Lucien’s First Take: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Doing a first trailer just right is a delicate art.  There was this great video on Gametrailers where they talked about how to do a premiere trailer for a well-established franchise.  In it, they have a simple rule – give the fans what they want.  What do the fans of the Star Wars franchise want from a new Star Wars movie?  Well, they want to see their favorite people again, for starters.  They want to see the villain.  Granted, there will never be a villain as iconic as Darth Vader, but we want to know who we’re fighting.  And most of all, if it’s a Star Wars movie, we want it to be EPIC!  For real, show us some space battles!  Show us some cool fights!  Get us hyped.

When I heard that Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, I just knew that a new film series set in it was right around the corner.  And what do you know, I was right!  I’m always right.  But unlike most people, who were totally hyped, I was not.  Following how terrible the prequels were, I got Star Wars out of my system.  So this expectation train missed me.  Then, they announce the first trailer for the new film today.

Another trailer that I watch and roll my eyes at.  Not only did this trailer do absolutely NOTHING to fix my lack of enthusiasm for the film, but this is a bad trailer.  This trailer is absolutely awful.

For starters, what do they open on?  A guy we don’t know suddenly coming into a shot like one of those screamer videos.  Ugh.  And it only gets worse from there.  We get a shot of a droid.  Neat..?  We get a shot of some girl on a vehicle, who we know nothing about and don’t really care.  We get a shot of a red lightsaber, with the promise that shit is about to go down!  But who is this person?  Where did they come from?  We get absolutely nothing.  There are some shots of X-Wings.  That’s cool.  What are they doing?  Is something going down?  You never know.  They cut away after two seconds.

Then the music picks up with the iconic theme, and you see the Millennium Falcon!  That’s kinda cool.  Any chance we could see Han Solo?  Chewbacca?  Any of the old gang?  No.  Okay.  Seems like a wasted opportunity, to me, but whatever.

When you do an announcement trailer, you have one chance to really pitch your movie.  I guess the makers of this trailer were just counting on the nerds for the original to salivate when they saw the Millennium Falcon, because that is the only real fan service we got.  The rest was, for lack of a better term, boring.  I was bored watching this trailer.  Thankfully, it was brief.  I get that a teaser trailer has to pick and choose what it puts in it.  But that is no excuse for how boring and a mess this trailer is.  Other teaser trailers have gotten it right.  A perfect example is the teaser for Roland Emmerich’s god-awful Godzilla movie.  You never see the monster, with it constantly being built up.  That’s smart!

This trailer was bad.  Let’s all just be willing to accept that.  They seem to be gambling this movie’s potential on the already-established fanbase, and that is a dangerous thing to do.  Because, if you aren’t already, this trailer will do nothing to get you into it.  The god-awful title for this new film doesn’t help.

Initial Verdict
5 out of 10

Peace out,



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