SIONR: Legend of Korra: Book Two

Before I get too far into this, I want to preface it by saying that I do very much like this series.  The first season was absolutely awesome, aside from the ending to the first season which was SO rushed.  For real, there was enough plot in the final episode that that should have been extended for at least three to five episodes.  But whatever, what’s done is done.  Now we have the next season, which I just finished watching.  I refuse to do reviews of entire TV shows.  It would take too long, and truth-be-told, I already over-analyze stuff.  No need to make a review that bores you all to tears.  However, I do want to talk about this season, because it has a LOT of problems.  For all the good things, there are a lot of bad ones.

First, you remember how, in Book One, they had good pacing up until the end?  Well, this Book has the exact opposite problem.  The pacing of the first two thirds is so rushed!  All of the plot in this Book could have easily been a 20 episode season.  I don’t get why they constantly rush things in this series.  Did they not have the budget for an additional five to seven episodes?  There was enough plot in the first three episodes to easily be six.  They throw so much at you, and you are stuck thinking to yourself – what just happened?  It is more than a little annoying.

For instance, you find out that Aang wasn’t the greatest dad.  That’s kinda cool!  For real, it’s nice to find out that he wasn’t totally perfect.  That even as an adult, he did things wrong.  Why couldn’t we have heard more about that?!  It was getting interesting, but they keep cutting away to stuff that wasn’t nearly as interesting.  Then there was the disintegration of Korra and Mako’s relationship.  It was kind of believable, but I really thought that needed more time to flush it out.  Not to mention – what happened with the Fire Ferrets?!  You see the team suck and then it’s just done.  When did Mako and Korra decide to opt out?  A lot went unexplained in this season, partly due to the rushed pace.  As good as the Book got towards the end, it had a beginning that almost gave me whiplash.

Then there was the villain.  Maybe it was because of the rushed pace, but this guy goes from likeable to evil WAY too fast.  It was almost ridiculous.  Then he goes from kind of evil to REALLY evil in a way that doesn’t feel realistic.  And then there is the evil spirit.  It’s weird, because in the original series, while there were unpleasant spirits, like the face-stealer, there were never any genuinely-evil ones.  The Darkness Spirit is so stereotypically evil that his evil laugh is almost too much.

What worked in the Book?  Well, this may sound weird, but I really like Wan, the first Avatar.  He was actually a very sympathetic character.  He starts out as a bit of a rough kid, but with a kind heart.  In one episode, you see his growth from a troubled youth to an old man who dies, believing that he failed in his mission to bring balance to the world.  And you know what, it is actually kind of heart-wrenching.  It’s weird that this series has so many poorly-paced episodes, yet they have one episode that is almost perfectly-paced.  I don’t get that.  Maybe they need better writers.

All in all, this wasn’t a terrible season, but it wasn’t a very good one either.  I have heard glowing reviews of Book Three, which I am watching now.  Thus far, the pacing is great, the characters are great.  The villain is great.  This feels like they got better people, and you know what, I love it.  I look forward to seeing how this Book turns out.

Until next time, a quote,

“But you will hold a special place in the organ that pumps my blood,” – Eska, The Legend of Korra: Book Two

Peace out,



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