Hope is a Curse

It sucks being me, in the modern world
When you see and you think learn
Surrounded by imbeciles who think themselves great
What kind of respect did they ever earn?

So many people think that you can vote greed away
Like humanity doesn’t suck!
Did any of you read back through history?
Seriously – what the fuck?!

The good people are small,
Because greed travels far
Nobody likes how it is
But you can’t change how things are

The most we can do is look after each other
Corporate America doesn’t give a shit!
War, disease, death, starvation
Those rich money-grubbers don’t care one tiny bit!

And maybe it’s fitting that this is how our species is
All this potential going to waste
Recession, super bugs, climate change
We’re doing all we can to end things with haste

Maybe you think I’m being too harsh
After all, there’s love, compassion, the holiday season!
Look on the bright side, Lucien!
That’s a good reason!

Then you turn on the news,
And you see on the Net
That as bad as things are
The worst hasn’t come yet

No, we’re still in act two of the human experience
Act three is a gas
Once we’ve used up all the resources
And Mother Nature does humanity up the ass!

It doesn’t get better, kids
Don’t buy into that lie
You gotta get tougher
Or become one of those poor kids that dies

But maybe there is something better
Across the abyss
Maybe our negativity is lacking
What have we missed?

I’m a dark mother-fucker
That’s something I’ll admit
I’m proud of who I am
At least I’m not some hypocrite

But I’m not a bad guy
I don’t want to be a jerk
I want to get to know my species
Even if most of them irk

Cause this is the only shot
We get one go at this game
Dust, worm-food
It all ends the same

So treat people right
‘Cause we’re all we got!
Or, if that’s too much work
Go smoke yourself some pot

People are much more pleasant
When you’re stoned off your bum
Even the biggest imbecile
Doesn’t look nearly as dumb

And the thing to take away
From my rambling verse
Is that corruption is life
And hope is a curse

Peace out,



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