IGDA, the Blockbot, at the Vilification of Dissent, #GamerGate

I haven’t seen any big news about GamerGate in a couple of weeks.  It’s been pretty quiet.  But, just when things were looking to have settle down, the anti-GamerGate crowd decided that they just couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie.  No, they had to decide to kick some shit at gamers, because that seems to be all that the gaming media industry is good for, these days.  At least, sites like Polygon and their ilk.  Although, they seem to have expanded and got a larger organization to back them.  These people just can’t give up, can they.

The International Game Developers Association has decided to go on a branding and blocking campaign.  For those of us in the atheist community, we know quite a bit about this kind of thing.  In fact, the group who is behind this seems to have taken a page out of their book.  I wonder if Oolon designed this for them?  We all remember the Blockbot.  The Atheism + special snowflake weapon of protecting themselves from differing opinions.  Now, the IDGA has employed this weapon for themselves, and have thus far blacklisted over 10,000 accounts.  Some of which are reporters.  There are also people who have had nothing to do with GamerGate, but are critics of the Puritan Feminists.

The fact that a company who is supposed to be a voice for the gaming industry at large is using a block bot, with poorly-worded criteria of what qualifies to get one added to it, and is targeting anybody who the anti-GamerGate people don’t like is sending a poor message.  This is a company who is supposed to be a trade group.  Now, they are siding with a group of people who are nothing but bullies and claim to speak for all women in the gaming industry.  The problem with that is – it blatantly ignores the fact that there are women, growing in number, who disagree with this assertion.

And take a look at some of the people that this list has added to their blockbot – Penguin publishers, several Guardian journalists, the actor Taye Diggs, and weirdest of all – Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Seriously, when did KFC get involved with GamerGate?  That’s an odd thing to associate them with.  According to the maker of the IGDA blockbot, Randi Harper, KFC is one of the worst harassers of women on Twitter.  You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s nice to see another group associated with gaming who has decided to throw in their lot with the Puritan Feminists.  That’s sarcasm, of course.  The reality is that this is REALLY fucking annoying.  It’s so frustrating that another part of the gaming community has thrown themselves behind a group of people who actually got on a man who landed a spacecraft on a comet because of the shirt he was wearing.  That’s the company that IGDA feels they want to ally themselves with.  This is a major-league company, and this is who they want to be friends with.

But the real issue here is – they have decided to just label people.  Man, it’s almost impossible to escape how much these people and their lists are EXACTLY like the McCarthy witch-hunts, back in the day.  For real, the comparison is almost spot-on.  You get accused of being a communist, so you are.  That’s how the media sees you, and will have people like Brianna Wu come on and caricature you, without being able to defend yourself, because these people go out of their way to avoid having to actually discuss things with their opponents.  They are much happier making them into boogeymen for the media to attack and vilify.

Something that I never brought up before is how, a lot of the college-grad Puritan Feminists have degrees in things like Marketing, along with Communications or stuff to that regard.  Everything these people do has been for one purpose – to keep the money coming in and get their agenda out in a way that is efficient.  It’s only natural that they prey on the far-left progressives, who are so eager to be part of anything that is culturally forward-thinking that they seem to forget to be critical of people whose ideals are going too far.  The women who are part of the social justice snowflake movement are using their marketing to market their agenda.  And their agenda is – men are bad, and men are the problem.  These people have commandeered feminism, atheism, and now they are trying to get gaming as well.  However, when they tried to get gaming, something happened that they didn’t expect – resistance.  Lots and lots of resistance.  In fact, the gaming community has successfully stuck back at them and has been dragging their dirty deeds into the light.  No longer is this battle on Twitter and Tumblr.  Now it’s out in the real world.  Which would explain why they are trying to get mainstream media on their side.  The worst part is, that it is working, because now they have the IGDA with them too.  That education is being well-used, I see.

I suppose that I am on the list, since I know that I follow people who are on the list.  And when I hear that I am on the list, here is what my mind harkens back to –

And now I am on the list.  Are you on the list?

Until next time, a quote,

“Any anyone and everyone who’s ever made me pissed!  I’ve got them on the list!”  -Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “IGDA, the Blockbot, at the Vilification of Dissent, #GamerGate

  1. Well said. This will be a struggle for a generation, as these people will only age and try to worm their way into government. They really messed up, though, when the tried to colonize gaming.

  2. We have to make sure to be politically activate to make sure that these censorship loving thugs don’t win. As far as I can tell, we have people across the political spectrum that are opposed to this behavior. Even though there are some issues I would agree with anti-GG people on, I’m in support of free speech, and I refuse to attack a diverse group of people.

    • Politically active? Hell no. GamerGate has been winning battles against the Puritan Feminist thugs because we haven’t made it some big public spectacle. It is their insistence to try and drag this into the public forum that is now finally bringing their ugliness to the light of day, ie #ShirtStorm

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