You Don’t Even Like Video Games, Yet You Oppose Us? (A response to #StopGamerGate2014)

Probably the best moment in any conflict of words is when you catch your opposition in a statement so stupid that it makes their entire argument into nothing.  Nothing at all.  It makes the other side appear so petty and so pathetic that you’d think that nobody could ever again take them seriously.  that is where the anti-GamerGate finds itself tonight.  Why?  Because something got let slip that really has made me decide to stop calling them anti-GamerGate.  They are anti-gamer.  Why?  Trust me, you’re gonna love this.

The creator of the hashtag #StopGamerGate2014 has recently dropped a bomb that literally makes it impossible to take any of these people seriously anymore.  Here is a link to a recent statement that he made on Twitter, where he flat-out admits that he doesn’t even like video games.  You don’t even like video games?  You’re not even a gamer.  Then what the fuck do you care about a consumer revolt that is about keeping video game journalism free of corruption?!  How can you possibly sell to us that this is an important issue for you, when it’s clear that you are not a part of your own audience?!

The anti-gamers are, of course, going out of their way to prove that they are gamers.  Yeah, you gotta love the butthurt.  This is some good butthurt.  They can’t afford to be made to look like fools, when the person who started their little crusade isn’t even a part of it.  Though, this isn’t the first time that a non-gamer has come out against video game culture, huh?

Going back to our old friend, Anita Sarkeesian, she made a video where she flat-out said that she didn’t like video games and she didn’t play them.  And yet, when it is financially beneficial for her, she is suddenly an avid gamer who has been playing all her life.  That sure was convenient, wasn’t it?  Although, when you find out that all of the videos that she used in her “Tropes vs. Women” series were taken from Let’s Play videos that other people had done, therefore exposing the “research” she did as nothing but a fraud, it kind of makes you wonder – is everything she said a lie?  Why even get involved in this if you don’t care?  There are a lot of questions that come up, and it makes the whole SJW battle against video games that much more pathetic.

After all, there really is no reason why someone who doesn’t even like video games should care so much about how women are portrayed in them.  There is NO evidence that shows that the views of women in video games affects women in the real world.  None.  Not one bit.  For real, someone, anyone, show me evidence of how this is negative for women in the real world.  It makes one think that there is an agenda being pushed.  When you see the anti-gamer reaction to what has been revealed tonight, then it kind of proves my point.  So desperate to appear honest that they will do anything to make themselves out to be legit

When that didn’t work, their next thing was that the person’s statement were “sarcasm.”  You get that?  He wasn’t caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  You just see things that way!  It totally wasn’t like that at all.  Nope.  Hand to God.

It has now been proven, beyond any form of doubt, that the anti-GamerGate, anti-gamer crowd is full of shit.  They don’t care about the truth.  They don’t give a shit about gaming.  These people are selling a narrative.  A narrative that paints gamers are misogynists, bigots and rape-supporters.  They only want the rest of the world to go along with their belief and get gamers to die.  Hell, they won’t even engage with their opposition on any level.  Look at how they went after Christina Hoff Sommers in her “Are Video Games Sexist?” video.  One of their biggest criticisms of her video is that she talked to gamers.  So, they aren’t fans of gaming, won’t engage with gamers and talk down to people who do.  When you put it like that, it all looks so unbelievably-petty.

No surprise, though.  We are talking about SJWs, after all.  there is nobody more petty than them.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no truth anymore, sport.  Just good and bad fiction.”  -Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Peace out,



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