Ideology Over Money for a Good Cause? (A response to AbleGamers)

Back when I made videos on my YouTube channel, one of my biggest ones was a video that I did about an organization called Komen for the Cure.  It was a charity that took money for helping breast cancer.  According to their website, any one donation could be the difference between a cure and a not-cure (suck on that, grammar!).  However, when the website PornHub was doing a charity drive where they were raising money for breast cancer, Komen for the Cure came out almost immediately and said that they wouldn’t take their money.  Now, that was a stupid decision and I have railed against that already.  When ideological division comes in the way of helping people, then your charity is nothing but a pathetic facade that is doing nobody any good.  After all, if there is ever a time to put ideological differences aside, it’s when you have a charity that is supposed to be helping people.

Now we have a new case of ideology coming before a good cause, only this time it is connected to two areas at the same time.  So, there is a woman named Mercedes Carrera.  She is known as “Based MILF,” and does work in porn.  Another title she is known by is the porn star spokesperson of GamerGate.  She came upon an idea – helping the image of GamerGate by getting them more involved with charity.  That’s a nice thing to do.  The idea was to do a live-stream charity drive and give all the proceeds to AbleGamers, a charity that helps disabled gamers and devs.  At first, they were totally on-board with the idea of having Mercedes give money to them.  So yeah, we don’t have another case like Komen, where they just outright deny the money, based on it coming from a porn-stream.

But, as is want to happen, ideology still came into the picture.  An email came into one of the organizers of the stream from AbleGamers.  Here is what they say –

There was no mention of GamerGate in any of your emails and we feel that this was deceptive.  While AbleGamers does not care what a person’s day job is, we have no interest in being linked to a GamerGate stream weaponizing porn.  That post on Reddit has made us feel like we are used as a pawn in a GG chess move.  We are a social justice charity We all volunteer more than 40 hours a week, every week, with no pay, to help people with disabilities live better lives.  This event was supposed to be about helping people, not politics.  We are going to have to decline your offer to be the beneficiary of your event.  Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

First things first – fuck you, AbleGamers.  If there is ever a time to put your ideological bullshit aside, it is when you have money coming in to a good cause.  For real, I just don’t get it.  You start off by wanting her money, but then, the moment you see the GamerGate tag, you back off.  You say that she is “weaponizing porn.”  What the fuck does that mean?  That she is using it to make money?  Well yeah!  Money that would help you, you ungrateful mother-fuckers!  Why is this so complicated?  Why are you making it so?

Oh, right.  I saw it in what you said.  You are a “social justice charity.”  So, would that mean that you are connected to the social justice warriors?  It sure seems that way, since, the moment you all started getting backlash, the anti-GG crowd came to your defense.  Ian Miles Chong, the former white supremacist-turned social justice warrior told the rest of his followers to send some love your way.  And the social justice angle of your name appears earned.  You sent a Tweet out where you bashed on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for there being jumping.  The lot of you wouldn’t happen to use terms like “ableist,” would you?  I’m getting a suspicion from you all’s reaction to CoD: Advanced Warfare that you do.  Not to mention, the SJW crowd was quick to come to your defense.

What was it you said about not wanting to become a cog of politics?  Could it be because you have already picked a side?  Lemme guess, you all are people who believe that GamerGate is another movement of misogyny, like the rest of the uninformed.  Or maybe you all takes your cues from Brianna Wu, who you follow on Twitter.  You all have shown your hand on this, and it makes all of this so much uglier, given that people wanted to help you.

I just don’t get it.  I just don’t fucking get it.  You know, I’m an atheist.  In fact, I am something of an anti-theist.  I think the religion is a stupid, outdated system that is doing more harm than good in the modern world.  But you know, if I had a charity and I was raising money or a good cause, if some Fundie fucktard group (oh, do you all not like my usage of a misnomer?) who promotes all the worst bigotry on Earth came to me and offered my charity money, I’d take it.  Why?  Because if the cause I am raising money for is a good one, then I’ll take money from whoever wants it.

What’s more – yes, this is a slightly political move.  But it’s not coming from that place alone.  Mercedes Carrera wants to raise money for a good cause.  What’s wrong with that?  Does group allegiance alone make all the difference to you?  If so, then you mother-fuckers are so petty and so pathetic that your charity is nothing more than a farce so you can feel better, and the people working hard at it are being used in an ideological battle.  Maybe they’re okay with that.  After all, we all know what side you’re on.

But you know the really ugly thing – on GamerGhazi’s page, they have a link to a charity to help the transsexual community.  A charity that was started by Anita Sarkeesian.  Amazing.  They have their own charity, and when one who is allied with them snubs GamerGate, they send them love.  These people are all so rotten that it amazes.

It kills me that we have people this stupid in the world.  Where the side of the fence they sit on is more important than what they are raising money for.  Fuck you, AbleGamers.  Fuck you…

Until next time, a quote,

“Because if there’s ever a time when everyone should put their bullshit aside and band together for the greater good, it’s when there’s an issue like this on the fucking table!”  -TJ Kirk, SAVE THE BOOBS (From the Boobs)

Peace out,



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