SIONL/R: Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa Trailer

I already have raved about the English version of the Tokyo Game Show trailer for this game, but now a new one has been released!  This trailer has a lot of things going right for it, and one singular thing going wrong.  Something that needs to be addressed, because if my suspicions are true, I’m going to take Square Enix behind a woodshed and beat their ass until it’s black and blue.  First things first, the trailer –

Yeah, there’s a lot to talk about.  For starters – the cities in this game are GORGEOUS!  It’s nice to see the realistic side of things in this game.  They claimed that it was a fantasy that is based on reality, and now it finally looks to be delivering.  They show us this tropical seaside town, which is really nice.  They even have you driving through the town!  I love it!  There better be a TON of stuff to do there.  For real, after all the lackluster games in this franchise, I better be able to explore.  I want to be able to chat and buy and do a ton of stuff all over town.  Side-quests, random story things, character interactions, I want it all!  I want every last bit of it!

They also bring up more about the political side of this.  From the trailer, it is clear that Noctis and his buddies had to flee their home city, named Insomnia (cool name, by the way), in a great big hurry, following what appears to have been a successful coup.  Noctis swears revenge, but acknowledges that he is the most wanted man there is and he had better get out fast if he is going to live.  That is a really nice setup, and it keys us in that this is going to be a LONG game.  Gimme!

There is also a new character.  Her name is Cindy.  She appears to be a warm and amicable grease monkey who is helping Noctis and the gang fix their car.  I like her.  She’s got this sassy Southern quality that makes her all kinds of fun.  Reminds me of the woman in Borderlands 2, albeit in much better shape.  I’m hoping that any amount of mechanical stuff you can do involves her.  Like you get her number or something and call her up for stuff.  That’s clever.  Or a fast travel option to her garage.  I like that too.  Regardless, this is a fun new side-character, and I look forward to seeing how she plays into the story.

However, this brings me to my gripe.  There was one major problem with this trailer.  Singular.  What was it – the statement at the end.  They are saying, “Now In Development.”  Are you fucking kidding me?!  You’re still at the “In Development” stage?  It’s been almost nine fucking years and you’re still in the development stage of this game.  You should be in the “finishing touches” phase, or the “release date on…whenever” phase.  There should have been a release date at the end of this trailer.  Why are you still in development?  That tells me that I may have to do even more waiting, and you know what – I’m fucking sick of that!  This trailer is great, and it tells of great things to come.  I am all for taking the time to get your game right, but you’ve had nine fucking years!  You’re giving us dubbed trailers.

Give us the fucking game already!  We’re all totally hyped.  You’ve got us right where you want us!  Now it’s time to release it and watch your sales go through the fucking roof.  For real, you can’t delay this game anymore.  It’s put-up or shut-up time.

Until next time, a quote,

“Vorfreude – the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.”  -Webster’s Dictionary

Peace out,



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