Christmas is Sexist Now? Gimme a Break… (A response to The Guardian)

You know, it’s in vogue now to attack every little thing that exists.  For real, if it exists, odds are the Puritan Feminists are able to find a way to attack it as sexism.  It’s becoming a joke.  For real, how are these people unaware that they are dragging feminism’s name through the mud?  It is becoming something of a parody at this point.  It’s a parody of itself.  I don’t get how people are able to it seriously at this point.  I feel sorry for women like Christina Sommers.  They have the arduous task of cleaning up after women like Jessica Valenti, who wrote an article talking all about how sexist and awful Christmas is.  Here’s a link, so you can read the whole thing yourself.  Now let’s take apart some of the more meaty portions of her ridiculous argument.

I love everything about the holiday season. I like the brisk weather, the festive wreaths lining door after door as I walk on the city’s busy sidewalks – we’ve even decorated our tree already, topped with a cardboard glitter star that I made with my daughter when she was two years old. It’s the hap-happiest season of all!

Wait a minute, I thought you were complaining?  If you love everything about the holiday season, than what is the problem?

Unless you’re stuck writing 100 holiday cards to family, friends and coworkers, having to remember to tip the postal worker, baking cookies, standing in line to ship presents to distant loved ones, and eventually cooking a multi-course meal for a small army of Italian-American relatives. Then, jingle bell time aside, it’s a goddamn clusterfuck.

I’m about to sound really mean here, but – you can choose not to do those things.  Or, you can choose to do some of them, and not others.  Like my family.  We don’t do Christmas cards.  We say nice things on social media and whatnot, but we don’t do that.  We don’t shop presents to distant relatives.  We used to send some of our cookies, but that kind of withered as time went by.  And, as our family does, you can delegate portions of the large meal to other parts of the family.  You are making this sound like it’s all on you, but you have options.  I guess you didn’t get the memo, but it’s true.  I’m just dying to know why you can’t do any of what I said before.

We all know that women do the majority of domestic work like child care, housework and cooking. But the holidays bring on a whole new set of gendered expectations that make the season less about simply enjoying fun and family and more about enduring consumerism, chores and resentment so that everyone else can enjoy rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

It’s funny that a link she had in there, about women doing most of the work, was to an article she wrote.  Biased, much?  Next, do you honestly believe that stay-at-home dads aren’t a thing?  In the 21st century?  Where do you come from that you are ignorant of this knowledge?  Not to mention, since when is doing nice things for the family only what women do?  My dad cuts down the tree for our house each year.  He helps put it up.  I did most of the decorating.  Every year, I have helped out with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner and made a special dessert for both occasions.  That’s just my family.  I know that other men in the extended family help out too.  But again, you can choose to do some of what bugs or, or none of it.  Say “fuck off” to everybody and do nothing at all.  You might not make friends along the way, but hey, you’re a Puritan Feminist.  What do you care?

But we know that, if a present doesn’t get somewhere on time (if at all), if the cookies for the school’s holiday bake-off are store-bought, or your family holiday cards arrive just shy of February, it’s not men who get looked at askance. After decades of feminist progress, women are still considered primarily responsible for an entire family’s holiday joy.

Says who?!  Seriously, where are you getting your information from?  Say that if you shrug off some of what bothers you about Christmas, as I have suggested, you’re the one taking the blame – so what?  For real, fuck whoever doesn’t like that you didn’t go above-and-beyond.  What does this matter?

Last month, for example, former Growing Pains star and current evangelist pain in the ass Kirk Cameron posted a video telling women to make sure to show their “joy” when performing their womanly duties:

Really?  Really?!  It’s Kirk Cameron!  Do you know who takes Kirk Cameron seriously?  Nobody!  He’s a fucking loony-tune!  Him and Ray Cumfart.  Do you know how small audience is?  Have you seen the ratings that his new movie is getting?  Is this the source of your defense?  Something this buffoon said?  Man, you need better sources.

So please, as the women in your lives work their fingers to the bone to bring you holiday cheer, get up and lend a hand.

You know, lady, you really are ignorant of the world.  You live in white, middle class suburbia, where you have clearly never had to live the hard life growing up.  This is what you complain about?  It must be nice, having such an easy life.  I mean, it’s pretty ignorant when you are complaining about stuff that you could choose not to do.  I have had friends whose Christmas was eating good food for the first time all year. I have had friends whose Christmas was renting a movie and enjoying the family’s company.  I have had friends whose Christmas was working a double-shift so they could eat at all!  But you, in your little insular world are complaining about things that you could CHOOSE not to do?  Fuck you, you stuck-up, entitled little bitch!  I hope that one day you get to be that person, so you can see what it’s like.  After all, nowhere in your article did you complain about your finances.  So all this must not stress that.

Being you sounds so hard.

Until next time, a quote,

“And look, we all have a selfish side to us, but there’s a reason that you don’t just fly that flag like, ‘yeah!  I’m a selfish fuck and I’m proud!’  ‘Cause it’s not a very desirable personality trait.”  -TJ Kirk, WORST PEOPLE EVER?

Peace out,



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