So, Doxxing is Cool to You? (A response to Rebecca Watson)

I’ve long known that Rebecca Watson is a rather foul person.  In addition to being a professional victim, she also thinks herself so important.  Like the rest of the world should listen to her.  And if you point out something she has done wrong, the response is always the same – “I get death and rape threats!”  I have never, ever seen her have a professional debate with anybody who disagrees with her.  Ever.  I have never seen her sit down and try to hash out the problems.  Like PZ Meyers, Anita Sarkeesian and the rest of her ilk, she keeps to her echo chamber.  As Colbert put it,

That’s right, it’s a safe place where like-minded folks can hear things they already agree with from someone whose opinions they already know.

That’s how these people do.  They moderate, they try and censor, they refuse to stand tall and let their ideas stand on their own.  And the moment there is any backlash, the defense is – I get harassed!  It’s getting old, and the fact that you have news groups like Al Jazeera who are jumping on the bandwagon says something about just how pathetic the left is.  You know what the difference is between the extreme-left and the extreme-right of this country?  They kowtow to different ideologies and won’t dare hear any dispute.  Except, with the extreme-right, it’s “why do you hate America?”  With the extreme-left it’s, “why do you hate women?”  Same deal, no difference.  Pure bullshit.

Which brings us to a recent statement by Rebecca Watson, where she decided to say that doxxing (the act of putting people’s personal information out into the public eye) is a-okay with her (linked here).  In her mind, if they are going to send her rape or death threats, they have it coming.

Rebecca, I doubt that you will ever read this post, because I am not in your echo chamber, but I am going to try and reason with you.  Because I don’t want to just rant here.  I have ideas that are worth talking about.  Perhaps, there is a person underneath all that professional victimhood who might not be so bad.  I am going to try and put my money where my mouth is.  Here’s hoping that any followers who may disagree with me (I’m looking at you, Oolie) might not just rant back at me.

I have gotten death threats.  I am not nearly as popular as you are, but I get them.  I’ve gotten them from trolls who don’t like that I dis on Gawd.  Or, there was a post where I attacked how retarded the love-affair with Ron Paul is, and some of the vitriol I have gotten was vile. The only time I have ever moderated comments was when I deleted some of the stuff on there that got really ugly.  I haven’t do so, before or since.  I may have to approve comments from new people, but I always do.  Even if it takes me a few days.  There is not a single person who puts their opinion in the free market of ideas that is the Internet who doesn’t get a lot of hate.  We get it from either people who legitimately disagree and find all-caps helpful in expressing their disdain and people who are trolling.  Trolls are a part of Internet life.  They are sad little people who exist online and search for people to attack.  They look for people who will be bothered and who they can get to.  Much like bullies back in grade school, except this time with total anonymity.

The difference between these people and those bullies was that those bullies actually hit you.  These people never really will.  Ever.  They will say some awful shit from time to time, but you will never be attacked by them.  People who genuinely wish you harm almost never tell you before they do it.  Give me an example of a time when a serial killer let their victims know that they were coming.  So, when you want to fight back against these bullies, you can’t do it like the kid in middle school who beat you up.  Standing up to that person was warranted, because they would then move on to the next person.  Online trolls have to be dealt with a different way.

What do you do?  Easy – you don’t give them a platform.  In other words – ignore them.  As the phrase goes, “don’t feed the trolls.”  Now, this might seem antithetical to your way of living.  After all, every last piece of your fame has come from being a victim.  Well, that and turning down a guy who wanted coffee in an elevator.

Here’s the thing, Rebecca – you are not some person who is unknown.  You have a name and a personality online.  You are followed by a lot of people.  That means that you can’t give in to your lesser angels.  Being someone with a following means you have to set a better example.  You want to doxx, because you are upset.  You want to actually hurt people who, in reality, have only annoyed you.  Instead of ignoring these people, you have opted to lash out and go as low as you can.  Rather than take the high road, you want to get into the mud and fight it out with them.  Hell, you even say that you would punch someone in the face for calling you a coward.  I question that, because I doubt that you have ever hit anything in your life, but that’s neither here nor there.

It is easy to stoop to the troll’s level.  It is easy to get into a shit-slinging fest and try and make a big dramafest about it.  But that doesn’t make you look like a hero, Rebecca.  It makes you look like a butthurt drama-queen who is willing to WAY overreact and hit someone back with a punishment not befitting the crime.  I’m sure you disagree, but that’s irrelevant.

There was a time when you used to get respect from people.  You got people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson on your podcast.  What are you famous for now?  Being a victim.  You, Anita and so many others are only famous because people don’t like you.  And because you get treated like EVERY SINGLE person who has any amount of fame in the 21st century.  For real, watch the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segments and you’ll see what I mean.  You aren’t special, in that regard.  The difference is that they play it off like it doesn’t matter.  They can either tell that person to fuck off, or they can do what they usually do and get a laugh out of it.  After all, what is a troll going to amount to?  Nothing.  Fucking nothing.  Now you want to get into the dirt and do like them.

If you aren’t just a con artist, a professional victim, then you can do better.  The next move is yours.

Until next time, a quote,

“I do not know what is the right thing to do.”  -Ax
“There’s a lot of that going around, lately.”  -Tobias, Animorphs

Peace out,



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