‘Frozen’ 2? Give Me a Break…

So, I am going to annoy some people here, but I am going to put something out there – I didn’t like Frozen.  I really didn’t.  I genuinely did not understand where all the vast amounts of love for the film came from.  People were going on and on about – “It breaks the Disney trope of the girl getting married at the end!” or “It tells girls that they don’t need a man to be happy!”  Okay, but it is still a princess story, right?  Yeah, never seen Disney do one of those before.  The plot went absolutely everywhere.  There were a TON of little plot-holes.  I just did NOT get why people loved it so much.  But then there is that one song, that every girl and their mother thought was amazing, and the fame for the movie is set.  The bank this movie made is awe-inspiring.

As Disney is want to do, they have decided that they are going to turn this franchise into the next money-maker for many years to come.  After all, that’s the only thing they care about.  Why do you think that they are doing ANOTHER sequel to Cars?  It’s so they can sell toys to little kids.  This film is going to sell cheap, bland, overdone music that is marketable.  In fact, that seems to be Disney’s guiding principle – marketing.  Everything they’ve made in the last five or so years has been safe and marketable.

Why do you think the Pirates of the Caribbean films went on so long?  Because the first film made a shit-ton of money and they wanted to milk it for all it was worth.  Why do you think that there are so many Marvel movies coming out?  Because they know that they will make a shit-ton of money.  The corporate model for Disney currently seems to be – if it can make a profit, run with it.  Let’s not take chances.  That seems to be the model for all of Hollywood, too.

It is very unpopular to say that Frozen is a bad movie.  But it is.  The characters are bland, the songs are forgettable (including “Let it Go”) and the plot goes all over the place and never settles on a single idea.  It isn’t the most terrible movie that I have seen, but if it weren’t for all the massive outpouring of love that the film is getting, I would have forgotten it by now.  Part of me is very confused as to where the love comes from.  Some people don’t even know why they like the film.  I actually get that, believe it or not.  I don’t know why I love the new Captain America film as much as I do, but I do have a lot of affinity for it.  Mysteries of the universe.

But yeah, this sequel is one of the few unnecessary sequels that people asked for.  This is one of those rare movies where you either love it to death or hate it completely.  I’ve found very few people in the middle.  And Disney is an evil monster that chooses to make movies based on how much money they can milk out of people.  Granted, all movies aspire to make money, but Disney has gotten to a point where they won’t even make movies unless there is money to be made.  Look at what has happened to Pixar.  Now they are doing nothing but sequels.

The reality is, however, that Disney’s model is unsustainable.  Much like AAA games and the lack of IPs.  There comes a point where you can’t milk a franchise for sequels anymore.  You have to give people new stuff.  After all, let’s be honest – the Marvel cinematic universe is a fad.  Eventually, people are going to walk away from that and move on to something new.  Given how Disney has plotted the entire franchise out, it seems that they are aware of this too, because they seem to be planning for it all to end at the Infinity War films.  That’s almost clever.

So, what do you all think?  Do you love Frozen to death and think that I’m an insufferable asshole for disliking it?  Or do you think that I’m right on the money.  Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” -Frank Herbert

Peace out,



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