The True Cost of the Rolling Stone/UVA Article

I haven’t really delved into my thoughts on the whole issue with the article the Rolling Stone wrote about the University of Virgina story about a young woman who claims that she was gang-raped.  Following that story, The Washington Post did some investigating and (in some amazing journalism) found that the Rolling Stone article was filled with inconsistencies and flat-out lies and was even written with the understanding that the true story was not being told.  This was something the reporter agreed to, with the stated reason being, “they wouldn’t invite me to another frat party.”  Yeah, because that doesn’t sound scripted at all.

Needless to say, the woman who wrote this article’s career as a journalist is forever in ruins.  She has no one to blame but herself.  Supporters of the article absolutely mobbed the man who wrote the Washington Post article that took this piece of journalistic sloth to the woodshed.  There was hate and vitriol abound toward a person whose crime was getting the truth out.

Given my virulent problems with modern third-wave, Puritan feminism, you’d think that I would be all over this.  But I didn’t really have an angle that a thousand people and their brothers weren’t already talking about.  I want to look at this another way.  See, in another article about this story, it seems that the story that the alleged victim told Rolling Stone and the one that she told her friends were different.  It seems that she told her friends that it was five guys instead of seven.  And instead of mounting her on broken glass, she told them that they forced her to blow them.  Also, she says that her friends told her not to tell anyone in the Rolling Stone article, with that whole, “they wouldn’t invite me to another frat party” line.  However, according to the friends, they told her to call the police.  The holes in this story are unraveling, which is making it look more and more like all of this was made up.

This has given me my area of conversation about this topic.  Because, you see, I don’t know what actually happened that night.  Nobody does, it seems.  Only her and whoever the victims are.  They weren’t even talked to in the Rolling Stone article.  The article states that they were asked several times.  According to the accused, they were never contacted.  The only source on the story was the alleged victim.  More and more, the plot is coming apart, in what is looking like an elaborate lie.  Toward what end?  No idea.  Most likely, most or all of what really happened that night will never come to light.

Now I have my angle.  I don’t know if this young woman was raped or not.  However, regardless of the truth, it doesn’t matter.  Here’s why – she’ll never be able to convince a jury.  By taking her story to the press, instead of to the cops, and then subsequently lying to them, the lawyers of these five or seven or however-many guys will take any story she paints in court and shred it to pieces.  No true justice will ever happen, because her lies caught up with her.  Should a police investigation ever take place, it will never amount to anything, because they are in the same boat.  It’s he-said/she-said, and the things being said are all over the place.  All we know for certain is that she lied about what happened to Rolling Stone and justice is forever lost.

This has bearing on the whole “social justice” angle.  For the first time in a long time, it is looking like social justice warriors can lie.  Their lies can be big, and they can be damning.  For so long, it has been – if you make an accusation, it’s out there.  It can ruin reputations, marriages and livelihoods of people.  But now, a door has been opened.  One that can never be closed again.  The door is – people lie.  People make things up to suit their needs.  All it took was for someone to make a lie so big that it was unsustainable to bring a house of cards down on top of them, which this has.  This young woman has now cast doubt on future accusations of rape.  Future victims are now going to be scrutinized, because the concept of playing these stories out in the media is getting ugly.  I guess nobody involved with this truly thought about it.  Either that or they didn’t really care.  Regardless, the story is the same.

I recently read an article about a new study that says that the whole 1 in 5 women in college are victims of rape is bunk (linked here).  Now, let me be clear – all rape is horrible.  Accusations of rape should get a thorough and FAIR investigation. That said, when you have SJWs who are screaming about how women need to be constantly afraid and trying to make universities have inquisitions of people who are accused with faulty evidence, what do you think is going to happen?  There is an article that shows just how bad it has gotten (linked here).  False accusations are damaging to the cause of actual justice.  For starters, the SJW inquisitions are nowhere near good enough.  This is coming back on universities in the form of lawsuits against them.  It’s costing colleges money.  It’s also costing victims trust.  So many lies and inconsistencies.  So much debate and uncertainty.  Future victims are now going to be greeted with distrust, because of the mania surrounding this topic.

On the Twitter page of Christina Sommers, The Factual Feminist, I saw a woman saying that even false accusations of rape are good.  Are you kidding me?!  In what way?  This attitude is going to bring down so much unpleasantness on the SJW crowd.  All it takes is one incident to start a fire.  Look at GamerGate.  This could be the thing that does it.  Trying people accused of rape in the public is wrong, and the consequences will reach far beyond this one article.

To the young lady who decided to lie and the reporter who accepted this with journalistic sloth, I hope you are both happy.  You have started something, and let me assure you – it isn’t something good.

Until next time, a quote,

“You’ve been taking every advantage of your position you could.  You’ve been cutting corners.  You’ve been lazy.  You’ve been living on image and every third word out of your mouth is a lie.  Now you’re feeling sorry for yourself.  You think the system is wrong.  But you know what, Meredith?  The system didn’t screw you.  The system revealed you and dumped you out.  Because when you get right down to it, you’re completely full of shit.” – Tom Sanders, Disclosure

Peace out,



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