SIONL: Legend of Korra: Book Three

Oh my god!  Where on Earth has this show been?!  With all the rushed episode and bad pacing of parts of the last two seasons, this season was so perfect that it almost defies comprehension.  I love this season or Korra so much.  It was almost perfect.  The pacing was perfect.  The writing was perfect.  Each element worked so well that it was actually able to stack up to the original series, and in some ways, blow right past it.  There was a maturity to this season that brought something dark into Legend of Korra that wasn’t there before, and now that it is, I must say, I’m kind of bummed that there is one last season waiting for me.  Right as the series gets really great, it is coming to an end.  Fuck…

So, I gave a very vague description for my love of Book Three.  Perhaps I need to be a bit more specific.  I should warn you, there are some spoilers here.  And if you haven’t seen Book Three, then do it!  Do it now!  Get to da chopper!  Sorry, had a Schwarzenegger moment there.  But yeah, see it.  Because I don’t want to spoil this for you.

The first thing I love about this season is the pacing.  What amazing writers did they get for this season that weren’t there before?!  Every single episode of this season was perfectly paced.  It took the time to really address the issues that it presented.  Like the conflict between Lynn and her sister.  You got to see these really great flashbacks and you could actually see why there was so much residual anger and hate.  It didn’t feel like something petty.  How I wish that the bit in last season, where we find out that Aang wasn’t the greatest father had been flushed out like this.  Man was it good.

Next up, we have the central push of the story.  Thanks to what Korra did last season, new Airbenders are being discovered, and it looks like the Airbender Nation might be reborn.  It is a pretty heavy topic, and they don’t shy away from that fact.  This season got a lot of heavy elements going, and they used all of them.  Seen Tensin and how he has realizing a dream that he always had.  Seeing Boomi finally have a sense or purpose.  Even the internal struggle with Korra feels real.  They took the time for us to really get in the character’s head.  It wasn’t just drama, like in the last Book.  This time, we kind of get why she feels the way she does.  The world is changing, at a rate that is too fast for her to keep up with.  With all that is happening, she doesn’t know what the right thing to do is, which makes her conflict with the villain that much better.

Which brings me to the thing about the maturity.  If the last series had one major flaw, it’s that nobody ever really died.  Almost no one.  All the deaths were off-screen, and just didn’t have the weight they deserved.  In Book One of Legend of Korra, you had the main villain and his brother actually being blown-up and die.  That is hardcore!  In this season, you have much the same.  You have one of the villains get electrocuted to death.  And when you hear her screams as she dies it is kind of hard to watch.  Another villain deliberately buries himself in rock and lava, just to spite the heroes.  Then you have probably the most intense and insane thing I have seen in a long time.  I NEVER would have imagined that this would be on a Nickelodeon show.  You have one of the villains’ head explode!  You don’t see it, but it is pretty obvious what happens.  Her head is in a confined space with an explosion about to occur.  Yeah, that head is gone.  I was in disbelief when I saw it.  I mean, that’s nuts!  Yet the series didn’t shy away from that.

Book One had a darkness to it that it didn’t shy away from, and you know what – it worked.  That got totally lost in Book Two, which was a cartoon-y battle between good and evil that was so over-the-top that there was almost no scenery left that the villain didn’t chew.  You even saw Amon come back as a hallucination in Book Three.  That was awesome!  This season had that same darkness back, only they went further with it.  They took it to new heights, and it worked.  It worked flawlessly. They explored a lot of darkness, and didn’t disrespect their audience by spoon-feeding them happy endings.  Sometimes, things don’t work out.  Sometimes, even when good wins, evil can still get its own.

This season was absolutely awesome.  I can’t wait to see what the last one has in store.  It is just a pity that the series didn’t find its footing until the second to last.  Still, one hell of a ride.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m doing what I can.  Wish me luck.”  -Kai, The Legend of Korra

Peace out,



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