So, ‘Gamers Are Dead’ Never Happened? (A response to Kotaku)

One of my personal heroes, as a person who believes in journalism and what it is supposed to stand for, is Edward R. Murrow.  Murrow fought against giants.  He was one of the few people who sent home honest reports from England of just how hellish the war was and how brave the English soldiers and pilots were for standing strong against it.  He took on the Red Scare and beat down the McCarthy witchhunts.  He was a man who stood or the truth, above all others.  He stuck by his convictions, but most of all – he gave the other side its due.  When he made a statement about the problems with the actions of Joseph McCarthy, he let the man come on his show and defend himself, letting him have all the time he needed and choosing not to rebuttal him.  Rather, he let his audience decide.  He respect the intelligence of the people who viewed his broadcast.  That is what great journalism is supposed to stand for.

Which brings us to the recent actions of the publication Kotaku.  See, when the anti-gamer Blitz was going down, with Kotaku and almost every single other gaming publication making story after story about how ‘Gamers are Dead’ and “It’s a Bad Time to be a Gamer.”  When the consumers and those involved with GamerGate rose up to call them out on their lack of journalistic integrity, they saw fit to come on the attack and go after the very people that they are supposed to represent.  In recent days, however, Kotaku has decided to try and revise their own history (linked here)

Yes, it looks very much like Kotaku is doing everything they can to bury their noses deep up the asses of the very audience they ridiculed.  Because guess who the gamers of this year are – You!  You are their best friend!  What’s that?  We ridiculed and mocked and said that your identity is dying?  We made you all out to be a bunch of sexist neckbeards, while it was coming out that one of our writers was sleeping with a person who he gave positive coverage to?  No, that’s not true at all!  In fact, that is just fallacious slander on the part of those EVIL misogynists over at GamerGate.  Yes, it’s not like people can’t easily find proof that we did indeed attack our audience.  It’s not like people can easily find proof that we were helping foster the SJW, aGGro line.  We also didn’t go after women like Christina Sommers when she defended those gamers.  Nope, that’s just a conspiracy to make us look bad!  Don’t you believe us?!

It amazes me just how pathetic this is.  You write an entire article where you are intentionally getting on your knees and kissing the ass of your audience, just so you can try and save some face.  Have some fucking dignity!  Fox News may be a scummy organization who panders to their octogenarian audience, but you gotta give them credit – they stick to their guns.  They will never admit wrong-doing, even when they are CONSTANTLY shown to be in the wrong.  Fuck it, they don’t care.  But you?  You can’t get on your knees and suck the dick of your audience fast enough.  Got enough brown on your nose?  With as much ass-kissing as you are doing, you must.

Not only that – do you really believe that the Internet has forgotten what you’ve done?  Do you believe that the Internet will ever forget what you’ve done?  It’s like you people don’t learn.  The Internet is forever.  It does not forgive.  It does not forget.  It will make sport of you buffoons for years because of this.  But you know what, you only have yourselves to blame.

After all, it wasn’t us who decided to be cool with developers, PR people and your journalists sleeping together.  It wasn’t us who decided to get into a cozy relationship with the bulk of the other publications with Gamejournopros.  It wasn’t us who threatened people’s careers if they didn’t tow the line.  It was you!  It was you, you pathetic little worms!  You did all of this.  And now, you’re just shocked that people don’t like you anymore!  How do you do that?!  How does that not get you for all the cognitive dissonance associated with it?!  Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people?!  Do you have any shame at all?!

This whole sad affair has shown Kotaku for the publication they are.  They are unable to stick to their guns.  They will say whatever they can to ingratiate themselves to what audience they have left.  They will try and revise history to make themselves look good.  And naturally, they are the victim.  The victim?  You have got to be kidding me!  You made your own mess, but you can’t own up to it.  No, that would be too hard.  It’s just easier to take the SJW approach and say, “I’m a victim!  Don’t you feel sorry for me?!”  Grow some fucking spine, Kotaku!

At the end of the day, the only people you have to blame for all of this is yourselves.  We are not going to forget what you’ve done.  There is a reason that sites like Tech Raptor and personalities like Total Biscuit get lauded or their integrity.  Because unlike you, they have standards, do the research and write articles that don’t clearly have a party line to sell.

This whole affair makes me think of the fall of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane.  Something that you and the SJW crowd forget is that art mimics life, not the other way around.  Kotaku is just as yellow as Kane was, and when you are falling, it is everyone else’s fault.  By the way, the story of Charles Foster Kane was based on a real-life story.  Another thing you didn’t learn.  You all are pathetic, and I will end this post with a quote that puts it all in perspective.

Until next time, a quote,

“History repeats itself.  The same thing will happen to Duke Red, his Mardukes.  Only this time, it won’t be the gods who bring about the change.  It’ll be us.”  -Atlas, Metropolis

Peace out,



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