SIONR: You’re Still Hiring People for Final Fantasy XV?!

I’m getting tired of finding reasons to be annoyed about a game that I want so much.  I shouldn’t have to.  Just when Square Enix looks to finally be learning their lesson, they decide to make it all into a joke by then showing that it all is a tease.  This game has been in development for nine years.  Nine fucking years!  Come on!  This is supposed to be Tetsuya Nomura’s magnum opus.  It is supposed to be a masterpiece that will save the sinking ship that is Square Enix.  Now we’re getting previews, screenshots, English dub and even some press statements about new stuff that will be in the game.  That’s cool!  That’s what gamers want.  That’s what we’ve wanted for year now!  With all this new stuff coming out, everyone thought that Square Enix would be giving out a release date, so we could mark our calenders and get our wallets ready.  That sounds right, correct?  Well, it seems that I am not correct.  Square Enix has decided that they are going to fuck up people’s expectations more, with shit like this.

What shit, you ask?  Shit like – they are still hiring for crucial positions for developing this game!  Are you kidding me?!  Here’s a list of the position that they are hiring for –

Senior Game Designer, Game Designer, Senior Character Designer, Lighting Designer, 3D CG Background Modeler, Game Programmer, Game Engine Programmer, System Programmer, CG Engineer/Programmer, System Engineer and a Producer.

You have got to be kidding me.  They are even looking for a producer?  Like, they don’t even have people fronting for this game.  Is it EVER going to happen?  When the latest English dub trailer said, “Now in Development,” I had bad feelings.  Now, those feelings are confirmed.  Square Enix has decided that they are going to crush everyone’s expectations, right as they got the hype train running again.

Ugh!  I put this game on the top of my Most Anticipated Games of 2015 list!  I have fawned over the English trailers, which look so cool!  I want this game so much, and now I may be made to look like a fool?!  This is unacceptable, Square Enix!  This game has been in development for nine years.  If it comes out next year, then it will be ten years.  You have a lot of balls if you think that we are going to wait more years for a game that has already been delayed again and again. This game should have been out years ago!  If you all hadn’t felt the need to delay it so that you could make it look better, then we’d already have this game.

I wouldn’t be so worried, expect for – these positions you are looking for sound important. Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe you are just looking for a few extra people to help finish.  You know what would help?  A release date.  Square Enix, it’s time to commit.  It’s time put-up or shut-up time.  With all the hype surrounding this game, with all the high expectations, you need to show us some commitment.  Yeah, I recognize that it isn’t easy.  Hell, this might be the hardest thing that you’ve had to do.  After all, you are wagering a lot on one game.  This game might save or sink your studio.  I understand the pressure.  But your audience is beyond impatient, and it’s time to deliver.  You say that there is a demo coming out in March.  Fine.  You know what you include with that demo – a release date.  It’s time to ante-up and give us your best shot.

Your company has made a lot of mistakes, over the last several years.  Now is the time to correct them.  With talk of Kingdom Hearts III being right around the corner, this game needs to get out there.  Nomura, I’m sure that you love your baby, but it’s time to let it spread its wing and fly out to us gamers.  If you set a release date, it will be like printing money.  I’m aware that that might put some pressure on people.  The size of this game, I’m sure they already are pressured.  But now is the time.

Don’t make more mistakes.  Your bottom line can’t afford it.

Until next time, a quote,

“Time to nut-up or shut-up.”  -Tallahassee, Zombieland

Peace out,



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