesian get another step ahead in her goal of getting ahead in the world.  The goal seems to be – get minorities in the workforce, along with women.  That sounds great.  Helping education in poor parts of the country.  Hm, how is that going to work?  You going to donate to schools or something?  Give them all Intel hardware and such?  A little bit odd.  Reach out to all sort of PC groups to help do lots of…stuff.  If you read through their press release, it sounds like they have all these grand plans.

It’s because of how broad and vague it is that I have to say – I’m with Mundane Matt on this, I think that it’s bullshit.  The language of their release has PR written all over it.  All this vague stuff that they mean to do feels so random and abstract that you are left to wonder where they came up with all this.  This sound like a demographic move.  They want to get all sorts of diverse groups into their company, for the express purpose of not looking bad.  Not looking bad to who?  They are partnered with Feminist Frequency.  Who do you think?  Naturally, it’s Social Justice Warriors.  Given that so many of them have degrees in Marketing, I’m not surprised.  They pushed hard and got Intel to tow their line, so they aren’t called “misogynists,” or “racists.”

So, minorities and women are no longer being used as a shield by the SJWs.  Now they are being used like a sword.  Groups of people are going to be shoved into something that they might not have a large amount of interest in, just so the SJW crowd can be pleased.  This should bother people.  A lot.  After all, Intel is a tech company, like any other.  They are already exploiting minorities in the third world to help make their crap.  They aren’t the only ones, trust me.  If you saw how your Xbox’s are made, then you wouldn’t be so inclined to buy them anymore.  Seeing people in other countries get exploited is never fun.  Intel has decided to act like the fact that they already use minorities in their production doesn’t exist.  So who is this movement going to help?  Women.  The goal here is to get women into their workforce.

On the one hand, this is kinda good.  They want to have on-site daycare, which is a great thing.  Daycare in this country is unbelievably-expensive.  Having it be cheaper and on-site is a nice thing.  There is also going to be the paycheck to think of.  The whole ruse to get people into these jobs is going to be the money.  There is one thing that they are not talking about – the workload.  Anyone who has worked at sites like Google or any of the major technology companies knows that those places are high-stress and life-consuming jobs.  They become your entire life.  That’s one of the reasons that AAA companies are bleeding employees.  Nobody wants to be affiliated with a company that works them nearly to death.  Intel has decided that they want to get as many women as they can into their company, without them knowing how it is going to consume their entire lives.  Dishonest?  Oh yeah.

But the SJWs don’t care.  For real, these people have moved from being their shield to being their sword.  Just like when they were a shield, they don’t really care about them after they serve their purpose.  It was using them as a shield that got Intel to play along.  If they cared about them when they aren’t a shield, then there wouldn’t have been such a negative reaction to #NotYourShield.  Although, if you look at the negativity toward #WomenAgainstFeminism, it become clear that they don’t like anyone who doesn’t tow their line.  Whatever happens to the women who get suckered in by all this sweet-talk when their entire lives are being sucked into oblivion because of a paycheck isn’t the SJWs problem.

It isn’t Anita’s problem, either.  You know, it’s funny – it’s been three years since the “Tropes vs. Women” series was announced.  Anita Sarkeesian rode Kickstarter to wealth, and made all her videos in advance, releasing them at a point where she could make the most waves with them.  It was all a conscious effort, on her part.  Sarkeesian is a con artist.  I highly doubt that she will ever finish that video series.  In fact, the higher up the status ladder she gets, the less she needs her benefactor – Johnathan McIntosh.  It will be a fun day when she drops him like a sack of potatoes, because he isn’t good for business anymore.  After all, she has her con, and she’s had enough time to learn it.  He isn’t going to be useful for too much longer.  How far she has come.  Instead of conning people out of $5 a pop, now she is conning entire corporations for a career.  I’m actually kinda impressed, not gonna lie.

In any case, it all breaks down to this – Intel just made a PR move.  A move that had the desired effect.  But it will also have consequences.  After Intel ditched Gawker, Anti-GG people ran to get other brand products.  Now, the Pro-GG crowd is going to ditch Intel.  Pro-GG buys their shit.  Anti-GG sits around and Tweets.  Who is going to hurt Intel’s bottom line more?

Until next time, a quote,

“For a long time, I had regarded Rachel as representing one end of the continuum of human nature.  What all humans would become if the war went on long enough.  That perception has guided many of my decisions.  An entire race of Rachels – angry, merciless, aggressive, equipped with Yeerk and Andalite technology.  It was a terrifying specter.
But perhaps…perhaps I had been wrong.  Perhaps the real menace lay at the other end of the continuum, represented by Cassie.  Humans who were kinder, softer, well-meaning.  And ironically, infinitely more dangerous.”  -Ax, Animorphs

Peace out,



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