You are Letting the Terrorists Win (A response to Sony)

I think the title says it all.  I’m sorry, Sony, but I’m going to have to give you some tough love.  After the hack and all the information getting out, your name has been dragged through the mud.  Part of me is a little sympathetic for the position that you have been put in.  However, your recent actions in the face of threats that I would bet you would be just sabre-rattling is just pathetic, and the fact that people can defend you baffles me.

Post-9/11 has become a very paranoid and stupid world.  For real, America is constantly trying to stop terrorists attacks that just happened.  Some guy tries to put a bomb in his shoes?  We gotta take our shoes off.  Someone trying to bring a water bottle with a suspicious substance inside?  We can’t take bottled drinks on airplanes anymore.  Hell, we now have to be subjected to full-body scans, just to be sure that you aren’t bringing any kind of weapon with you.  Just how willing is everyone to let fear override reason?

The justification has always been, for all the INSANE security measures – if we don’t do this, then the terrorists win.  People like me have always been of the mindset – the terrorists did win.  I mean, you see what we are doing to people in this country?  Yeah, the terrorists won, ages ago.  And if this doesn’t convince you, then you should check out what Sony is doing because of the film ‘The Interview,’ and the butthurt reaction that North Korea’s sad, pathetic loser of a leader, Kim Jong-Un has said in response.

For those who have been under a rock or something, Sony has recently been the victim of a malicious hack, that has gotten a TON of their dirty laundry thrown out in the public eye.  It’s gotten a lot of egg on their face, and they have even gone so far as to try and threaten journalists with lawsuits if they talk about what has been uncovered.  Class act, Sony.

So, here’s the thing about North Korea – it is a shithole of a nation.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend a book called “Escape From Camp 14.”  It’s about the only person who was born and raised in North Korea to escape from an internment camp.  It’s a powerful story, and it highlights a lot of the insanity of that country.  Not only is the nation piss-poor, but they are lead by an oligarchy of inbred lunatics.  Kim Jong-Il was a piece of shit, to be sure.  However, if there was one thing that he was able to do, it was take a joke.  At least, from people outside his nation.  He has been the butt of every single joke about North Korea until he died.  The creators of South Park even made a movie with puppet people and that unbelievably-catchy song, where you see the “Glorious Leader” get his puppet head blown off.

Kim Jong-Un is a sad, pathetic little man with an ego complex.  He killed his uncle for partying to hard at his inauguration.  That’s right, he killed his uncle, a man with a lot of respect and military prowess behind him, because he partied too hard at HIS inauguration.  Stuff like this has led a lot of political analysts to conclude that his reign will be short-lived, and end with him getting his throat slit, or something to that effect.  When you see how butthurt he gets over stuff, it’s easy to see why.  When Sony announced that they are making a film where Seth Rogen and James Franco are recruited by the CIA to use their press pass to North Korea as a chance to kill Kim Jong-Un, the new “Glorious Leader,” made it clear that he was not going to let this go unaddressed.  The little prick had to make a big to-do out of this, and look at where it’s gotten him.

The hacks of Sony have been unsubstantiated.  While North Korea said that they loved it to death, they claimed to not be responsible.  There is some evidence that it was the Chinese, but the truth is unknown.  Some suspect help from butthurt people who got laid off recently.  Whatever the case, there were threats made against the release of The Interview, stating that it would be a “9/11 situation.”  That’s right, a bunch of terrorists have threatened that they are going to kill people, unless their demands are met.  So, what has Sony done?  Well, after a few pussy-ass movie theater companies stated that they won’t be showing the film, they decided that they would just cancel the release of the film altogether.  Not just in theaters, but on DVD and digital streaming.  In essence, Sony is taking all the money they put into this and flushing it down the shitter.  Why?  Because if they don’t, then the terrorists might attack!

George Bush II was a fucking retard who should be arrested with Dick Cheney for war crimes, but you gotta give him credit – he stuck to his guns.  In his mind, we didn’t negotiate with terrorists.  Granted, that ideal was a little bit subverted by the whole airplane security debacle, but that’s neither here nor there.  You gotta give credit to a man who gives the finger to terrorists and says, “fuck you!  Bring it!  America will fuck you up!”  It seems that Sony, like the rest of the public, has decided to not stick to their guns.  The public has been totally cool with how insane the efforts have been to stop terrorism.  Now, with some fucking hackers doing some sabre-rattling, it seems that Sony decided to just give them what they want.  Gee, I wonder if that will set a precedent for other groups to do the same?  Hm, big mystery, there.

The terrorists won.  There is no other way to look at this.  The terrorists won, and Sony – you helped them win.  I hope you’re happy.  You’ll cloak yourselves in “we were protecting the people!” but the truth is, you are cowards.  A lot of people are choosing to cut you some slack.  And I can kind of see where they are coming from.  But at the end of the day, you still gave in.  You still wussed out.

Nice going.  Tell me – what do you all stand up for?  Anything?

Until next time, a quote,

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”  -Alexander Hamilton

Peace out,



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