Your “Defense” Needs Work (A response to Ryan Wiley)

So, I have avoided this little worm that occupies the easily-butthurt part of the SJW corner of the Internet.  He is an apologist for Atheism + and all its members, and the fact is that he is not very good at it.  For all the supposed intelligence that he has, he isn’t able to mount a good defense.  I’m going to prove my point.

Not too long ago, he did a video where he defends Rebecca Watson from the people like myself who took her to task for her HUGE overreaction to the incident that has been coined “Elevatorgate.”  This was some years ago, but it has followed Watson around ever since.  I wonder why.  She lambasts a guy whose only offense was that he asked her for “coffee” in an elevator.  That’s it.  But don’t you worry, ladies.  Ms. Watson let us men know what’s right, and that asking women for coffee in elevators is wrong.  As Wiley is going to attest to, in his video.

First – yes, I’m sure that Watson was absolutely terrified, in some third-world backwater that is Ireland.  That place is nothing but a terrorist haven!  Hand to god.  That hotel was like one in Rwanda!  The horror.  The absolute horror.  I can’t believe that she didn’t ask someone to go with her, just to make sure she got back to her room safely.  There isn’t a lack of context here.  Yes, she had been drinking.  Yes, it was 4 in the morning.  But this was someone she had been drinking with.  He prefaced his question by telling her not to take it the wrong way, and when he got his answer, he walked away.  The horror!  Please, inform little ol’ Lucien what I’m missing here.

Next – you people are really something.  Your second point is – we think he asked her for coffee.  What he really was looking for was sex.  Duh!  For real, no fucking shit!  Of course he was looking for sex.  Anyone in that situation would have recognized that “coffee” was a euphemism for “want to get down and dirty?”  You point that out like it is some grand statement in her defense.  Are you kidding me?!  How can I honestly get it through your thick skull how stupid this is.  I guess I’ll have to make a list.  You like lists.

  • He asked her permission.  For all the bitching that the Puritan Feminists do about consent, he was very plainly ASKING her for permission by phrasing it as a question.
  • Why is it wrong to want sex?  Don’t you?  Should people just not want sex until women give them express acknowledgement that sex is a thing and they can want it now?
  • Why is it wrong to ask for sex?  I want you to explain this one, because I bet you would say that there is nothing wrong with a woman asking for sex.  For real, if the situation were reversed, and she asked him for sex and he made a big deal about it, hell, you’d be where I was when I took apart her bullshit!  That would be you.  If a woman can do it, why can’t a man?  How can you not see what a horrific double-standard that is?
  • Why does the time of day actually matter in him asking her for “coffee.”  I mean, if it is late at night, she might say yes.  Do you never do it in the middle of the night?  You one of those guys who likes it during the day?  I’m not ragging on you, I’m just curious.

However, the big one to really pay attention to is right at the end of my list.

  • How on Earth are you not able to see how horrifically sexist your argument is?

Ryan, you are sexist.  By saying that everything this guy did is wrong, and that asking a woman for sex is wrong, you are basically saying that women have no agency in their sexual lives. Don’t say I’m putting words in your mouth.  You can’t say that that’s not true.  If women shouldn’t be asked for “coffee” in an elevator, then you have just admitted that Watson had no agency in this.  Like he just whipped out his dick and said, “start sucking, bitch!” But that isn’t the case.  He asked.  She said no.  He went about his way.  If it had been anyone else, outside of the Skepchick Puritans, this would have ended there.  Yeah, sure, if it was some woman who was weirded out by the question, then maybe the rest of that elevator ride would have been awkward.  But at the end of the day, it was this poor bastard’s bad luck that he ended up in an elevator with a woman who is CLEARLY scared of sex.  When she talks about her boyfriend, I can’t help but think that this is the most whipped man to ever be.

Let me make something clear – if he had creeped on her and not taken no for an answer, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  I’d be on your side.  But that isn’t what happened.  What happened was a civil discourse between two people. The reason that my camp decided to lambast Watson is because she decided to paint the Scarlet Letter on him in a public forum, when there was NO reason for her to do that.  And your trying to defend this shows just what a sad little fanboy you are.  Are you the guy that Watson is dating?

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t grow balls.  Grow a vagina.  Those things can take a beating!”  -Betty White

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “Your “Defense” Needs Work (A response to Ryan Wiley)

  1. I am not quite sure if you are really realizing how much you are helping your “opponents” here…

    Some woman makes a video (about 8 minutes), using aprox. 1 minute to talk about that incident and why it made her feel uncomfortable, with the strongest words used being “Guys, don’t do that.”. The guy in question was not named, not even a description given.

    And what is your reaction to that? Trying to take away her right to say even that and speculating about her sex life. Glorious. If you were paid to help your “opponents” you couldn’t be more effective.

    ( Ironically, you are right, the “Incident” itself was not really worth mentioning, some guy trying to get sex and a woman feeling uncomfortable about it. What made the whole thing mentionable was the predictable reaction of the internet’s creep force that answered with insults and threats, of course. Without them, the whole thing would have remained what it was, a passing comment in a YouTube video. )

    • Trying to take away her right? I didn’t say that she couldn’t say anything. I merely took her to task for it. Free speech goes both ways.

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