Gamers+ and #GamerGate

I knew it.  I just knew it.  I knew that this would happen at some point.  I’ve seen this happen before, and when I saw the social justice, Puritan Feminist crowd moving in on video games, I could tell that this would become a thing at some point.  It annoyed me then and it annoys me now, because I have seen this event ruin more than one crowd, because of some loud, angry people who seem to be unaware that they are helping the people they are most vehemently against.  That is a marvel to me.  But cognitive dissonance has never done much to hinder these people.

So, the sub-Reddit group GamerGhazi, which is the anti-GG group, much the same as KotakuInAction is the pro-GG one, has Tweeted something that caught my attention.  All their attempts to take the GamerGate hashtag have failed.  There was #StopGamerGate2014.  That was co-opted and made into a joke.  There was #FuckGamerGate.  That one was also co-opted and made into a joke.  But they have come up with a new one #GamerPlus.

I fucking knew it!  For those who aren’t aware, Puritan Feminism invaded atheism much the same way.  Anyone in the atheist community who isn’t one of them groans when they hear the title, “Atheism+.”  They also made Sex+ and Feminism+.  This is how they do.  They infiltrate organizations, then make their own little niche in them, where they can tear it apart from within.  Ask people like Thunderf00t or anyone high up on the atheism community food chain not associated with them and they will tell you about all the good Atheism+ has done.  Well, for the community as a whole, anyway.  For themselves, it’s buttercups and rainbows!  For real, these people have never had any significant opposition, so getting their way has never been easier.

Now it comes to gaming, and we’re already seeing that they are working to get results.  Perhaps you haven’t heard the story about Target in Australia banning Grand Theft Auto V from their store.  That was done by a group of people who made accusations so insane that it boggles the mind.  For real, these people went #FullMcIntosh and said that the violence against women in that game made young men want to murder and rape women.  I swear, Jack Thompson may have been a fucking idiot, but he never went this nuts!  Never mind that these people have NO evidence for this contention!  In fact, their statements about how video games turn men into misogynists fly in the face of real evidence.  Like the fact that millenials are the most open-minded generation that has ever been.  Yeah, cognitive dissonance is a professional sport, to these people.

What’s more – these people are blatantly selling propaganda.  Since they can’t show evidence of gaming causing misogyny, they have to reach right up their ass and pull out party lines, selling them wholesale.  In a way, they took lessons from Jack Thompson.  He pointed to the violence you see in video games and was able to use that to successfully scream, “how can that not make people violent?!”  Now, these women are pointing to sexy women in gaming and screaming, “how can that not make men misogynists?!”  Throw in some death threats, which prevents people from contradicting them (because they don’t want to look bad), and you have a media campaign that has already done things for them.

These people have been working so hard to get rid of GamerGate.  They want it to go away, so they can sell their ideological propaganda, but each time I see stuff like this, it lights a fire under me.  I am reinvigorated, because I have watched the atheist community go to shit.  Seeing my hobby go the same way is unacceptable.

Until next time, a quote,

We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t.”  -Tyler Durden, Fight Club

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19 thoughts on “Gamers+ and #GamerGate

  1. if only the feminist crowd was interested in further a cause that is worth something, say better policing of the streets or feeding hungry children or something we could all get behind. Instead they are most interested in yelling “I’m a dirty snatch, hear me roar!”

    • So, the cause of fighting discrimination against women is not “worthy”? Discrimination against women does exist. We can discuss how bad it really is (or isn’t), we can argue what good solutions are, but what we cannot argue that it exists. Isn’t that a perfectly humanist cause?

  2. Well this is rather entertaining, but not because I agree with you. Your veiw of feminsm, athiesm plus, and gamersplus which addmitedly s news to me are the opposite of chraitable. Though since you’ve cited Thunderfoot I can be suprized, he’s gone down far off the deep end in his arguments (and has been making money hand over fist becuase of it) Though I have no interest rebutting thunderfoot others have and do a much better job then I could here.

