A Book About #GamerGate? Sounds Good to Me!

So, Milo Yiannopoulos, the journalist rock star whose brutal articles have been part of the forward momentum of GamerGate is writing a book on the experience.  In an article on his site (linked here), he outlined why he believes that this is a cause worth writing about.  The man is right on point, as always.  Never before has a consumer revolt had as much sway as the GamerGate movement.  There has never been a push-back against SJWs and Puritan feminism like this one.  For the first time, modern, extreme, sex-negative feminism has met with real resistance.  And while their propaganda continues, the truth about the matter is finally starting to get out there.  The ruthless determination of the supporters of GamerGate made a movement come to pass that has never been seen before.

Of course, I hope that Milo remembers some of the casualties of the conflict.  I am still kind of bummed with how things ended with Internet Aristocrat.  One of the great leaders of the movement, he ended up leaving it after he became disenchanted with the endeavor, following some unpleasantness.  I’m glad that someone on YouTube was able to save all his stuff, because his videos are still great, even now.  His original videos about Quinnspiracy and how it pulled the veil off the controversy set the standard.  It began the battle.

Still, while there have been casualties, the war has had victories.  Several “journalists” have had their names dragged through the mud, like that puke-stain who suggested that we bring bullying back.  Speaking of Gawker, the most major victory is that the efforts of GamerGate have cost the company seven figures worth of lost ad revenue.  That is a powerful statement, and it says a lot about what this effort has been able to do.  Where once journalists seemed almost scared to support us, we have gotten people like the guy who gutted Ben Kuchera.  Along with support of more level-headed feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, this movement is no longer just the victim-narrative with the poor SJWs as the afflicted and the gamers as evil misogynist neckbeards in basements.  The story has grown beyond that.

The fact that it still gets hits, even now, is telling about its efficacy.  This movement deserves to be talked about, because it is the first time that we have seen the consumers of a form of media lash out against the media they consume in a way that was this large and this coordinated.  During the Blitz phase of the conflict, GamerGate supporters were a concerted hammer against the people who opposed us.  That kind of action should be talked about, and if there is anyone to do it, it’s Milo.

All of those who have been with the revolt should feel proud.  We have won victories.  However, the battle isn’t over.  The Shock and Awe phase is done, but we have more to come.  And, given the thoughtful and smarmy way that his articles are written, this book should be quite something.  I hope to see it soon.

Until next time, a quote,

“And, like a thousand commanders before a thousand battlefields, I wait for the dawn.”  -Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: Nemesis

Peace out,



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