    I largest concern I have is your basis for all your argument. You seem to think that gamers gate is based around the idea that games cause men to be mysgonistic. This is flatly worng on many levels. First Gamrs gate, if you beilive what they have to say its about the current and addmittedly sorry state of game journalism. Though if you’ve been following how the attack from gamersgate have been targeting female almost exclusively even throuh the problem with in game jornalism are wide spread, and that these attacks mostly focus around sex for various perks alligations, and take the form mostly as threats rape, death and threat of viloence. It is these threats and massed harassment that people are pointing too most of all.

    But if nothing else, defend gamers gate, attack it’s detractors, but atleast get the basics right. Right now your missing the mark. The detractors of Gamers gate have nothing against gamers in general (at least in th majority), but rather it’s about the manner and targeting methods used by gamers gate and the fixation on women such as Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Brianna Wu. Who did little more then, in order, Have a shitty BF, Have opinions that games are often mysgnistic in theme, having an opinion and mocking gamersgate. But in the end death and rape threats could never be the correct responce, but they are wide spread, common, and corrdinated. And all of this has nearly nothing to do with games.

      • And Zoe Quinn fucked people for good coverage, Anita Sarkeesian is a professional con artist who uses death threats as a way to legitimize her bullshit and Brianna Wu used the death of a woman not connected to GamerGate at all to make it out like she’s in danger. All three people are scum. But if you want to defend that, be my guest.

      • Oh I figured that out, I was pointing out that your missing the point either way. When formulating the opinions of a group of people is best to go to the source material, but given what you think are the anti-gamergate arguments you obviously are getting your information from a secondary or perhaps tertiary source.

        For the point of me dropping by is mostly becuase your arguing against a strawman, but you also seem to be rooting for a strawman of gamers gate too. Which is to be honest quite strange to behold.

        Like we won’t agree right here about the root issues, but I really could help but notice you missing the points of either side almost entirely with in this post.

      • Wow, what a long way to explain nothing. It’s like – you don’t get it. Okay, that could be just as easily said back to you. But whatever you say, man.

      • Liar, liar, pants on fire.

        Nope, Zoe Quinn didn’t fuck anyone for “good coverage”. The journalist she fucked didn’t review her game. He wrote something about her – long before they had sex. Get your facts straight.

        Personally, I tend to think that the people who actually do send death and rape threats are scum, but of course, your mileage may vary.

      • That’s not a refutation, man! Yes, it isn’t cool, but getting death and rape threats doesn’t refute ANY of the points raised against them. Like how Brianna Wu used someone’s death to sell her victimhood, or how Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist. Or how Zoe Quinn was also fucking her boss (he was one of the five guys that she was cheating on her boyfriend with. If that’s what she wants to do, that’s her business, but still) to get ahead. You people use death and rape threats like they make other points go away. I hate to break it to ya – but everyone who is known for anything gets death threats. I get them from Fundie fucktards who hate me because I don’t love Jeebus. You don’t see me waving the banner of victimhood. I actually have principles.

      • The only thing that I refuted was your lie. Nothing more, nothing less. That doesn’t mean she is a nice person, for example. Honestly, I don’t give a shit if she is eligible for the Miss Ghandi 2014 title or Hitlers evil twin sister.

        I really don’t care about if she betrayed her boyfriend. Why? Because it’s not my fucking business. And it is not yours. Simple, isn’t it? Yes, you are completely entitled to the opinion that this makes her a bad person. Why not? I think you are a bad person, too. So what? Who cares?
        But do you really think that this justifies weeks and months of a hate campaign? Of death threats? Really?

        Even IF she slept with a dozen journalists after letting them sign contracts that they will give her 100% reviews for it… Shouldn’t GamerGate be full of attacks against the journalists? Shouldn’t the MALE journalists be the one condemned? They betrayed your trust, while Zoe would have done marketing extreme. But no, we see GamerGate is full of attacks against WOMEN. Surprise, surprise.

        But of course, she didn’t sleep with a journalist to get some review (or, at least, if she did, she didn’t succeed, because the journalist never wrote one). So, why the attacks? Because she betrayed her boyfriend? Millions of people get betrayed every day. I don’t see you attacking some random boys because of it.

        No, death treats don’t say anything about the person who gets them, neither good nor bad. But it says alot about the people making them. And the people allying with them.

        But of course, a self-proclaimed gamer movement that allies with Jack Thompson, who can only be described as the Anti-Gamer itself, the Gamer-Satan, has obviously lost it completely.

      • I did condemn them, but guess what – she’s not blameless in this. If she wants to fuck her way to the top, that’s on her. I don’t care. But the cozy relationship between devs and journalists is one of the many at the heart of the GamerGate campaign.

        And nice way to caricature GamerGate supporters. “You’re in GamerGate? You support rape!” None of the people who are vocal about this cause say, “oh yeah, you threaten them!” But it’s very telling that you do that. It’s easy to make the opposition into a comic book villain that these women are heroically standing against. Perhaps you haven’t seen any of the #NotYourShield posts. But whatever. You want to sell that, good on you. The truth isn’t so easy to sweep under the rug, and the fight continues.

      • Let’s face the sad truth her. It’s because she’s a woman. No one with a sane mind would claim that there a no problems with game journalism today (honestly, to me, game journalism is a much journalism as the yellow press is). But there are much, much bigger fish to fry than some women who slept with her boss (and no one has shown any proof that she got anything for that, except perhaps an orgasm).

        So, while GamerGaters tend to repeat that this is not about Zoe, somehow she is mentioned all the time, which proves the hypocritical nature of this “movement” of yours. It’s ridiculous. If she was just some starting point, then the movement would have moved on to the bigger targets a long time ago – and yes, there are much bigger and much more corrupt targets. But no, it’s Zoe here, Anita here, Brianna there. The movement is obsessed with some women and continues to prove that “ethics in game journalism” is a lie and that it’s simply people hating (some?) women.

        And I don’t know if you support rape. You support people who send rape and death treats. And if you look at those people vocal about gamer gate, what else do you find? Let’s have a look… Where shall we start? With Milo, the anti-thesis to an ehtical journalist? Or perhaps someone not as famous? Like the random guy who twittered a picture of her workplace? Totally not creepy stalkerish-threatening, no. Strange, not ethical enough to call out someone like that, are you? Or that girl cameralady, who thinks that sexual harassment is ok, because she’s doing it? Or perhaps Mike Cernovich, the gamerGates’s “based lawyer”, who claimed that date rape is impossible? And so on… Too many assholes. Up to the top. I do not doubt that there are actually some decent GamerGaters. Unfortunately, they are also morons or blind, because they don’t realize that this movement is rotten to the core. Clinging to the facade will not change that. Speaking out against that will. Speak out against those assholes who try to force journalists to only say what these assholes want, bringing even more corruption into game journalism. There are some ounces of truth in the GamerGate movement. But unfortunately, they are buried under tons of horse shit and hate.

        And please, do not try to push some poor sock puppets in front of you. I couldn’t care less. What will come next? Will you present me that stupid anime girl of yours as a proof that you are not misogynistic?

      • No, I am about to present you with evidence of games journalism corruption that has NOTHING to do with gender.

        See, unlike you, I don’t feel the need to caricature my opposition. You want to say I’m “misogynistic?” Find me evidence, bro. Find me some evidence of anything I’ve said that implicates hatred of women. Go with your fine-toothed misogyny comb and find it. Go fetch, boy.

      • Erm… Is this a trick question? I only need to point to GamerGate and that’s that.

        Honestly, what did you expect? That you can jump into the mud and not get dirty? You accuse people of not discussing – but support a movement consisting of trolls who attacked Anita even before her first video was out. You are a hypocrite. Your friends had an opinion long before they knew any facts – and now they ignore the facts to keep their opinion, just like good little religious drones. And we both know, what this opinion is, don’t we?

      • Oh, so clever are you! Instead of having to actually work, you cop out – you support GamerGate! Laziness is not a virtue, dude.

      • Face it. You are either a misagonist or you support them. I really couldn’t care less what it is. I do not need to question your integrity because we have already proven that you are a liar. A stupid one, too, because if the ex-boyfriend of zoe wrote in his posting that he has not seen anything to suggest she did it for good reviews. THE FUCKING FIRST SOURCE and you don’t even know that. I would suggest either stop lying or at least getting better at it. And now, have a nice day. We won’t read each other here again.

      • And by the way, you didn’t prove shit. You just said that what I said isn’t true. Evidence? That would be asking too much.

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